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  1. I just zoomed out to where the entire Earth is shown and theres 2248 caches listed. Lets see GC do that in under 5 seconds. I know, much larger databases require much more crunch time to build. But, then again I only have to zoom out a little bit where I lve before I get the "You have exceeded 500 caches, zoom in" message.

  2. Even though they dont have hundreds of thousands of caches placed yet, it still amazes me how fast the site redraws and shows that caches. I zoomed out to the west half of the country and it showed all caches (about 500 of them) instantly. It will be interesting to see how well it shows once there are thousands of caches placed.

  3. If I purchase City Navigator on an SD card, and put that card into my 60CSx, can I still load topo maps. or other maps using Mapsource to the unit? I ask this concidering the fact that when using CN DVD version, if you want to load other maping files to your unit, they all should be uplated at the same time

  4. I thought there used to be an Icon where we could click and post questions about the GS Site. I dont see it any longer, So, Ill post here instead.


    I have used several macro's that would allow me to edit my profile and show some sort of summery of my caches found. For some reason, though, I must be doing something wrond and I cant figure out what it is.


    I run the macro "FindstatGen.gsk. I then go to my profile, click 'edit profile'. I take out all of the text that is showing (this text is from the last profile change I made). I paste the new info in. I even scroll back to the top of the new test and it will show the date and the cache count.


    But, when I save the changes, and re-open my profile, it is still showing the older info, and no matter what I have tried, I cant get the profile information to update to the latest info.

  5. Lets see, Its been a few years since I went after this cache with a group of people. I do recall though, wearing calf high boots that day. I came out of there with dry socks. Of course, I would have drown if we had gone in the way we first looked at it. Thanks to some help via a phone call, we quickly made our way to one of the more popular starting points, and by watching where I placed each step, I kept fairly dry.

  6. If you move it, even five feet without adjusting the coordinates, then you've moved it.

    Please change the coordinates any time the cache is not in it's exact position as originally placed.



    This is very good advice. The consumer grade GPS units on the market today are much more accurate than the GPS receivers of say 10-15 years ago. A 20 foot 'built in' error in coordinates only leads to frustrated cachers who will disturb the surrounding flora & fauna more than necessary, no matter how careful they are.


    Every cache hider should make it a priority to ensure that their coordinates are as accurate as possible.


    I'm guessing that if I placed a cache, averaged the coords as long as the accuracy kept dropping and then captured those coords and THEN went back out the next day and did the same thing the coords would be different. Especially so if the cache was a few years old.

  7. I still have some 50 cals if you are interested. I dont recall seeing an PMl from you. Go ahead and shoot me another one and we can discuss it. For any others, if you are interested in any cans, I have about 80 left.

  8. Have or not PQ in my email is not a problem for me, because normally when I update my offline DB or plan my next geocaching tour I ask for a PQ and wait for its completion. B)


    But I would like to suggest a new feature, hope this is the right place to do it :)


    Sometimes have the possibility to ask for a "square" PocketQuery should be a great help.

    I mean a PQ for the caches included, for example between N46 50.000 - N 46 80.000 and E013 10.000 - E013 40.000.

    This will permit to cover the territory with "tiles" and to reduce the total number of PQ required. :blink:



    Having a query run as a square tile would present problems. First of all, what size of tile would suit everyone.


    GSAK already has a filter for creating a polygon to any shape you can dream of.


    As far as the things that GS has done to the way they handle sending queries , my person opinion is that Im thrilled that they decided to increase the size to 1000. Whether I have to fetch them myself or have them emailed to me is of no concern. I'm sure that there's not too many people who use GS that dont have a few spare minutes per day to take care of how they get their caches to their GPS.

  9. I see where there are a few different Garmin Topo USA maps on Ebay. There is one that is listed as




    and yet another one that is listed as


    Garmin MapSource TOPO US CD-ROM for Garmin GPS Units,


    This first one is in a Jewel case that says "United States Topo" and the background color of picture on the front of the case is tan/light brown.


    The second one is blue and white and says 24K maps. Whats the difference?

  10. There were 2 models of the 260W. The one in their video is the original model which has the 2 exposed screws. A bit before Garmin discontinued the 260W prior to going to the 255W they changed the 260W where it looks like the 255W. If your 260W doesn't look like the one in the 260W video then try this one:

    255W video


    My unit looks like the one in the 255 video. I removed the label last night to reviel 2 very small torx screws. Now I need to find the correct torx driver to get them out. There are a couple of ebay sales that say that they include the necessary tools. I just didnt want to buy a battery and have to solder it in. I have no idea why the factory battery doesnt hold a charge very well. Im guessing that it wasnt discharged properly/stored fully charged/etc.

  11. Howdy!


    I am looking to get cachemate for a palmpilot that I am looking to get for those overseas roadtrips and after solving one question (Cachemate to Garmin waypoint transfers are a go!) I have another.


    In cachemate is it possible to separate my cachelistings (like different pocket queries) or do they all come in as a block? I dont have cachemate yet and I was just wondering if this was doable as I like to stay organised. Know what I mean?


    Depending on the internal memory of the PDA, you have the ability to have more than one database in memory. For example, if you build 5 pocket queries and import them into GSAK, you can then export them as individual databases into the PDA as long as when you export them you give the exported csv file a unique name.


    If I remember, you may have to go into Cachemate and create the databases with their unique name prior to importing the csv file.

  12. I have more than a couple of hundred to sell. If you are willing to pay for them ahead of time, I can put your name on them and you can store them here. For a while, anyway

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