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  1. Well there goes my idea of hiding an ammo can inside an orca.


    That would be a traveling cache and they're already banned.

    Not if the orca was caged and tethered to the dock :mad:


    That would just stir up another splinter-group


    Bloody splitters!


    Now, would that be The People's Orca Liberation Front, or The Orca's Liberation People's Front? <_<


    Maybe it's The Popular People's Orca Liberation Front?? I have some lovely wrens' livers and badgers' spleens.



  2. My name is Johnny and below are my stats. I was introduced through survey. I helped to setup an artillary battery and we used those rotating survey heads and would enter the location data into a computer that gave us gun settings, deflection and azimuth. During Desert Storm someone in a Humvee would show up with a box about the size as a child-size shoebox and give me some numbers to write down.


    USMC 1989-1995


    F Battery, 2/14

    11 Marines, Desert Storm Veteran

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