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  1. We will be meeting at McDonalds at 8AM. Lets pray for sun!!
  2. Ok Harriet, Ill add 20 to the lsit. Im patiently wating for another auction to get listed. And of course, if there are others who want 30 cal ammo cans let me know!
  3. Just an update. As of now this ride is going to happen on the 7th instead of the 30th.
  4. No wonder we cant get any ammo cans up our way. Some base in SC has about 11,000 cans spread across 10 auctions. Do I Hear ROAD TRIP!!!!!
  5. Travis, I dont know if its too late to sign up for the dinner or not. If so, no problem. But if its possible can you add 2 more. Also, It appears as though cache #31 on the route GCMDNF Sylvan Traffic Jam has been missing since Aug 16th. I thnk if I saw right its temporarily disabled. Might want to check. Thanks Nick
  6. Does anyone know of any state parks or other campgrounds in the area that have electrical hookups? Anything within 20 miles would be fine
  7. Bump Anyone else wanting to do the Iron Horse from Hyak to Rattlesnake on 9/30 at 8AM?
  8. I know this has been asked before but I cant find it. I may even have been the person that asked, yet when I do a search of my posts it wont show up. So, heres my question. How can i do a google earth view without the found caches showing up. I believe there is a way to show a query in GE.
  9. Ill bet once we pull out of Iraq, the availability of the ammo cans will slow down. Onless the practice ranges dont re-use them. When I picked up the last shipment, I asked the guy there whey they didnt just re-use them and he said it wasnt cost effective to prepaint them. I think the Govt pays the company who makes these about 4.50 per can. SInce they have unique lot numers on them, they would have to repaint them and they figure its too pricey. So, we get our ammo cans. Hmmmmm maybe I should buy a huge lot of them and once the availability goes away they would become priceless. Future headline "Some wackjob in Maple Valley corners the ammo can market"
  10. Unfortunately Fort Lewis is where we have to depend on the ammo cans coming from. I suppose I could go to Yakima, but I think NOT!!! LOL. Im enjoying doing what Im doing getting the cans out to those who want/need them. So, as long as I can see a need, hey, what the heck!! Its a great pick up line...ooops I meant way to meet the caching community. Make em come to your front door!! And for those of you that are sending the nice words my way. Thanks soo much.
  11. The auction that started today 9/5 didnt have any ammo cans on it. Lets hope the next one does.
  12. Im looking forward to this ride. Looking at all the pics posted by others who have done this, it looks like some of the best natural scenery could be seen on the ride. You Tube even has a video of part of the trail. After reading the previous event posting on this (Thanks Landrover for posting the links) their idea of a gathering point at Mickey D's seems like a good idea. I have an F-150 pick up that will hold several bikes and I dont mind parking it at either end of the trailhead. If theres no objections, how about 8AM on the 30th at Mickeys?
  13. Are there any quad (ATV) riders who may be interested in tackling the caches in Capital Forest? There looks to be a bunch of them. I've riden there quite a bit so I know my way around the main logging roads. Im sure alot of the caches could be done in a vehicle but alot of the trails are for atvs only. Oh yea, 2 wheelers are included too. GRIN
  14. Wrastro, How do I look up past event caches? I typed in the name of that event cache and got nothing. Also, Team Sagefox, the 16th wont work because I have a 4 day camping trip planned. The 23rd is the GHCM so will the 30th work for anyone?
  15. The current auction cycle at Fort Lewis ends on Sept 5. So Im hoping the next cycle after that starts the same day. Hopefully we will see some 30 cal cans on this one. I already have over 300 cans spoken for for the next time we can get some. Theres an auction for 50's right now. Can anyone use 1600 50 cal cans? LOL!!! Im sure I would be building a dog house for myself if I tryed to store that many nex to my wifes car in the garage. Theres also a few lots of them HUGE cans. 25" long on one side. hmmmm, does that qualify as a micro?
  16. Im thinking about going up to do the APE cache and the rest of the caches along the trail between (i think) Hyak and Rattlesnake Lake. I'd like to find someone else who wants to do this on mountain bikes. If interested, e-mail me. Id like to do it on a Sunday morning. Thanks Nick
  17. BUMP! I still have people contacting me for cans that I cant supply them with. Im up to 355 on the want list so I thought I'd push this thread back to the top so that others who may not have seen it can check it out. Thanks Nick
  18. My ignore list had about 50 caches on it and I was able to remove all but 3. So, Im not sure why those 3 wont come off.
  19. I have two questions, #1 is there a way to take all the caches on the ignore list off at the same time or must they be taken off one at a time. #2 I have to caches on my ignore list that no matter what I do, I cant get them off the ignore list. Any ideas?
  20. Well, the current 30 cal auctions end in a few hours and Im hoping that a couple of smaller lots may become available so that those who still want cans can get some. I keep picturing what my garage would look like if I decide to grab an 800+ count auction and was unable to get rid of them.
  21. There is a current auction for 50 cal cans but its for 500+ of them and I dont think that I could get rid of that many of them.
  22. I havent looked at any 50 cal boxes. Not sure what they go for. The reason I was gonna chace another 30 cal auction is cuz I got lots of people who still need/want 30 cal cans. So, if anyone is looking for 50 cal cans. Let me know and Ill see whats happening as far as 50 cal can auctions. I could probably do both and pick them up at the same time. I just would hope that I could find 2 auctions for just the right amount of each. So, all y'all can hounds, if you want or need 50's lemme know so I can see what the needs are. Nick (ammo can man)
  23. Just wanted to bump this thread back up to the top. Wanted to see if anyone who hadnt grabbed ammo cans on the first auction may be interested in a second time around. So far, I appear to have preorders for another auction of almost 300 cans. If I can get some more orders, I will do another auction. I will not go into any auctions where the cans will cost you more than 3 dollars each. This last auction, the cans were in almost perfect codition. No rust. Out of 522 cans, there were about 4 that were damaged in any way. So, email me or post in here if you want cans and I will add your name to the list. Thanks Nick
  24. Im more than willing to set up another buy once the amount needed gets close to what an auction is for. So, for those of you who are just now learning of the availability of these, just let me know how many and I'll fill a list and when the list gets close to what an auction is for, I'll make the buy. Nick
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