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  1. And then theres slo pokes like me. First cache machine, Greys harbor--Lesson learned-- dont try to do it in one day. Cache machine #2-Vancouver--Lesson learned -- Dont try to do it in TWO days Cache machine #3--Yakima-- Going over on Thursday and Leaving Sunday! That way the weekend doesnt seem so rushed with Monday morning lurking!
  2. I dont want to change what it is Im sending to the VIsta. I was just wondering why there is a character length difference? As far as changing the Vista settings to the 0CSx settings. What settings in the GPS'r would I need to change If any to allow the displayed characters to be the same?
  3. Ok, I have had my 60CSx for a year and a half and Im used to how it displays the cache name and the waypoint ID after the name. The first letter of the cache name is capitalized and the rest are small letters. The Cache ID is Caps also. It appears as though the screen is allowing about 13 characters to be displayed. NOW comes the part where Im lost. I bought a Vista HCX for my wife and just got done loading the same bunch of caches onto her machine. It looks like there may be a 10 character limit as to what I can send. But the screen is wide enough to hold more Im sure. Since Im sending the exact same database to both machines, why arent they displaying the same thing? Its been so long since I set up the 60CSx that I dont remember if there were some changes I can make in the Vistas settings to allow more characters. or If thats jus the way it has to be.
  4. Berta and I are going to go over early Friday, taking our travel trailer and staying at Sun Tides RV Park. We've been there to check it out and its situatated on a Golf Course and is very nice. Its 4.8 miles from the starting point of the CM. Unless Travis changes the starting point. Its 26 dollars a night. Not too bad. End of March is usually when its time to get the cobwebs out of the RV anyway, right?
  5. I may be wrong here, but Ill give it shot. You can set the 60Scx to display the closest or to display them by name. If you load 500 waypoints into the unit, if its set to closest, you'll only see the first 50. If none of them are within a certain distance, and its a wys out there, then you wont see any. Are the caches/waypoints that you loaded close to where you are at the time you look at the unit? If so, then it may be something else. I do know that I have experienced the same issue a while back and was told what Im telling you. Click on the waypoint icon, if yo udont see a list of waypoints, click "menu" and click either find by name, or find closest. Only one of those two choices will show up depending on what the unit was set to. Hope this wasnt too confusing.
  6. Ok all, the auctions got too high for me. This is the third auction that Ive bid on in the past couple of months that the price got out of hand. The auction for 691 was at $1540 and I bowed out. The sales tax and 10% fee to the auction site brought it to over 1800 dollars. The next bid incriment was $70 more so after renting the trailer and gas, it would not be worth my time to go through with it. The auction for the 1193 was up to $2750 with addtional fees of over 500 bringing it to over 3200 dollars. once again the profit in it for me would not make it worth the time it takes to do this. If this trend continues on these cans, $3 a piece will not get us any cans. Im curious as to whether the cans are worth more to the people who want them. If people are only buying 10 or less, then paying $4 a can isnt that big of a deal and thats still alot cheaper than they can be gotten anywhere else. Ive read other threads about people looking for cans and going to surplus stores and finding rusty can, etc. So, for those of you who have shown an interest in cans. Let me know how you feel about paying $4 a can. If I see that that majority of you arent willing to go that high, then I'll only bid so high on future auctions. Im sorry we werent successful this time or the time before, but we'll keep trying. After I got home from work and had time I did some number crunching and came up with the following: 1-10 cans $4 11-25 cans $3.50 26 and up $3.25. That way the people who want huge amounts wouldnt get hit as hard on a larger purchase. P.S. all the time Im bidding, Im thinking " Yikes, spending 3200 on something that my take me forever to recoup my investment sure is nuts" But hey, we only live once.
  7. The auction for the ammo cans hasnt ended yet. So I dont know whether we are successful bidders or not. Also, I wouldnt have the time to retreive the cans before this weekend. As far as the condition. The last purchase I made, the cans were in almost new condition. Those who bought them last August were telling me that they were in excellant shape. My wife and I also go camping in Eastern Washington so if theres anyone on the sunny side of the state interested, Let me know. We also plan on doing the Yakima Cache Machine in March.
  8. The Etrex H is a serial port connection to the PC. I had issues trying to get a serial connection for my PDA, and bought one that was USB instead. Not sure I want to venture down that serial port issue road again. But thanks for the link to the GPSr. My PC doesnt have a serial port, (sigh)
  9. I use the autorouting feature on my 60CSx. Since my wife and I geocache together all the time, Having a unit that does the autorouting already makes me wonder if I need 2 of them that do it. I just want to get her a unit that will point her toward a cahce and how far away it is. Also, when I bought my City Navigator software last year, Version 8. And its only installe on my 60CSx, wouldnt I still have one unlock code left to use? Or did they grandfather the rule backwards to NOT allow this unlock code to be used.
