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  1. Strange...the S/ST have replaceable batteries, but the SR doesn't. What was Garmin thinking? ...glad you pointed that out...thx.
  2. Anyone notice a difference with the quad-helix antenna under tree cover (forest)? Or inside a creek/river canyon?
  3. Would like to know how much that quad helix antenna makes a difference? If it doesn't make a noticeable improvement, then rather buy a smaller, lighter, more compact model.
  4. Perhaps an external GPS receiver (e.g. Garmin GLO, Bad Elf GPS)? Or perhaps other GPSr with a UI can be connected to the phone. For me, I'd like to find an external GPSr that has outstanding reception under tree cover. Perhaps quad-helix antenna. And it must be lightweight.
  5. Do you know if the downloaded Garmin maps can be transferred to another device? Or are those maps locked to that single device forever?
  6. Do the dedicated GPRs (Oregon 7x0 or GPSMAP 66 ) have better antenna, reception, sensitivity? Can they connect to more satellites? Can they connect to all the new or non-US satellite systems? Do U.S. phones use GLONASS? WAAS? Phone Apps requiring subscriptions?
  7. Do the newer GPSr with GNSS make them more accurate/better? Or is GNSS just a generic marketing term?
  8. Do all the Garmin's have all the GNSS generation 2 systems; the GPS, GONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, BDS, etc?
  9. jakewa

    New? Garmin Handhelds

    I don't understand why there's a 64 series now that there's a 66 series. I'm hoping they'll add a camera to the 66 series. Maybe then the 64 series will be discontinued.
  10. I like having the feature to geotag photos. I also don't like having to carry a large bulky device. Would like a touchscreen if it is responsive. Not sure if GNSS is the same on all devices. I've been leaning towards the Oregon, but wish for a camera in the eTrex models.
  11. Why not create a compact version of the GPSMAP 66, without the protruding Quad-Helix antenna?
  12. Something else to pay attention to: 1) The Garmin button models have the bulky external antenna that doesn't offer any proven extra advantage. 2) The button models are larger and weigh more (because of the buttons + external antenna). The touch models are more compact, and offer the same hardware capabilities.
  13. Garmin "redesigned antenna for better satellite reception" of the Oregon 750... Has anyone tested the GPS reception of the Oregon 750 to the GPSMap 64 under heavy tree cover?
  14. jakewa

    Oregon vs 64

    How well does the touchscreen work with gloves?
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