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  1. Where can I find a list of challenges that are active in Washington State?
  2. Interesting,. I came here for help and I got a lesson on Grammar. Perhaps people don't WANT to learn their equipment to the extent that Mr. Atlas would prefer we learn it. After several posts following my initial query, I have seen 3 or 4 people say yea mine does that too but it doesn't bother me. I am still left to wonder if the updates to the software have any effect on the compass jitters. Oh well, maybe someone with better manners than me will ask the question nicely and I can learn from their attempt to get info, cuz I sure as heck didn't LOL
  3. This is a question....Who died and made Atlas Cached the moderator and god of the gps forums? I got an idea, when someone comes here and brings up something they'd like to do with their GPS to make the caching experience a bit more fun, why not just help them? If you don't understand what they are talking about, then you have a few choices. You can ignore the post or you can simply try to understand that they are trying to find out and then help them. Its pretty sad, Atlas Cached, I've been caching since 2006 and I try to buy newer and better equipment. However, I don't keep my units current with the latest and greatest updates. Why? Because I have learned by experience or by reading theses forums that sometimes newer isn't always better. Atlas, you came on the scene and since you have shown up, I hesitate to come here and ask a question do to the fact that you are a jerk But hey that's just my opinion. So, I will just take my newer GPS and use it like it is. Screw the updates.
  4. I don't feel like searching through 11 pages of posts so I'll just ask a question. When walking towards a cache (the last 100 or less feet) my compass is very jittery. it swings off center quite a bit both ways. The Software Version is 7.60 and the GPS software version is 2.80
  5. I didnt pay attention, I guess to what I was ordering. I thought I bought the 66s and when I opened the box it was the66ST. Which was 10 dollars cheaper than the 66S. When I opened the back of the unit, I expected to see some sort of cradle for the batteries which depresses the button. I have since forgotten the purpose of that button. So, its time to fire it up and see what I don't understand.
  6. So, my original thought process about the dreaded dance that has to be done with the 62S calibration has changed after reading the above conversation. As was pointed out, when starting my walk towards a cache, I knew and forgot, that the pointer is pointing towards some marked spot that the coordinates produced. I had just had experiences in the field where I would look down at the screen and the 'pointer' would be pointing completely away from where I knew the cache was located, or spinning around. I base my knowledge of where I think the cache is on a few things. First off, I use a Nuvi for navigation and when getting close to the cache, it will show the side of the road it is on. And I trust that 95%. Plus when my pointer goes goofy, I'll check my wifes 60CSx and it seems to do better at staying on point as long as we are moving. Now, it seems to me, but this is where I know after reading this that I am wrong, but it does seem to me that after I re-calibrate the pointer settles down and does what its supposed to do.
  7. So, I have been long time user of the Zagg screen protectors. Come to find out, they quit supporting some of the handheld GPS units. So, what has been the go to screen protector other than the Zagg product. Id prefer something with lifetime warranty. But if not that's ok too.
  8. I just like the idea of not having to swap out batteries and re-calibrating the compass. So, with any of the NiMH batteries, will the 66 series recharge those batteries with them in the GPS?
  9. Way back in this thread was a conversation about using Eneloop batteries. I also saw in this thread something about the battery pack that comes with the 66's having to be used to engage the charging function. Does the battery pack allow for swapping out the batteries as a pair?
  10. Its interesting over the years how, I found it so important to have city navigator on my 60CSx machines. Even on my 62S I bought it. When we go caching, I load the database on my Nuvi using GSAK. We navigate using the Nuvi, so now I have to kick myself for having spent money on City Navigator since we don't need or use it.
  11. I found the 66S for under 300 bucks and I am thinking about pulling the trigger on it.
  12. I'm just looking for an excuse to treat myself to a new GPS. And since I cant see as good as I used to, a bigger screen may be the ticket. Is the 66 series as hard to calibrate the compass with the 3 axis compasses the now use. Also, one thing I notices, just occasionally with my 62S is that the compass is sluggish compared to the 60 CSx when they are side by side. Even the distance to the cache is slower. I do realize that you have to be moving in order for these things to work properly.
