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  1. I do not download caches on my ignore list. I just needed to know if there was a limit. When I run my home pocket query and I go out and look for caches, if the area isn't something I wish to visit, then they end up on my ignore list.
  2. Is there a limit to how many caches can be stored on an ignore list?
  3. The point of my post appears to not have been clear. This has nothing do with deleting them as I find them. It only has to do with the hassle of once the unit is connected to the computer having to dig through the directories and get rid of any file that I 'think' may need to be deleted. With the 60csx it was all done on the unit not the computer.
  4. Is there any way to remove the caches on the 62S without having to work me way through the directories after the computer sees the GPS. If not, Garmin really missed the boat on that option. On a 60CSX a few button pushes and *poof*, caches are gone
  5. There's over 200 posts about the new search function and I don't have the yime to read them all hoping to find an answer to my question which is, If I type in the name of a cache in the search box and there's more than one cache by that name, I have to click on each one to see what state it is in. Before, the state was showing in the geocache listing. Why cant it be replaced?
  6. Link to event no workie. GS lackies asleep at the wheel?
  7. I posed this question 5+ years ago and never have gotten much of an answer. 10 years as a premium member. Why is it that even though I make the 'remember me' box, I almost ALWAYS have to log into Groundspeak. Also, why is it that when logged into Groundspeak and after clicking on the discussion tab, that I must log in once again to post anything.
  8. Ok, this is a weird one. I created a PQ off of the bookmark on the event page. I downloaded the PQ into GSAK. For some reason it shows that all of the caches on the route are on my ignore list which is not the case. In fact, I downloaded my ignore list as a PQ, ran it in GSAK and using the google map macro the only caches that show on the map are caches that are actually on my ignore list. Is anyone else having an issue with the PQ showing all the caches as ignored?
  9. I'm working on several challenges and I would like to be able to track my current location on my laptop. I know that Microsoft Streets and Trips offers this, as long as you have a version that comes with their GPS Receiver. My version does not. However, I have several handhelds and a Nuvi. One of the challenges I am trying to complete is a Thomas Guide Challenge. I am able to show the Thomas Guide page corners on a map, but MS S&T does not see USB connections. The program wants the GPS attached via Com port. Help!
  10. For what its worth....We have run a lot of the route in the past two days and there are a few that we feel are MIA. GCKXT4- Power of the Written word....... Lots of Geo trails and a couple of places that it could have been but no luck for us. Hasn't been found since Sept 15th. GCWR9F- Caching Cushman-Trail Park....... If its there, we sure didn't see it. Of course that doesn't mean much at my age!! I'll be looking to see if anyone else has issues with these two. See Ya Tomorrow.
  11. Several years ago, I posted a question in here as to why the geocaching site would not allow me to stay logged in. At that time if I remember correctly, it was because my log-in name has a comma in it. Years have gone by and I am curious as to whether a fix for this could be produced. I know I could change the name, but I wonder if that would solve the problem, AND would I be allowed to change it.
  12. I do like the FIND button, then stop navigation. The map screen works well too. One of the things I liked about my 60csx was being able to move from screen to screen without looking at the screen. Just using memory to get to the screen I wanted, Then looking at it. When driving, keeping the eyes on the road is #1. You've saved me a couple of button pushes just by introducing the find/stop navigation sequence.
  13. On my dashboard I have 4 icons: Main Menu, Compass, Maps and Geocaches. If I click on geocaches, I get the list of geocaches loaded in the unit. Which is exactly what I want. However, once I go and read the description, hint or logs and then go back to the dashbaord and click geocaches again, it takes me right back to the one I was just reading about. The only way I have seen so far to get back to the list of all caches is to scroll down on the caches I am currently viewing and click on find another. Does anyone know of a shorter method to get back to the list of geocaches?
  14. I cant figure out how to roll back the updates. I went to Garmins site via your link but cannot see where I can do anything. I even ran Webupdater but there were no options there for installing a previous version. Im running 5.0. I suppose I could do a factory reset if all else fails. I do use a Nuvi with my 62S for navigational purposes.
