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  1. Well, before I go and downlaod the latest release to the Android app, I will try just one last time to see if there is a solution to what I bought this app for in the first place. I have a HTC Incredible running Adroid 2.2 software. I'm running 2.0.3 of the geocaching app. I do not want to have to upgrade the Andoid software if at all possible. When I open the app and select find nearby caches it still shows my finds. If I then click on menu/settings....It shows that it is hiding my finds. WHY??????? then are my finds not being hidden. I dont want to have to scroll through several pages to find a cache that does not have the found checkmark next to it. I've mentioned this issue for well over 2 months now, and have yet to get ANY response back from GS. Like I mentioned in a post a month or so back, If we as consumers were to go to an auto dealer and buy a NEW car, and took it home to find that one of its main featured didnt work, would we just accept it and move on? I think NOT. But GS is failing to offer any sort of support for issues related to a sofware that they are making money from. Dont even get me started on PQ downloads. A 900 cache PQ will take an hour to download.
  2. I spent several years living in Tennessee and ticks were everywhere there. Dont pull them out. All you'll do is seperate the body from the head and the head will be much harder to remove. Take a needle, get it hot with a lighter or something else, put the needle tip to the ticks back side and it will find its reverse gear and come out. Now, Im not telling this from experience, but that was what everyone said to do do yonder in Tennessee. Tennessee: Chiggers, Ticks, Diamondback Rattlers, Cottonmouth Rattlers, assorted garden variety snakes, fireflys, junebugs, bats, Oh yea and that mason jar full of Black Widow Spiders that me and the neighbor collected. Growing up in the south was fun?
  3. I've quit using the app. Its worthless. Good thing its only 8 bucks. Oh well, so much for high hopes of something additional to make my geocaching experience better. Im back to using a 5 dollar pda and exporting the caches using cachemate.
  4. Beware!! If you drop the money for a smart phone to help with caching, you may end up just as frustrated as I am. Since I wasnt elegible for an upgrade with my cell provider, I bit the bullet and paid hard earned money for a smart phone. I had seen how handy the Geocaching app had been when out hunting caches. The opportunity to be able to bring up ANY cache on a phone sure beats having to be limited to the amount of caches that the average GPS'r holds. In my case, it would be 1000. So, I bought the smart phone, I bought the Geocaching app and I've been fighting the app every since. Oh yea, I almost forgot. If you really want it all, you need to pay Groundspeak 30 a year for a premium membership. I have absoluty no qualms in paying th 30 dollars. It is well worth it for what you get. The main reason I am a premium member is so that I can use the pocket query function. Once you have created a pocket query, you can transfer that over to your smart phone. Be prepared that it will take a long, long, long time for that transfer to take place. That in itself is something I cant figure out. If 3G is as fast as they say it is, and 4G is much much faster, then it should not take so long to transfer a query to a phone. 3G ranges around 1.2 to 3 mbps. Using that, if a query is 1000 caches (about 900K) you would think that at 1.4 meg a sec, you should get this query fairly quickly. Yet, I've downloaded several of these to my phone and I'm averaging close to an hour for the download. I've even had the download run for an hour only to get a failed download message at the end. The thing that bugs me the most, is that the only way GS seems to address issues is if they gather enough votes through the geocaching forum feedback program. I've monitored all of the android discussions on the forums and very rarely will you see anyone from GS reply to anything that people bring up. But, they didnt hesitate to charge 10 dollars for something that is totally useless to some people. Lesson learned? Dont waste your money on a smart phone if you are buying it to use as an aid when caching. Its not worth the headaches
  5. I use this app as well as some friends and none of us have had this issue. Have you tried uninstall/reinstalling the app? If not it was recommended with the latest update. Other than that the only other thing I can think is to look in the settings (menu->settings) and set "My finds" to "exclude." Failing that have you reported the bug in the iPhone forum? Since this is the first I have heard about the issue the devs. may not even know about it. I think the first question is, is he using an iPhone? The official app is also available on Android and Windows Phone 7 .... The phone I am using is in fact an Android based phone running 2.0.3. I did as one person suggested. I uninstalled the geocaching app. and reinstalled it. Yet, the same exact conditions exist. I cannot filter out my finds no matter how hard I try.
  6. From my experience the app that Groundspeak has to offer does not work for me. I bought a smart phone mainly for the purpose of having the App available to me while I'm out caching. It has not been a pleasant experience for me at all. Problem #1 No matter how I try, I cannot get the app to disregard showing my finds. Yes, it shows me logged in. It shows my total finds. But, I've tried to have it not show my finds, but it still does. This would be great it I was out of town where the caches wouldnt be on my found list. But, when I'm home and I want to go out for a few quick finds, well guess what, I have to scroll and scroll just to find one that doesnt have a checkmark by it. So, a fix for that is to be a premium member ($30 a year). use the app ($10), download a query and then wait an average of an hour for the query to load to your phone. This is not guarenteed to work either. If you ARE successful in getting the query to your phone, then you can use offline lists because you filtered out your finds yourself. What I finally did was to create smaller queries (under 200 caches) and then download them to my phone. The success rate on a shorter download is better in my experience. I then use to offline list option. What bothers me the most about this entire experience, is the cost. I bought the phone, I enrolled in a data plan, I am a premium member, I paid for the app.......And I am no better off than before. Your experience may be different, but who knows.
