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  1. What would you think if i hide geocaches that can only be found by people that never had a LAB cache find? This would feel like me having all these LAB bonus around!
  2. 16,0934 km radius is not my area! I'm talking about <5km
  3. No it's not that easy. Last week several caches where published in my area: 4x LAB Bonus cache 0x Real caches! Someone is ruin my geocaching fun!
  4. Stop this LAB thing because: Receiving up to 5 points for one LAB Cache is destroying Multicaches. People are already prefering LAB over "normal" caches. LAB bonus caches block locations für "reals" geocaches an cannot be found without finding the LAB itself LAB owners keep hiding bonus Caches because of the missing feeling to finding a box at the end - this is bizarre and shows to me an systematic failure behind the LAB idea Don't bring half-backed ideas the us, we all know what happend to Wherigo, Waymarking aso LAB seems to be a newer version of Wherigo? And why did'nt you just develope Wherigo instead of leaving it in alpha stadium? Please try to develope and strengthen the existing cachetypes with your ideas instead of destabilizing them. greetings from Austria Stefan
  5. Hallo, Ich würde die Caches: "Du gehst auffi und pfeifst a Liadl " https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5VYRT_du-gehst-auffi-und-pfeifst-a-liadl Weihnachten/Christmas "https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6YABA_weihnachten-christmas?guid=a08b45c7-98ce-46d3-9247-1e3c890ecd89" übernehmen. BTW. Man könnte den virtual am Stadtplatz einfach so lassen wie er ist. Die Glocken wird es in 100 Jahren noch geben. Da gibt es nicht viel zu warten. lg Stefan
  6. Hallo, Ich würde den "Gmundner Glockenspiel /City Hall Glockenspiel" übernehmen lg Stefan
  7. Hi, I use PQs a lot and they are very helpful but the function has not been updated since years. Therefore would suggest two additional filters: 1) "has corrected coordinates" 2) "has more than X favorite points" thx in advance Stefan
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