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  1. Tap and hold on the clock. After a few seconds of holding your finger on the clock it will give you other dashboard options. Perfect!!! Thank You so much. Now can you fix the freezing problem? Early in the morning, its Garmin tech support for me. Gonna journal everything I do with this thing til its right or taken back.
  2. Well, I decided to take the new 600 out for a test run today. One of the features of the unit allows you to have the top 1/3 of the screen showing the selected geocache, the compass heading and the distance to the cache. If the unit is working properly, you can touch that 1/3 of the screen and it 'should' take you to the screen that has the description, hint and a couple of other options that excape me right now. Heres the bug, If you touch that portion of the screen, the machine locks up and the icon that shows the unit is searching stays on the screen. Powering down is the only way to get off of that screen. I immediately did a firmware upgrade from 2.60 to 2.80. That upgrade made no difference at all. Tomorrow, I will call Garmin and see what they can do for me. I bought this at R.E.I for 400 and they have a ONE YEAR return policy. That is tough to beat.
  3. Does anyone kow if there is a ANY way to turn off the clock on the main menu screen? Cant understand why they made the icon size so big there. Also, is there any way to delete all of the geocaches in the unit without having to hook it up to a computer and delete the file?
  4. Did the milestones thread go away? Maybe sun stroke has affected my vision. 2 Days caching in the Mojave
  5. I no longer want pocket queries emailed to me. How can I change that option?
  6. I do access GS from my Android phone through a 3rd party app. That access is always active. For the past few days Ive been styaing logged in. Not sure why it changed to where I needed to log in for the past few weeks.
  7. A while back, I asked why I was not able to stay signed in. After some research it was determined that it was because my user ID had a comma in it. Then shortly after GS added the facebook sign in feature, I was able to stay signed in. I was signing in with my facebook ID instead of my GS ID. Then about 3 weeks ago, my ability to stay signed in disappeared. Now today when I came to GS I was still signed in from the last time I had been on the site. I do not know what is causing the hit or miss at staying signed in. If in the worse case, would a name change (removing the comma) fix the problem? If I was allowed to remove the comma, would that cause all of my previous finds to remain with the new name?
  8. I will be visiting the San Antonio area and I am wondering if there are any power trails within 100 miles of there? Thanks
  9. Im curious about something. Several months ago, I wrote and asked if anyone could figure out why I am not able to stay signed in. Someone mentioned that it may be because I use a comma on my username. Ok, No problem. However on a recent update to the website, all of the sudden I was staying logged in. Now, Im no longer staying logged in. Have have not changed any settings on my computer, so Im not sure what could be happening.
  10. I've been running the route and I want to report that stop 4-GC2A3PC -- Pioneer Lions Island, we found a lid to a a container that is the same container as an earier find. However, we weren't able to locate the cache. It's either missing , OR I need to go back to Geochache High School. Also Stop 13-- GC24YRC -- Nuclear Meltdown, we found a magnet but nothing else. A previous post mentioned that the cache was barely hanging on and it may not be there. Also,stop number #86 GC1HNZ8 A Long View-- is reported as missing. A portion of the cache was brought to the pre-event gathering. Stops 84 and 85 Hwy 30 TB Hotel and What a View cannont be reached coming down the hill.
  11. Several of the caches listed are owned by the same person. I e-mailed him yesterday and he responded back telling me that he had tomorrow set aside to go out and do some work on his caches. He is aware of the upcoming CM. So, hopefully 4 or 5 of those will be ready to go this weekend. I asked him to email me once they were back in place. Also, As you can see, Travisd asked if anyone would help him out with the Friday Pre-Event gathering. I will go ahead and take care of that for him.
  12. We arrived yesterday, Thursday in the late afternoon. Started the route. Snow cover on the ground made some caches a bit harder to find. Woke up ths morning wanting to get a full day of caching in. Looked out the window at 7AM and it was snowing with about an inch on the cars. Weather man on local news station says its going to be nice. Hopefully he is right. Its now a bit after 8AM and its not snowing but there is an inch or two on the ground.
  13. "It is recommended to use a:Drake in cooperation with GeoGet, since both applications share the same database". If you google GeoGet, it will send you to a website that is not written in english. So, GS tells us a bout an app and no one can read the instructions.
  14. Ok, This a:drake app looks promising. I do have a question though. I have tried to filter out my finds and my caches that I own and I havent had any luck. I clicked on Filter then Have found? and then not found, yet everything in my area still shows up. I do not see any other options to get the app to hide my finds.