  7. A couple of weeks go by after my initial post about the problems I am having with the Android app that I had to buy in order to use it. No response from the GS folks. But, I go to the topic about site upgrades and I see all sorts of responses to the questions asked by non-paying/non-premium members. I wonder if I bought a car and I had problems with it and informed the folks who sold me said car, and they didnt respond to cumstomers concerns/issues/etc, how long would they stay in business. Come on guys, dont put out something that doesnt work and expect us to like it. I am using 2.0.3 and my two complaints are.. I am unable to filter out my finds. Yes, I have told the app to not show my finds. The other issue is that it takes an hour to download a PQ to my phone. Im running an HTC Incredible.
  8. I saw one card load of cachers pull their SUV right up onto a sidewalk and laugh saying that it was a Geocachers priveledge to get to do that. And this individual has been to every CM that I've been to.
  9. Well, Im real curious if the 2.0.3 release will address what it is about this app that isnt working for me. First of all, today I needed to D/L a pocket query to my phone which is an HTC Incredible. The PQ was 900 caches and it took an entire hour to D/L. BTW, I was mobile in several different places during this down load. My other major gripe is about the fact that when I search for nearby caches it continues to show me my finds. Every time it shows my finds, I go to the advances settings and it shows my finds to be excluded. So, I'll go to the market place and see if 2.0.3 helps.
  10. But the setting isn't an "Advanced Search" setting. From the homescreen, click on the menu button and choose "Settings". Where you see, "Show All", click on that and select "Hide Finds" When Im on the main screen and it says 'find nearby caches, and I click on menu, the second box down gives me the option to hide finds, which is what i have checked.
  11. What was the final sentence in the post I made? "And yes I have it set to not show my finds". I have checked, double checked, triple check that the advance screen is marked to hide my finds, But they still show up. IMO this program is terrible for being one of the most expensive apps available. Perhaps GS knows that cachers are always looking for the next whiz-bang program/app/gizmo that will help them. So, lets build a buggy app and get 10 bucks a crack for it.
  12. I submitted some finds yesterday using the App. I got home, and looked on my computer and it had 1 of my finds listed as me finding it 3 times. Another thing I inquired about a while back but never did here anything was that why is it when Im logged in (it shows me logged in) when I ask for the closest caches, it doesnt leave my finds out of the list. Around my area, Ive found 90% of them. Not too much fun scrolling to find one I want. And yes I have it set to not show my finds.
  13. Where will this route be in comparison to the one that was shut down?
  14. My vote is to make EVERYONE pay to use this site, that way GS can pay someone else to write bug free software/apps
  15. One of the main reasons I upgraded to a smart phone was for the geocaching app. I have 'purchased' a few apps other than the Geocaching app. I had a bit of an issue with one other app, I was able to find the owner of the app, and I discussed my issue with him via e-nail and within a day my issue was resolved. If an app is so full of bugs that it doesnt work as it is supposed to, then why does the paying public need to throw their money into more R & D? Does GS feel as though the have a captive audience and no matter what bone they throw is we will bite?
  16. My issue with this upgrade is different from what I have been reading here. I cannot get the app to NOT show my finds. I have changed the settings so that it hides my finds in both basic search and advanced search. I have closed the app down and restarted it and still, when I ask it to show nearly caches, I get the list but it shows all of my finds too. Since I have pretty much cleaned out the area within 5 miles of home, I dont prefer to have to sort through hundreds of caches to see if theres just a few that I need to look for. I wonder if I can uninstall this app and go back to the previous version, OR uninstall and re-install it. Any ideas?
  17. Ok Groundspeak, please explain something to me. When I go to the new map, the first thing that pops up is the box that says Congratulations, you found it. I have seen this box more times than I care to. Each time that I see it, I check "do not show this box again". Guess what? I keep seeing the box. Why does the box give us a choice as to whether or not we want to see it or not, if our choice doesnt matter. Now, about the maps, one feature that we had available to us on the old maps was a listing of the caches that are currently displayed on the screen. That came in very handy of you wanted to find one cache in particular while on the map page. Sure, if you are looking for one cache in particular, we know there are other ways to do that. But, lets say Im looking at the caches within 5 miles of my home, and I have filtered out my finds. But, I want to see that one cache that I was just emailed about, with the new map, I need to hover on each icon to see which one has the name Im looking for. On the old maps, all I had to do was scroll down the names of the caches and when I found the one I wanted, click and it shows me on the map where it is. Groundspeak seems to be pushing us more and more into using GSAK or some other 3rd party programs for searching for items. The site, IMO took a major step backwards in the mapping department on this latest upgrade.
  18. Ok, I have the Geocaching app on a Droid phone. If I get a different phone, will I have to buy the app again. The phone I have does not have any way of transferring apps between phones.
  19. I, myself just got a droid based phone. However, I would think the Geocaching app would work the same. Im my phone, I had to tell the phone to locate itself. Then when I lanuched the geocaching app, the app itself showed where I am because the phone has been located by the sats. I hope this works for you.
  20. I spent 2 days trying to configure that macro to windows 7. THATS why I was wondering if there was something exle available. Does Mapsource upload POI's to a Nuvi?
  21. Well, Windows 7 isnt as friendly towards my Nuvi Macro as I wanted it to be. So, anyone have any ideas as to something that IS Windows 7 compatable that allows me to add a GPX to a Nuvi as a POI instead of a favorite?
  22. I've looked a lot of places to see if I can find an official statement by Groundspeak as to just what the enhancements were. Still looking. So far after 24+ hours of the site being back up, I dont see ANYTHING has changed. Please GS, share some information with us.
  23. Reviewers, Reviewers, Reviewers. This is what will seperate the competition. It would take me about 1 wide goose chase on another site before I would stop using that site. Of into the sunset they go.
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