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  1. Thank you Markwell, for your good suggestion. However Lil Devil, I would like to set the record straight. I did read the tutorials and verified all my selections. The only criteria I put in the cache selection, was caches I haven't found and caches that were still active. I entered the number of caches I wanted and the number of miles radius from my home location. I selected the types of caches I wanted and the type of container. I filled all the fields in the form correctly. Like I said earlier, it is not mentioned anywhere that you must exit completely out of the pocket query form to start another query. My fault for not knowing that I suppose. So, yes the problem was on my end. Sorry for asking the question in the first place. I find it interesting that you have found mine to be the only complaint about PQ's and that complaints are only from cachers with only a few finds. I think the fact that you equate a new member to this hobby with a low number of finds as the source of all the complaints in these forums is genuinely dishonest. Before you make generalizations like these, perhaps you should think a little longer about it. nuff said...
  2. Ok, well I didn't know you had to exit completely out of the pq form. I'll try that. Thanks
  3. I filled out a pq and submitted it, then changed the name of it and the date range and submitted again. Did this for all of them.
  4. I don't quite understand what is going on with my pocket queries. According to the information on the pocket query page I can submit 5 searches per day. There are 6 pocket query searches that I wanted to perform. I filled out the query forms with the parameters I wanted. I put the first 5 on one day and put the 6th query on the following day. When I finished with the pocket queries I went back to my account to look at the queries and only the last one that I submitted was listed. What happened to the first 5? Also when I do a regular search based on my zip code and come up with a list of caches that I want to download. I "check all" and click on download. When the download box comes up, it only comes up with a .loc file. There is no option for a .gpx extension. Can someone tell me how to get the .gpx file? Thanks
  5. Yeah, it's my first gpsr, and I really like it. It seems quite easy to use and set up, seems to be very accurate and is just an overall good gpsr. Here is a link to the owners manual for the Garmin 60csx..... http://www.garmin.com/manuals/GPSMAP60CSx_OwnersManual.pdf Have a look.
  6. Well got the gpsr (60csx) early last week. Got it set up and loaded with over 450 cache waypoints. Got the Gsak, Ximage and cachemate all installed and working. Downloaded and installed all of the custom icons, thank you goes out to thepropers for putting out that great instruction page! Even went totally paperless on our first cache finding exploration. I must admit we had a TERRIFIC time! We found 4 out of 6 caches, so not too bad for our first time out. With hunting season upon us, everybody PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
  7. Using a pocket querie I received 452 caches withing 50 mi. of my location. I assigned icons to them in the "send waypoints" menus. I sent the waypoints to my gpsr and watched the progress indicatior as it went from 1 to 452 waypoints sent. However when I look at them in the gpsr I can only see 50? I must be doing something wrong but haven't a clue. I have set the maximum of waypoints to 1000 in the gps setup menu. They are not in the POI screen either. Guess I'm lost at this point as to how to see all 452. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  8. I'm appreciate all you guys have told me. It'll help me out alot. One thing I've noticed is that these forums are a great help, and everyone I've met so far has been great. Thanks guys!
  9. ok, I got it... so when the 1000 in internal memory are all taken up, and you want to save more of them as poi's on your card, do you just save them to a file and upload them or do you need to use gsak to upload them? I'm not quite clear yet as to how this all works together, as far as what software does what. I'm not talking about topo and city software, I'm talking about the gsak, ximage etc. Any help?
  10. The Garmin 60csx will hold 1000 waypoints in its memory. Why would you need to have any more than that? Don't you ever delete them when you're done with them? Sorry, but I just had to ask.
  11. Well it seems as with any other products, the Magellan and Garmin both have good points and not so good points. I'm sure each of them will get the job done. I'm brand new at this so I'm sure the Garmin will do just fine.
  12. What about the Topo maps for Garmin? Do you know if you do routing on them?
  13. Thanks alot Cache Heads, my mind is pretty much made up, you really helped me out. I appreciate it. Staufman
  14. The reception should be the same quality between the two units, shouldn't it?
  15. OK, I'm getting swayed towards the Garmin. Question for you though. As far as I can see the only real difference between the Garmin CX and the CSX is that the CSX has a digital compass and an altimeter. Are these things important to have or are they just pretty much eye candy? Are there other features that would justify the cost of the CSX? I hate to ask so many questions, but I would just like to start off on the right foot... Thanks
  16. Thanks JHWK, Yeah now that you mention it, I have heard nothing but horror stories about Maggies customer service. I will take into consideration what you've said and I do appreciate it. Could you tell me what software I need to do both road trips and caching? That way I can start searching for the best prices ahead of time. Thanks again,
  17. I found both the Mag. 600 and the XL for the same price. But I can't really see the benefit of one over the other except that the XL has a larger internal memory. The XL comes with 30mb and the 600 with 8mb. I'll be using a 2GB SD card with whichever one I decide on so is the internal memory size critical? From what I 've read about the Magellan units, the mapping software is somewhat more detailed than Garmin. I hope I'm correct on that. I've looked at the Garmin 60csx but it's a little more than what I wanted to pay, although if I had concrete reasons to put down the extra $90 or so I might go for the Garmin. I would be interested in hearing what you guys think. As you can probably tell, me and my wife are brand new to geo-caching, but we also are interested in using the gpsr on road trips and do caching along the way. Thanks for your opinions...
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