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  1. I have been putting off an event cache to place for a long time. I got ideas for several different ones to do.


    1. CITO event. How do you go about setting one of these up. My idea would be picking a date/time/location and doing a litter pick up through out the area.


    2. I want to do a meet/greet basically in the winter time. How do you go about finding the places to hold the meet/greet? (without reserving a restaruant/hall/etc.)


    Thanks for your help in advance.

  2. i have two different parks in mind for the location. Still debating which one, but just trying to come up with a container for a log only. I have been thinking about creating a bolt cache for a long time but I dont have a drill press. I may take the idea of thread pipe and add a few extra bolt on that like it was mentioned earlier. Fishing line sounds good but afraid of it breaking or coming undone if not tied correctly. At a hardware store or hd what can you use to make a nano?

  3. To better clarify. I am just looking for examples/ideas in general. I am trying to get a "spark" to turn the light bulb on here. My area is in nj so it has rural(woods, parks, etc.)but then there are areas that are commercial(malls,store, retail, residential).


    I guess a better question to ask is , what evil micro/nano have you come across of?


    Sorry to be so broad in the begining.

  4. i am trying to come up with some ideas on a evil hide. It has to be a micro or smaller. (please no neg comments towards micro in this thread) Just looking for ideas.


    It will be part of a series i am creating as the only evil hide .


  5. Hello,


    I have been asked to explain/teach several students and a professor from shu on april 27 in oakland. Would any local cachers be able assist? none of the participants have a gpsr. so this would require helpers bring their and if they have a spare to use for the day. They would like to go on a small hike nothing treacherous.


    if you are interested in helping out, please email me via my profile.


    Thank you in advance.

  6. I am going to be taking waypoints to map out boundaries for a location. Is it possible to use the gps (gps 60cs) while connected to a laptop? if so how would it be done?


    I know a laptop isnt needed but it would be nice to do at the location where i will be at.



  7. Definitely not as cool as many of the containers here, but I am pretty proud of the camo and I felt the need to show it off. I got the container from the camping section at Wal-mart, it was originally clear lexan. I painted it with the Krylon Camo paint.




    The bottom shows the original clear plastic





    i almost bought that container myself at walmart until i started to play with it in the sports department. the hinges(clips) are fragile. not sure if it would hold up outside in the elements for long. a clip even broke in the store.

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