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  1. I will put in my vote for a Gerber tool as well. I have owned a couple of leatherman tools over the years, and while they are great tools, I like the comfort of the Gerber Tool's pliers better. All of the tools open to the inside of the handle, so you have a nice smooth grip for those hard to open nanos, or other various repairs. The one I carry was the Super Contractor model if I remember correctly. i never leave home without it on my side.
  2. We where out on an emergency management survey assignment along the river one day preparing for a national canoe race. We decided while we where out and about that we would take a stab at a 5/5 geocache located along the river since we where in the area. Picking our way along the river we discovered a compound with a lot of strange holes dug into the ground, strange square boxes built up out of various tree branches, a large catapult built out of some pine trees, and lots of other strange things hanging from trees. We marked the location in the GPS and looked it up later in the county database, and the strangest part, turns out it was a church's property.
  3. we live over in Hesperia. I think you know Amy. the deater family www.deateronline.com
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