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  1. Thanks for the offer Andrew. Im hoping that I can arrange a pick-up of these cans during the week of Aug 5-11. Im off that week and I can run down to the base. Im pretty sure that the cans have the lids removed from them as they are stored on the pallets. I spoke with a person who works for Govt Liquidators and he assured me that I can leave the pallets and shrink wrap there. It would be a matter of brick-laying these boxes in the bed of my truck until a max weight is reached then putting the remainder in another vehicle. I think the cans have a weight of about 4 pounds each so the weight of the auction, 2400 pounds probably includes the pallets. Once I get them home, I will assemble them and stack them in my garage and then y'all can come and get em.
  2. I have not been sent an invoice yet, but from what I can tell, We were sussessful in winning this auction. I had crunched the numbers prior to this auction to see how far I could go before I would have to bow out and I think I could have gone up to 2.53 per can. Now, I did win the auction for less than that. I worked out the numbers and the cost per can comes in at $2.22 per can. If anyone has an issue with paying $3 per can, speak up and I will remove you from the list. Also, if anyone has a flat bed trailer capable of holding 1200 pounds please let me know. I have a 2004 F150 and Id be pushing it at about 1500 pounds. The lot weighs 2400. I think that once I pay for my fuel that theres will be minimal profit for me, which I wasnt wanting to do to begin with. So, I will announce a time when these cans will be available for pickup as soon as I find out when I can go get them. Thanks to all of those who showed an interest in getting this lot of cans. Nick
  3. Well, Guys and Gals, The auction is under way and it will be ending tomorrow afternoon at 5PM. Theres also one going on at the same time in Yakima for about 1700 cans. Too bad we cant use that many cuz Im sure it would be a better deal. But then, Im not sure Im willing to commit 3000-4500 to something like that. E-baying 1000 cans may take a while.....LOL. We will see how this one goes. If I get ambitious, I may make an e-mail list of all who have shown interest in these cans and if we dont get in on this one, I will stay in contact via e-mail with those wanted cans to see how the next one goes and to also see if there are any who might be willing to up their price per can. Personally, I think 3 dollars a can is a very good price and even 4 dollars a can would be a good deal concidering, if you wan to buy them off of e-bay you pay shipping. If you want o be them locally at a retail outlet, Im sure you will pay a minimum of $3.99 plus tax.
  4. Im aware of how I CAN find the distance to a cache while I at home tied to the internet or am available to use Google Earth. All I am asking is that it would ne a nice feature for GS to add to the website.
  5. I agree with the part of planning. But. lets say you're out for a weekend of caching and you have your PDA and GPS and thats all. You didnt want to spend alot of computer time getting ready for this. I was just wondering how difficult it would be for the Powers That Be to add a place for the distance. In fact the person that hid this cache could measure it as they are leaving it. Of course if its close then its of no concern. It would also help if these distances could be part of a PQ.
  6. I would love to see that when someone is submitting a new cache for publication that there be somewhere on the application form where the applicant has to put the distance that the hunter must travel after leaving vehicle. That way we would know when we are planning an outing which caches would be park and grabs or which caches would be long hikes.
  7. Heres the latest database. Wild Wiggly Beanz 150 Lizzy 15 Scuichetti 20 Harriet the Spy 15 jcar 12 Half Canadian 30 Allanon 10 WRASTRO 15 mudsneaker 15 ruck 10 GrnXnham 15 Recdiver 15 AndrewRJ 10 Luckkoi 20 DoodleCat & MisterKirk 100 Me 10 Prying Pandora 10 Sassy and Gordy 15 $50 Hydnsek 10 Terrible T's 16 $50 Silent NW 16 $50 jolandy 10 alciato 10 mount10bike 10 Total Cans 559
  8. When the auction actually starts, I wont do any bidding. I like to wait until its almost over to place a bid. So, dont be suprised if you dont see me bid until the end. Ill try to redo the list and get it posted tomorrow.
  9. I was messing around with Google Earth and I decided to take a look at Baghdad. I guess our soldiers are enjoying the hobby like the rest of us. Take a look at some of the names they are being given. Some are quite interesting.
  10. I did some number crunching and came up with 2.53 per can. Add the 10% that the site charges and the 9% state sales tax and that comes to $3 a can. So I know how high I can bid to get this auction. Not sure if thats gonna get us the cans but Ill give it a shot.
