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  1. There was a 1.8 release if you really want to go back.... Yes, 2.15 is a monster! Huge, bloated, and battery-hungry! (You'll notice battery consumption is 2.5X what it was under 1.7. Also your computer will occasionally complain that the device will run faster on a USB 2.0 port. Ignore it..) The detailed map is far better! Even found, in the latest releases of VantagePoint, it will import the map from the GC, for it's own use.) Here's a step by step. To Add a Waypoint, if you're on the map, at the stage you've just found, click the Menu button Scroll down 8 selections, to [Add a Waypoint].. click the joy-button it'll give a name, distance, description, and Location menu.. Press the Joy Button twice when on the waypoint name, to edit it. (scroll to the checkmark to exit) Scroll down to location, click the joy button scroll down once more to Location, Then Press the Menu button scroll down 2 selections to Edit, click the joy button. It will show your present location. scroll to the area you want to edit, click the joy button, and up/down scroll the numbers, left-right to which one to change. joy-button click inward to set the numbers once entered. scroll down to the [OK] selection, click Back once, Scroll down once, to select the Diskette image, and joy-button click in once to save it. Click the back menu until you're at the main page, and go to the waypoint selection, choose the new waypoint, and then Joy-button click on it, press Menu, It'll still be on route to the 1st stage, so cancel route, click menu again, and then click GO on the waypoint. I know, L-O-N-G & CoNfUsInG! I learned how to do this out in the field, when tracking a Multi.. it was BONKERS! Got annoyed with it just too many bugs and missing features from 1.7 to 2.15. Tracks turns itself on everytime you select a geocache no easy way to view child waypoints battery life was about 90 minutes (this could be partly due to the tracks turning on all the time) count does not increment lots of missing menu items Not outweighed by better map! Reinstalled v1.7 from the backup I took. Simply delete all on the device and copy the files from my backup on the PC back to the device. All worked well and I now have a geocache device that works.
  2. Spent a whole morning updating to 2.15 and resetting the geocache found counts and found geocaches with help from some previous posts. Something i really feel the update should have set for me. The map is better and there are some nice features but it is a lot slower to respond to button presses to the point that you are not sure if you have pressed or not. The GPS accuracy does not seem quite so good or responsive when approaching a geocache either. Although to be fair I have only tried it on one that I knew where it was, but displayed 20 FT when I was right on top of it. Count in the dashboard does not increment either but someone else mentioned this. Has anyone found out how to find child waypoints for a geocache as this option (menu after you select geocache) has disappeared from v1.7 to 2.15 and is something you really need with multi caches as the child waypoints contain the locations and description of questions you need to answer. Overall not that impressed so far and seriously thinking about reinstalling v1.7 from the backup I did before installing 2.15
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