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  1. An update to the USB driver did the trick. Thanks alot!!!
  2. When I click the Find Device Button, it shows my GPS with its serial number. But when I click Tracks in the "What to Receive" area and then click receive, I get an error that says "there was an error communicating with your device. Please make sure it is plugged in and turned on. If error continues, you may need to restart your device. Which I have done several times. My Mapsource software is version 6.12.4 and my USB Driver version is
  3. Im trying to get my tracks from the 60CSX to load into Mapsource but every time I try I I can Find Device. But when I ask it to transfer the Tracks I get an error message that says: Some devices we found, however none had the necessary capabilities. Please make sure your device is connected and turned on then try again. You may need to set the interface option on your GPS it Garmin or Host. Ive done this, Ive restarted the GPS, several times, and I have not gotten anywhere with getting the tracks to Mapsource. I went into the Tracks on the GPS and saved them, so they do have a name (todays date).
  4. I dont know if this has been addressed in this macro forum or not. Is there a way to make it so that the child waypoints do not sound an alert without having GSAK not load them? I want the macro to show them on my screen, I just dont want to pull over and find that the actual waypoint is 1000 feet vertical climb and only 1500 feet away, BUT the parking spot is right where Im at
  5. I have not shipped ammo cans before but since they weigh about 4 pounds a piece you can go to the USPS web site and see what the cost would be depending on what shipping choice you made (i.e. Priority (2-3 days) or Parcel Post longer but not sure how much longer) Add about 2.50 per can for packaging and handling. If you decide that this works for you let me know. I know getting the cans shipped to you gets pricy but thats the cost of USPS. or any other shipper. I have seen lots of ammo cans on e-bay that arent bid on simply because the seller needs to recover their costs.
  6. Im trying to figure out how a friend of mine was able to get the caches to come up in the correct order on his Tom-Tom. He did mention that he had to hand enter either the coords or the User Data Numbers one at a time onto the GPS. Not sure how he could have done that.
  7. I have a feature request that I wonder if it could be adapted. Out here in the Seattle area, we have what we call Cache Machines where a group of is will run a predefined route hunting for upwards of 100 caches in a single day. We use the User Data feild to number the caches in the order of the route. Is there a way for the macro to key on that field so that when loaded into a Nuvi, they would be listed in the same order as the User Data has them?
  8. Thanks Travis for another great cache machine. Also thanks for letting me attempt to navigate for you.
  9. Last Call....If any one wants any 30 Cal ammo cans hand delivered to the Dinner after the Hunt, let me know and I'll bring some along.
  10. Travis, Did my e-mail get back to you? Not sure if it worked or not. Try x116yb@yahoo.com if it didnt. Thanks
  11. Travis, Can you e-mail me about the navigator situation you were talking about? Thanks Nick
  12. I just looked at the 10 day outlook on Weather.com and it appears, at least up through next Wednesday, that the temp will go up into the 40's during the day. So, with a little rain maybe the snows will go away in time for the Cache Machine. Weather......the most difficult thing when planning....sheesh
  13. If anyone is looking for 30 cal ammo cans I have a bunch of them. Shipping could cost a bit, but I still think they are a good by at $5 a piece. If interested inqure within
  14. If anyone is doing the Whidbey Island Cache Machine and would like some 30 Cal Ammo cans. Let me know, and I can bring some along. $4 per can. Discount for higher quantity. Thanks Nick
  15. I installed the Nuvi macro last week and when I ran it then, it took less than a minute to run. Later in the week I downladed GSAK 7.5 so that I could run the 60CSXPOI macro. I decided I didnt need or want the 60CSXPOI macro. The next time I ran the Nuvi macro, it takes over 5 minutes to process 900 waypoints. Any suggestions?
  16. Is there a way to get GSAK databases loaded on to the 60CSx as a poi? I have a rather large database 5000+ caches and I would like to get them onto the 60CSx but Im not sure how to do this using GSAK? Thanks
  17. Ok, heres the issue Im having. I created 16 databases in GSAK so that I could get all caches within 100 miles of my home loaded on to my Nuvi 260W. So far Ive only been able to get the PQ's for 5 of the databases. I have named the DB's nuv 1, nuv 2, etc. I defined each query by date placed on the caches so that none of the db's would have duplicate caches in them. I ended up with 7100 caches to load onto the Nuvi. I did a test run and loaded 5 of the db's onto the nivi, but when I went to the nuvi, only caches that were in the 5th database showed up in the nuvi. I know that I can accomplish what I want to do in GSAK by merging all 16 databases into on, but with keeping them seperate, I could update them one by one weekly to keep the information more current.
  18. Ok, I was able to give this macro a real test run today on a long trip. I ended up increasing the proximity to 2000 feet which seems to help. When I did come within 2000 ft of a cache, the Unit would ding and across the top of the screen I would see the cache name, etc. Should I have gotten the lips/megaphone icon? Should I have gotten a GO button? If not, I can still go to the EXTRA button to bring the cache up. This evening I created 16 queries, sorting caches by date placed. I ended up with 7000 caches to bring into GSAK. (7000 traditionals within 100 miles of my home). Is there way to force GSAK to use to SD card for the POI's? Looking at the properties of the Nuvi, there doesnt seem to be very much available space left, yet the SD card sits there empty.
  19. Im almost positive I followed the direction precisely when loading the GSAK macro to the 260W. When I hit Where To? The only way I can see the POI's is if I hit Extras. If I hit Favorites, all I get is Garmin USA, Garmin Europe, and Garmin Asia. While Im at it, How do I delete POI's from the Nuvi. Ive seen where they are in My Computer/Garmin/POI/poi.gpi Can I manually delete the poi.gpi file to clear the POI's out of the unit? Since the caches that i did load on the unit only show up as custom POI's then shouldnt the proximity feature be available?
  20. First of all, excellant job on this Macro. Ive been caching for 2 yrs with a 60CSx and a PDA. This rocks mucho better. My question has to do with the proximity function. I did as the tutorial says. I looked at the location of several of my yet to be found caches and where they are located compared to the route I drive to work. On the first one, I could see it on the screen off to the side, but as I drove by it, I didnt get any alarm as I thought I might. The other two which Im positive were within the distance I had set(1500 ft) didnt even show up on the screen. All three of the caches were within the 1500 foot limit I had set. I had the Nuvi 260W on the map screen which shows the automobile and the roads. In order for the alert to work, does it matter what screen Im on?
  21. I made the plunge and went with a 260W. Thanks for all of the help everyone.
  22. Ive spent the past few days staring at comparison charts for all of the Nuvi 200 series. And still cant figure out which one I want. I have 2 60CSx handhelds and dont need to spend alot on a car unit. I just want the car unit for the satellite view of the area and of course Ill download caches to my favorites. It seems like some of the features that change from one to another are things like FM transmitter (dont need) Blue tooth (dont need) Im narrowing down the 250W ( i think thats the number) I want the widescreen. Help!!!
  23. I suppose I should have mentioned at the outset, that I have 2 60CSx handhelds. One for me and one for the better half. So, I dont need the dash unit for the actual assault on caches. The reason I was inquiring about the dash unit, was so that I could glance at it from time to time to see if there were any caches near by. In stead of having to look at the smaller screen of my 60CSx. Or to see where I might be relative to caches near by. So, it seems from what some of you have said, that in map setup, I can get an aerial view on the dash unit. So, now the only question that I have is whether or not caches or queries sent through GSAK or another program, can they be loaded onto the Nuvi's and have the cache icons appear on the screen?
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