  11. Heres the list of those who expressed interest in purchasing Ammo cans if I bid on them. One person inquired as to why I asked again 3 months after the original request was made in April. Its simple. Im the one willing to put the 1500-2000 dollars up to do this. I just want to make sure that I can account for the cans so that I dont get stuck with a bunch of them. Id like to see more cans asked for than are available. That would be ideal so that in the end, all the cans would be taken. The list below accounts for approx 452 cans. Wild Wiggly Beanz 150 Lizzy 15 Scuichetti 20 Harriet the Spy 15 jcar 12 Half Canadian 30 Allanon 10 WRASTRO 15 mudsneaker 15 ruck 10 GrnXnham 15 Recdiver 15 AndrewRJ 10 Luckkoi 10 DoodleCat & MisterKirk 100 Me 10 Prying Pandora 10 to 20 Sassy and Gordy $50 Hydnsek 10 Terrible T's $50
  12. Ok, heres what I will do to eliminate the confusion. I will enter this auction with the notion that these cans will sell from me to anyone interested for a maximum of $3 a can. That will include the buyer premium that they charge of 10 percent plus the 8-9 percent state sales tax. Once the bidding gets above 43 a can, Ill quit bidding. If they come in under $3 a can, I will sell at a reduced price. But be warned, if these cans have a 10% damaged rate, then whoever buys however many they wan, then they will need to take a 10% damaged amount also. Who knows, maybe the damage is slight and easily fixable.
  13. Is there any way to reverse the function of finding a cache on the 60csx? For instance, if I find a particular cache and then click find next closest, and accidentally this cache gets entered as found when it hasnt been found. Is there any way to "unfind" it in the GPS?
  14. Also, this auction comes in at about 2400 pounds. Im sure I can handle half of that on my truck. If any one around the Auburn area wants to help haul them let me know. Of course that is if I can win these things. Also, I noticed that Yakima had a huge amount of 30 Cal cans to get rid of but thats tooo much for me to deal with.
  15. There is an auction at Fort Lewis towards the end of July for 522 30cal ammo cans. Can I get a quick roll call on who may be interested? I will bid these cans to about 3-3.50 per can. After that Im out of the bid. So, lemme kow ASAP. A while back I had commitments for about 340 or so. So chime in quickly and we'll take it from there.
  16. Wow, quick response and of course right on the money. Thanks
  17. Ok, Ive gone to Find, Waypoint, GoTo, Follow Road or Offroad. Now, I decide I dont want to pursue this particlar cache any longer but I want to drive down the road and see a map of where Im at WITHOUT having the GPS continually tell me to make a U-Turn or whatever to go back to the cache I decided not to hunt. I would think that pushing the Quit button would eliminate the previously highlighted waypoint that I was after, But it doesnt. Am I missing something or is there other ways to get rid of the waypoint I didnt choose to go after?
  18. Thats not what I was asking. I was wondering if any part of SA would beable to run on the Z22 and be of help while cache hunting.
  19. So, I was installing my SA 7.0 on a new machine and it asked me if I wanted to install some other software cuz it noticed I had PDA software on my machine. Well THAT software was for a Palm M105 (older stuff). I have a Palm Z22 on its way and I got to wondering. What part of SA 7.0 can I istall on the Z22, if any?
  20. Ok, Ive been using a Palm M105 and need to upgrade to something with USB connectivity. The unit I have now uses a serial port and I build a new machine and cant get the serial port to see the Palm M105 so I'm hoping that the Palm PDA's have stepped up to USB connections. Any ideas of which ones may use USB?
  21. I bought a serial to USB adapter and I have still not been able to get XP to recognize it. Ive asked all around about drivers for it and have not found one yet. I would love to be able to update my PDA from my Laptop, which has not Serial port on it
  22. What screen do I use to get to the "North Up" setting as well as the "Pointer to Bearing" setting. You mentioned using the GOTO to "select" the coords for the cache, If I use the find button on the unit to select the cache I want to find will the pointer point towards that selected cache? All I want the pointer to do is point towards the cache so that Im not walking away from something I should be walking towards. Thanks
  23. LOL, Seriously.....I dont walk around in circles. Its just a nickname I heard for having to calibrate all the time. So, the question still remains....is there any settings I can change to get this thing working better?
  24. It seems that I have to do the Garmin Shuffle (recalibrate the compass) at least 2-3 times evert time I take it out for Caching. Im using Software Version 3.00 and GPS SW version 2.90. I havent read anything about any fixes for the Compass needing to be recalibrated. I did a search for tips on what I could do and wasnt able to locate anything. So, does anyone know of anything I could check in my settings that might fix this issue?
  25. As it stands right now I have orders for 322 cans. Theres an auction that starts in about 11 days thats only for 141 cans. I think Im going to wait for a bigger one to come by. Im searching the site to see if theres any sort of schedule to how these things pop up and I have a feeling its hit and miss. So, what Ill do is keep a constant watch on the auctions and when theres one coming up that will fill what we want, Ill e-mail everyone and see if they are still in for some cans. And hopefully we will get more people wanting cans to add to the list.
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