  15. I am a long time user of the 60CSX but wanted something that would have the description/logs/hint in it. I bought the 62S. So far I like it. One thing that happened to me a few times is that I will be using the compass to walk towards a cache and all the sudden the arrow and the distance disappear. I re-calibrated the compass and it brought it back. This has happened a few times. Anyone else notice this problem? Is there a fix? I AM running the latest firmware. Also, On the 60CSX when driving towards a cache, you could get turn by turn instructions in a list with a distance to the next turn. I have been unable to locate this on the 62S. I like having a paperless unit, but Im wondering if theres a quicker way to navigate to particular screens. For instance If I want to find a cache, I click on the quit button until the geocaching Icon comes up, I then hit enter which brings up a list of closest caches. Its at this point that I think extra steps could be eliminated. A map of the area that the cache sins in comes up with the GO button highlighted at the end. Then an activity menu comes up asking how I want to get to the cache. I normally select Direct routing or Automobile Driving. If I pick automobile driving, another 2 choices comes up, save time or save distance. I dont want to have to pick this every time. Finally after the route has been calulated, can I bring up a screen that allows me to View Geocache. If all I wanted was to see the hint on a cache, it took me 8 button pushes to get what I wanted. Is there a quicker way to view a cache?
  16. I have the Oregon 600 and my smart phone is a Droid Bionic. Seeing them side by side showed me that a Zagg screen protector for the Bionic is easily bigger than the entire screen for the 600. Ebay has Zagg screen protectors for the Bionic for 3.45 apiece and that includes shipping. So I bought 2 of them.
  17. I cant figure out where the battery indicator went. I am using the Eneloop batteries.
  18. All the excitement about the release of the latest from Garmin and the thread drops to the middle of the second page. Way to Go!!!!
  19. Just an observation, but from where I see it, theres a lot of armchair testers waiting for the owners to tell their experiences with their newly purchased 600's. Being one of those owners, I have questions that I cant find answers to. But with a 'limited' amount of owners it may take a long long time before everyone, including me gets their questions answered. Im fairly happy with the unit, with the one exception of the lack of direction when close to the find, and for all I know, it could be just a setting, that needs to be changed. Yet, not knowing the unit very well. time will tell if its a keeper. Over 1300 posts on this thread, and 1100+ were posted before the release of the unit.
  20. Has anyone experimented with the Bluetooth connectivity of the 600 yet. I was looking online and a bluetooth dongle for a computer is fairly inexpensive and Im curious as to whether the caches can be sent to and retrieved from the unit via Bluetooth. Still, no one has figured out whether the count down distance can be changed to display 1/100ths like the 60CSx did? BTW, grabbed a few sets of the eneloops to see how they work. Got tired of seeing the warning about there not being enough power to see the backlight. I did change as many settings as possible to conserve power. Its amazing how fast a minute goes by and the screen turns off when you are looking for a cache. But a simple button push brings it back on.
  21. Took the 600 out for a geocaching run today. There's a few things I wonder if anyone else has wondered about. First off, When getting closer to the cache (under .5 mile), I see where the distance count down is in 1/10's only until it gets under 1 tenth of a mile then it converts to feet. Does anyone know if the 1/10's can be changed to 1/100's. Also I noticed that when I approach a cache that is on the side of the road, the arrow isn't as responsive as it could be to let me know which direction to walk. I have to depend on the distance going up or down to see which way I need to go next. If I switch over to compass, it doesn't look like it is even seeing the current cache. I know that with the 60CSx, as the distance counts down and gets under 50 feet the arrow will point in the direction of the cache. Im not sure if its a setting I don't have set right or what it could be.
  22. I am in fact using alkaline batteries. I've used alkaline batteries since the beginning. I know enough to make sure that the settings are set for the proper type of battery.
  23. Ok, I need to clarify a few things. First off, I bought one of my 60CSX's in July of 06. The second one 6 months later. I have not had any issues with either unit. EVER. To address the settings that I have the Oregon 600 set to: Battery saver is on. Backlight timeout is set to 30 seconds. What I found strange was that within an hour or so, the unit would display a message stating that the backlight could not be used because the battery power was not high enough. I have not seen where the screen 'refresh' can be changed. I have map speed set to normal. I also have it set to track up.
  24. You have close to 9GB of maps that need to load each time you fire up the unit. Imagine any program on a normal computer that was 9GB in size (Im guessing not too many programs exist like that). But, even though the 600 is the latest and greatest, Im guessing that the processor inside is faster, compared to previous GPS units but no where near as fast as a computer. So, I venture to say that loading that much data could take as much time as you are saying it would take. Unless I'm travelling far and long, I see no reason to have areas on my GPS that Im not planning on going to. Thus saving time when firing up the unit.
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