  10. Im in Maple Valley. Im willing to bring some to events if that helps get them to people who need them.
  11. Im concidering bidding on a lot of 1193 30 cal ammo cans at Fort Lewis. Other than the people I e-mailed that had shown an interest in getting some cans. Does anyone else want any? I'll be asking $3 a piece for them.
  12. What exactly does autorouting do for caching?
  13. I have had my 60CSx for a year and a half and love it. My wife and I cache together all the time and she is showing an interest in having her own unit. All she wants is the ability that once we get out of the car, that she can see the arrow pointing in the direction of the cache and she wants to see the distance from the cache. Im sure that most units do this. I see where alot of them will let me laod some City Navigator files on them, limited by the memory they have also. Im trying to keep the price down on a second unit and havent looked at them all yet. Prefer to stay with Garmin. Any suggestions?
  14. I try to keep a list of found cahces on GSAK. Instead of manually moving them from a "new home" or any other database to a "found" database. Is there a query(s) that I can use to get all of my found caches in a GPX file. I know I can do it for the first 500 but after that, I either have to break it down geographically or some other way. I thought about doing it by using seperate difficult/terrain ratings, but that would create too many queries. Too bad the queries dont allow dates found by me. At least not that i can tell. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Interesting reading about the gal that disabled all of her caches. I was looking at the ones she has placed and she was very buzy. She places all 37 within about 5 weeks. The one that I looked at had 79 finds on it so she was getting alot of action on them. Who knows whats up.
  16. I was looking at Hotels near by and I saw that the Roadway Inn near the Westfield Mall has rooms for 59 a night and I think that may have included continental breakfast. Only a mile from the starting point.
  17. Yikes, Travis's Jan. Cache Machine is about to fall off the front page. Bump-de-bump-bump
  18. Ive had my 60CSX for about 16 months and it works flawlessly. But, I noticed something this past two weekends that I havent read anything about in here. What is happening, is that when I come indoors and turn my GPS on, Go to Calendar to see the caches I have found on any given date, after a few minutes, I will get a screen that says, in effect, GPS reception cant be established and it asks if I want keep working without GPS reception. This is understandable. But heres where it goes bad. It seems to me that in the past, if I got this message, I could highlight my choice and move on. NOW, as soon as that message comes up, ALL of the buttons on the unit become inoperable and I have to power cycle the GPS. Has anyone ever had this problem?
  19. Ammo Can Info Update: I had preorders for close to 500 30 cal cans and finally had to bow out when the bidding got too high. So, hopefully some more 30 cals will come along. Interesting sidenote though: An auction for close to 1700 50 cal cans ended up at about $1.25 per can. Personally, I think the 30's ar easier to hide but them 50's sure do hold alot more!
  20. First of all, Microsoft's operating sytems are installed on millions of computers which in a lot of cases are configured in ways that they have no idea how the end user sets their machines up. I started tinkering with computers before Microsoft even existed. Then I saw the OS's evolve from MS-DOS, Windows 3.0, 3.1 Windows 95, 98XP, and not Vista. I wont touch Vista until I find a NEED for it. I run XP and it works flawlessly for me. For MS to get blamed for building products that DONT have problems? Aint gonna happen. They are asked to build ONE product to work on thousands of different configurations and theres not any products so widely used that will work on every platform out there.
  21. The recent rains made for great photo ops of occasional slips and trips on Saturday as 6 of us made our journey through the swamp to see the relic before it is archived. After doing this cache, imagining it at night is something i am just too old and skiddish to do. Im sure a few well placed goblins would have me running for safety and landing on my behind in the muddiest spot possible. Im glad I was able to see this cache before it is taken away.
  22. cle_elum@cleelum.com Heres a link if anyone wants to send their thoughts to the chamber of commerce.
  23. If Officer Rogers wants to look for things to "pick up" Im sure theres plenty of litter along side the road. Maybe he didnt get the promotion he wanted or something. I guess he has no idea that Geocaching brings people to Cle Elum who might even spend some money while they are there.
  24. I have no problem taking the new logbooks to your caches. I looked and saw that you live in North Bend so it wont be too far out of your way to hook up with us.
  25. We will be meeting at McDonalds at 8AM. Lets pray for sun!!
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