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  1. Due to various circumstances I am pulling the plug on the Bellingham Cache Machine Dinner. Thanks go out to those who had already signed up for this event!! And a huge Thanks goes out to Theresa (Three Bottles) and Laurie (Half-Canadian) for thier help in route planning.
  2. I attempted to add an image, but am having problems figuring out how. Anyone give me a pointer on this? I tried to link to the URL of where the image is located and that didnt work. I am also going to adjust the pricing on these based on the fact that there is competition to sell these. I am asking 6.50 per can. We can also discuss delivery!
  3. While checking this out, I noticed one thing, if you'd include the GCxxxx number along with the name in the route discription it would make it easier. Thanks. Thanks Jester, I'll see what I can do to fix that for the next draft.
  4. I did notice that 5 caches were archived. It appears to me that some were muggled, some were damaged. I've been pondering about the Cache Machine for the past week or so. I will give it until the end of the month to see what the participation is. I know that having CM's in addition to Travis's may be overload to some people. But then, maybe not for others. My first two were successful (at least I thought so) and I'd spoken to others who wanted a CM in Bellingham. Even though theres been CM's there previously, there are only 5 caches on this route that were on the last Bellingham CM. One of the hardest things to do is find a date that works. I'm open for suggestions from anyone who offers anything good or bad. Nick
  5. I did in fact win them at auction. And as I usually do, I bite off way more than I can handle. Several hundred is actually an understatement. How about 1800 of them. I figure it'll take me .....forever to sell of these. But, Im still young. (or not)
  6. If anyone wants any 50 cal ammo cans I have several hundred!! Im asking 7.50 per can. Thanks Nick
  7. After looking at the Bing aerial view of the area, I will be adjusting the route away from Front Street. This will be reflected in a future draft of the route.
  8. Not being from Bellingham perhaps you could let me know what particular cache it is that you are referring to and I will look into it. Thank You Nick
  9. That proof-reader has been fired!!! He was retirement age anyway
  10. (Things can and will change before the actual date of the Event. I will post periodic updates in this thread) Cache listing will be available very soon with a link to it. The folks in Bellingham keep planting caches so its time to head back to find them. Saturday, August 22, 2009, at 5:30 a.m. This route will keep most hunters busy all day. It has been planned so that the casual hunters can call it quits after cache #70 and the energetic folks can head further north for another 40+ caches. Please drive safely. No tickets!! This is not a race; there are no winners. The only loser will be someone who gets hurt. If you're still out on the road at dinner time (7:00 p.m.), skip the rest of the route and come on in. Socializing at dinner is one of the best parts of machine events. The most important rule: As with all cache machines, if you find the cache, you'll be the one who has to re-hide it. Hide it as well as you found it. For any micro cache with a tiny logbook that we find on the event, one "BCM" log entry should suffice for the group. We tend to fill up log books too quickly, and our stickers tend to make micro log books hard to re-stash. For normal-sized caches, or even large micros (like key holders), everyone should sign in. Bring FRS radios if you’ve got them. We’ll use Channel 2 to communicate among caching vehicles and to say 'Howdy' to listening locals. Suggestions and ''Count me ins'' are welcome on the event page, which will be up soon. If you’ve already found a couple of these caches, that’s fine - give us a chance to find the cache, and then we may turn to you for a hint. ----- Bellingham Cache Machine III FAQ: When is it? 5:30 a.m., Saturday, August 22, 2009. Latecomers can track us down en route. Where are people staying? See the thread below. There are at least 8 hotels within a mile of the dinner location Will it be one large group, will we be split into teams, or what? We start the day as one giant group, which means we'll hopefully find each cache quickly. Then it's on to the next one. The group tends to fragment after the first few caches, though. The longer we can keep the big group together, the more fun it is! Is anything going on before, during, or after? - Friday, August 21, 2009, there will be an informal pre-event dinner at the Food Court of the Bellis Fair Mall located 3/10 of a mile SW of the starting point of the route. N 48 47.116 W 122 29.522 - Saturday, August 22, 2009, at 7:00 p.m., dinner will be at Lorenzo’s Mexican Restaurant, N 48° 47.397 W 122° 29.048 190 E. Bakerview Rd, Bellingham A cache on your map shows the wrong place to park. Let me know, and I'll incorporate it into the route. It sounds fun, but I've already found some of them. Then come laugh at us, or guess when we'll be at the caches you haven't hit yet. Monitor FRS channel 2. You don't have X cache on the route. Why aren't we getting that one? There's too many caches to get them all, so I've had to prune a lot of them off the route. You have X cache on the route, but it's disabled/archived. Let me know, and I'll remove it from the route (if archived) or will check with the owner (if disabled). The route goes past dinner time, into Sunday. Is this a two-day event? Nope. The extra time is a buffer, in case you're so good that you run out of caches before you run out of daylight I don't expect to hit all of them, and designed the route so that those who want the extra challenge to keep going can do so. If you want to get them all, stick around and head back out on Sunday! X cache is in an environmentally sensitive area. By all means, let me know. I’ll skip the cache altogether. I disagree with the whole idea of cache machines. I don't want you finding my cache. I totally understand if you don’t want your cache on the route. I will remove them, no problem. What's this gonna cost me? Lots of money?….Naw. It all depends on how you plan your trip. Lodging, carpooling, meals, etc. Lunch? Breaks? Bathrooms? Lunch: Saturdays mid-route lunch will be put on by local cachers at Whatcom Falls Park Pavilion. Which is in the same parking lot as the Go Chasing Waterfalls Earth Cache. Time 11:30AM til 1:30PM Donations accepted.
  11. When I send waypoints to my GPS, they show up as the name of the cache because I did change the smart name. SO, I dont know where else I can change the name
  12. When I open a GPX in Mapsource, the icons on the screen are labelled with the GC number. What can I do so that the icons are labelled with the cache name?
  13. If all of us remove the things that violate the rules, in no time at all the caches would be cleaned up.
  14. Life is great. Had dinner, sitting in our hotel room overlooking the rivver down here in Lewiston. Gotta get a good night sleep and hit the route bright and early in the morning!!
  15. Hmmm, Since I dont have an internet enabled phone, I could leave Berta in the hotel room with the Wi-Fi and tell her to look for me online!!!!!
  16. Ive never done a Webcam cache before, so, will there be someone in the area that we can call to get them to take the picture, save it and email it to us? Or should we be seeking a different way to claim these types of caches?
  17. I have 2 60 CSx's. One for me and one for my wife. Yet if I turn them both on after them both being off for a few days, her's finds sat lock in under a minute and mine takes 4 minutes or more. Any ideas as to what could be happening? Mine=software version 3.60 GPS SW Version 3.00 Hers is the same as mine. WAAS is enabled on both for whatever THATS worth!
  18. I went through 1350 of the things in less than 5 months. I've been able to bid on more, but the prices have gone up. $5/$6 will probably be the price for 30's and $7/$8 on the 50's. And thats if any come up for auction. There was an auction for 3800-50's but I didnt have $14,000 in my piggy bank so I passed on them.
  19. I get an error message that says I have exceeded the maximum queries that i can run in one day, which is 5. However, if I look at my query list, it shows that only 3 have been run on todays date. I should have two more that I could execute. Any idea as to why this is?
  20. I was able to get a room at the Red Lion in Lewiston for $55 a night through Priceline.
  21. I dont kow if this question has been asked before. Id be suprised if it hadnt been. On the qeury page, there is an option to place a check mark in the box marked "found in the past 7 days" Would it be possible to either make that a higher number, possibly 14 or 30 days? Or could it be set up where the user could insert a number of their choosing?
  22. So when IS Easter? Do this equation and you will know: c = y / 100 n = y - 19 * ( y / 19 ) k = ( c - 17 ) / 25 i = c - c / 4 - ( c - k ) / 3 + 19 * n + 15 i = i - 30 * ( i / 30 ) i = i - ( i / 28 ) * ( 1 - ( i / 28 ) * ( 29 / ( i + 1 ) ) * ( ( 21 - n ) / 11 ) ) j = y + y / 4 + i + 2 - c + c / 4 j = j - 7 * ( j / 7 ) l = i - j m = 3 + ( l + 40 ) / 44 d = l + 28 - 31 * ( m / 4 )
  23. Yikes, Im lucky I stumbled across the bottom half of this thread and I see a discussion about the Quad Cities Cache Machine. Travis, could you start a thread for it so that peeps can find it quicker?
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