  15. Except that the Google Maps come with a hefty price tag on them and Groundspeak cannot or will not subsidize our geocaching experience at the expense of their bottom line. Those of us with Premium memberships can have PQ's sent to us daily. Using GSAK, there are macros that will import the PQ right into GSAK and then there are other macros that will export said PQ to Google Maps. I know that when I'm planning a day/week/vacation of caching, its much easier to run the PQ, weed out the ones that I dont want based on whatever reason and go from there. I know that there are those who want the Google map option avialable to them without becoming a Premium Member. Is 30 bucks really that much to spend? Really?
  16. If been following this thread from its beginning and it amazes me the length some people will go to so that their negativity can be put on display. Im not sure how the rest of the caching community plans their cache outings. But I for one dont need to use the google maps on Groundspeak to see what I need. I, being a premium member have the ability to download a pocket query to another program and manipulate the entire contents of that query into Google maps and then look for routes I will take. If non-premium members dont want to pay for a premium membership, then they should have to deal with what they paid for. I'd like to know what percentage of caches found on the average weekend are the type where a detailed map is needed to find them. Sure there are those cachers who require details to know how to get to certain caches. However to me there seems to be alot of caches placed along side of streets, in parks or in the middle of cities. Do we really need google maps to view those types of caches. Bottom line, you get what you pay for or what you decide to pay for. What portion of the geocaching experience would $30 a year be. No matter what epuipment you use to enjoy the hobby, the GS premium membership would be a very small cost in comparision. AND as a benifit IF more people decided to pony up the $30, who knows, then maybe GS could afford to use Google maps. As far as those who think that the GS employees are getting fat from the monies that Groundspeak generates, are you kidding me? I've never seen their headquarters or met any of them, but I would tend to believe that the long hours and the amoung of personnel required to keep the site up and running isnt making ANYONE rich. Lackeys, you guys do a fantastic job!! It would be a shame if the naysayers brought this hobby down. Keep up the good work.
  17. Bottom line. Why charge the PM's for something that everyone benifits from? Charge everyone..period!!!
  18. Good idea, but you've made a mistake. Your petition is directed towards Groundspeak, when it should have been towards Google. It seems many on here don't, but I completely understand why Google has had to start charging for their service, and hence why Groundspeak had to make the change that they did. You're wrong on this. It is a Groundspeak issue. Groundspeak created a product with Google maps and then sold it to their customers. Google is/was a supplier to Groundspeak. If I have some issue with the air conditioner in my car I fault the car manufacturer and not the supplier of the air conditioner. Everybody can come to the Groundspeak site and download caches to their GPS's free of charge, right? Groundspeak then enhanced the site so that those who WISH to download PQ's can do so for a nominal cost of $30 a year. (8.2 cents/day) I would still like to see it where ALL users who wish to us GS to cache would have to pay. Non-Premium $5 a year. Premium $30 a year. If that doesnt generate enough to cover the Google map issue, then increase the cost of using GS. I cant recall what I paid 6 years ago when I joined, but it seems to me that everything else around me has gone in price, so why not GS too.
  19. I can now report that the high tension wires that are just south of where I live are really plugged into Grand Coulee Dam.
  20. It never ceases to amaze me how the negative comments outnumber the positive comments every time GS upgrades. And to think there are those who think the lackeys are filthy rich because of the site? 30 bucks a year is NOTHING. I suppose for the people who dont want to pay the Premium Membership to have access to PQ's, its more difficult to plan a days cache outing. Im not sure I'd even bother trying to cache if I didnt have the PQ's to work with. Groundspeak provides us with a very handy product at a very fair price. If you take into account ALL Of the costs of 'playing' this game, the Premium Membership is an after thought in my book. Perhaps having a basic membership cost of $10 per year just to use the site would generate a bunch of money.
  21. Actually I should have mentioned my web browser when I started this thread. I am using IE8. Sorry
  22. I did have Private Browsing turned on. It told me to double click to get to the settings for this, which I did. I unchecked the box that that enables this feature and when I did that, it told me I would be putting my computer at risk, so I put the checkmark back into the box, which enabled Protected Mode again.
  23. This may have been talked about earlier in this thread, but I didnt want to have to read everything. There has been talk about the transparency of NW trails on the units themself, which I can see on my 60CSx. My question is whether or not there is something that can be done with Mapsource so that both CN and NW trails can both show at the same time. If not Mapsource, are there other map programs that will allow both to be seen overlaying each other? Thanks
  24. I have geocaching.com added to my list of sites to allow cookies on. Every time I sign in to geocaching.com, I check the box to keep me signed in. However, I have to and have always had to sign in each time I want to log caches or view premium caches, etc. What else can I do?
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