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  1. Ive still got a bunch of 50 cal cans if anyone needs/wants any. Thanks Nick
  2. Did some one say ammo cans needed? I only have 1500 50 cals left to get rid of and Ive been selling them fairly cheap.
  3. Hmm, I've always been a train nut. Or is just that just a nut. Count me in as a maybe.
  4. Interestingly, The past weekends Cache Machine in Tri-Cities, had only 1 ammo can hide if I recall. I remember when I placed my very first cache 3 years ago. It too was a micro in the woods. And being new to the hobby, several people mentioned that I should have placed the biggest container the area would/could support. Times have changed, I guess. Having this many cans will give me a lot of opportunities to place them in the hills and woods around the area. Of course, I dont plan on putting out several hundred caches any time soon.
  5. I've still got a few (lol) 50 Cal cans if anyone needs any!
  6. What a great 3 day weekend of geocaching we had in Tri-Cities. Travis, well done my friend. You really know how to throw a party!!
  7. Theres a few locals in Tri-cities that have expressed an interest in some of the 50 caliber ammo cans I have. If anyone else wants any, let me know. Im asking $6.50 per can
  8. Look at this guys occupation. It explains everything
  9. Yes, I am aware that the disabled caches are grey and that there is a line through them in the list. However, when planning a route for a days caching its frustrating to move the curser around trying to avoid the disabled caches. Plus, if the list didnt have the lined out caches, then scrolling though said list would be easier. What really brought this to my attention was 2 days ago, I wanted to go and cache in a certain area 10 miles from home. out of 20-25 caches on the map, 4-5 were disabled. So, I took a look to see how long they had been this way. If a cache is disabled and the notes show that the CO is aware and is working on it is one thing. But, I saw one cache that had been disable since December of 2008. Something tells me that this CO either doesnt care, got out of the hobby, or maybe the CO is physically not able to remedy the situation. I guess I will take a more proactive part in 'letting' the reviewers in my area know about these caches that are 4+ months on the DL.
  10. I was able to get the Red Lion in Richland for $60 a night through Priceline. Nice location, but the hotel is a bit older.
  11. Im quite sure that in our area, the reviewers arent plentiful enough to have time to deal with this. Im guessing that if theres caches that have been disabled for 6 months or more, in most cases, the owner has either lost interest, forgotten, or doesnt care.
  12. If archiving disabled caches isnt something that GS could or would want to do, then perhaps if disabled caches didnt show up on maps that are accessed from cache pages. Im aware that queries can be used to eliminate disabled caches. However, when looking at the maps and seeing shaded caches for over 6 months, Im guessing that the cache isnt going to get fixed any time soon.
  13. If a cache is in a fairly easy to get to location I think the owner should only have a certain amount of time to repair/replace the cache before GC should archive it.
  14. Im currently working on a Lacey/Olympia Cache Machine. Im not sure if its something that 2009 would support or if I will wait until next spring.
  15. One idea that I keep thinking about is doing one in Federal Way/Des Moines. I wanted it to end at Salt Water State Park with a BBQ. For 5 dollars a person, Im sure there could be enough hotdogs/hamburgers for everyone. The only hard part would be making sure that someone (me) didnt get stuck with tons and tons of uneaten food. Of course this sort of CM would have to be done in July or August.
  16. If anyone in Eastern Washington wants/needs some of these cans, email me. I'll be going through Yakima this weekend, just not sure when.
  17. I'd like to see the total cost of fencing all of these parks off.
  18. Ill put together another Cache Machine if there is any interest shown. Otherwise we'll go with 4 a year.
  19. Ok, I want to put together more Cache Machines. I got alot of good feedback from the two we had last year. I built a great route for a Bellingham Cache Machine but that one didnt fly. (If you need to know why, PM me) I've played with the idea of other Cache Machines in places like: Federal Way Burien/West Seattle Kirkland. I'd like to hear from people if there is an interest in other Cache Machines other than the Travis Machines which I can tell are looked forward to with alot of anticipation. If theres poeple who have ideas as to where they'd like to see a CM let me know. Thanks
  20. Well, The very next day after unloading all of those cans into THAT part of the garage, I moved them all into the 3rd garage bay. The door to that doesnt get opened too much. But if you were to look in that garage now, its floor to ceiling end to end solid cans. These things are going. Ive already gotten rid of close to 100 of them so it wont take Too long.
  21. We will be going to Tri-Cities in September. Just not sure what weekend yet. We'd be more than happy to bring some cans with us.
  22. The Bellingham Cache Machine and the bellingham Cache machine Dinner have been canceled. So its a no go!! Sorry
  23. Im in Maple Valley. These things weigh 5 pounds per can and even at parcel post rates, its 12 bucks per can to ship.
  24. If there is anyone along the I-90 corridor as far east as Moses Lake, Id be more than happy to drop some cans off along the way on my way to Clarkston in a few weeks.
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