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  1. I am using the 60Cx and as a premium member I can download the gpx version of caches. I am relatvively new at this whole thing and I was wondering if there is a way to download the descriptions, logs etc into this unit. I though there was but I can't figure out how. I have just spent 2 hours figuring out how to download such info into my palm, but I think it is crazy having to carry two units when I paid big bucks for the GPS unit! Help! Can it be done, if so, how!
  2. Where do you get TB's in Canada. We just started (mind you my first two finds were in Iqaluit Nunavut and my first cache (pending) was in Pangnirtung, Nunavut...that must be some sort of record!) and we love it. I want to start a few TB's tho9ugh and the main site says no luck if you live outside the US.
  3. I just found one in the high arctic on Baffin Island and plan to cache near my place in Alberta....so at least one exists!
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