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  1. Nice site, nice people...I'm learnign a lot..just a few questions.


    I plan to use GPS with my nature photography to help me locate (and relocate) out of the way photographic opportunities I come across. I have much greater success locating hawks and such when I am off the "beaten path". Much of the terrain in the North East is heavy tree canopy, mostly deciduous stuff. Getting a signal is of most importance to me so I can create tracks and waypoints under "heavy cover", convenience is of secondary concern. I'm leaning toward the Garmin GPS 76S with an external antenna to help reception. Has anyone used this combination in the forests of the North East.


    Although the smaller e-trex type units are really compact, solid feeling, and convenient..for my purposes I feel one of the larger units with the "larger" quad antenna would better suit my purposes.

    Any help would be appreciated.




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