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  1. Have a look at C:geo first of all it's free and it works very well plus with a work round you can down load cache info to your phone and it works off line too
  2. Deceangi, I remember something almost the same about 4 years you should have took a closer look at that back then when ask to do so by a friend of my who is also not here any more. I read this coming way back then Bu Nobody see it back then!!!
  3. Yes I am in the bottom end of the U.K. if you need an address just let me know and I will post it wanted to do the same myself 5 years ago.
  4. Roll back please! nuff said STB (sooner the better
  5. Hi, I new to forums so dont know how they work but have been told to put my Question here. well I cache with other members who have got higher find counts than I have and we want to search for caches that we as a group have not found it would be nice to set it as a PQ but Groundspeak told me see below to come here and ask you folk for help I use GSAK but it don't like mixed users and it screws up everybodys finds to boot so any one out there got an answer please Thanks Emporium "We do not have this functionality built into the site. However, it is likely there is a workaround out there. In most situations these types of questions are best answered in our discussion forums. Please post a new topic with your question there, and most likely someone from our extremely helpful community will be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks so much! Sara Community Manager"
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