  13. Eureka!! All this tiime, it was that simple YAY!! Thanks a ton!
  14. I have owned my 60CSx since 2006, my 62S for several years and now I would like to upgrade to a bigger screened unit. I read the first several pages of this thread just to get a feel for hwat people think. After that I went looking at the pricing on the thing. I bought the 62S because it has the caching information that is transferred to the unit when I use GSAK. I dislike the 62S for a few reasons, one being battery life the other being calibrating the compass. I did notice on a website that the 66S comes with preloaded geocaches? I hope that these can be deleted. On my old 60CSx I could delete geocaches 1 at a time, on my 62S I cant. What about this machine, can they be deleted singularly in the field? I only use handheld GPS's for geocaching. Would this be a good step up?
  15. I had not visited this thread for quite a while. Today we went caching. The process we use, is to load my 62S my wifes 60CSx and my Nuvi 57 with a database. As we find the caches, we delete them 1 at a time off of the Nuvi. I also know on the 60CSx, we can delete them one at a time. I would like to delete them one at a time on the 62S so that when going through the list the ones behind me don't keep showing up when I'm going the other direction. With the screen being small and my eyesight not so good, it would be nice if I didn't have to scroll though already visited caches. I tried to find what Atlas Cached said about the function/pages etc but was unable to locate it. Do any of the models since the 62 series was released have single cache delete options, battery life and a MUCH simpler compass calibration function. If the 62S calibrates on try first try, I'm estatic.
  16. The only reason I would like to delete caches 1 at a time is when I am in the field and I have 'x' amount of caches to find, and as I find them I delete them like I am able to do on the 60CSx. But I see where that isn't possible, Oh Well, at least it was worth a shot. Thanks
  17. I'm a long time 60CSx user but a few years go I decided to migrate to a machine that has the hints, logs etc. So, I bought the 62S. There are things about it that I HATE, such as the way the compass has to be calibrated. I get it right on the first try about 30% of the time. In the years that have passed since this machine was released, have any of the updates allowed us to delete one cache at a time? Or must we hook up the machine to a PC and open the GPX file to delete them?
  18. I went from a 60Csx to a 62S several yrs back. A few of my dislikes on the 62s is the battery life, even with a 2 min screen timeout. The calibrate compass is really a pain since it is 3 axis. I have not been keeping up with the releases until I was at REI today and saw the 66s. Any one who has had a 66 for a while, could you please comment on battery life and features that I may not have seen on the two units I have owned. Thanks
  19. I haven't run the My Finds query for 2 months. I tried to run it tonight and it isn't working. If I click the add button, it takes me to another screen that tells me about running pocket queries.
  20. Ok, I've been geocaching for 10 years now. Started with a 60CSx (still got it) . After using PDA's and other means of getting hints, past logs, etc in the field, I bought a 62S. I've had it for 2 years now and I don't like it for 2 main reasons. Battery life is terrible, and I have all the goodies not needed turned off. Screen times out in 1 minutes. Replacing the batteries isn't the worst thing, but re-calibrating the 3 -axis compass is a real pain. The 3rd axis has a success rate of about 30%. I've looked at the Oregon line, but REI wants 400 for the one I want. Which is a bit more than I wanna spend. Comments appreciated
  21. I would like to know if there is a setting that I can change so that when it is plugged in it will operate the samwe way it would when not plugged in. When ever I plug it in to my car, it assumes it is plugged into a computer.
  22. Just out of curiousity, I was looking at the maint logs on a few of the caches. On one in particular I had to scroll back 2 years before I could find where a person had marked it for maint. So, if the CO hasn't done anything to fix a cache that has a log that is so wet it cant be signed, should it be included on the machine?
  23. I would hope that this gets fixed sooner rather than later.
  24. I do not download caches on my ignore list. I just needed to know if there was a limit. When I run my home pocket query and I go out and look for caches, if the area isn't something I wish to visit, then they end up on my ignore list.
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