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  1. Virts have been gone for years, so I doubt that these two things are cause and effect. Also, it should be noted that they are working on a way to bring virts back, in some fashion. Be happy. Yes, of course, I know the timeline. However, I thought the reasoning behind not allowing virtuals was because they wanted geocachers searching for physical caches. So, are these souvenirs physical? It would be nice to have virtuals returned. We have a few and always have nice comments made on them.
  2. Granted, I haven't read enough about this new item to completely understand it, but my first thought is that it's lame. They stopped allowing well thought out virtuals that got you up and out and doing some actual searching and thinking for this? Too bad.
  3. Missed you at the Boo Bash today, Boga. Hope to see you out caching again soon!!
  4. Yeah, Boga, we had banners (although we didn't hang them) and cookies!! Just ask Doug if you don't believe me! You really do need to get out more.
  5. Well, this one took more effort than Boga's, but we're still not biting!!
  6. I considered the source and knew it was a JOKE!! You can't fool us.
  7. We did it! I'm calling them (Merced Irrigation District) in the morning. If all is well, the event will be published tomorrow. Barrett's Cove - the "L" loop is what we liked best. WOOHOO! I made my reservations! There are 9 spots left in L loop as of this moment (it's a small loop) and every site has hookups. FYI, the Swimming lagoon won't be filled until closer to memorial day, but there is a playground nearby also. Trysha, How'd you pick a spot? And what are the dates again, I've already forgotten! Thanks!
  8. Nice to "see" you, Brute! Welcome back. Maybe we'll see you at S'mores n Snores, huh??
  9. Wowie! I didn't know I was hanging with such a rabble-rouser!! It's pretty quiet around here today. Laundry, dishes, and housework. Letting the grrls in and out. Mr2fer went off with Photom and JPD to find some caches. Hope they have a great day!
  10. Oh, he just closed it, no problem. The issue is resolved, that was my goal, and there is still one thread going about it, so it's all good!
  11. OMG!!! I almost laughed myself right off the chair. Good one.
  12. Someone actually said something to YOU about violating policy???? I'm agog!!!!!!!! Is the yellow gone yet??
  13. Sorry, it double posted. And the yellow is STILL there. Poor Greg.
  14. Sorry, Wolf Grrl, there was no link. I'm too lame to know how to do that!! I just meant, go look this dude up. I'm glad the situation was successfully resolved. It was probably just some dippy prankster trying to see how long it would take him/her to be caught. Or someone with no life. Our Alaska cache was one of the first logged because they only had 22 caches at the time I got my notification. Then I watched the count climb to over 200 in a heartbeat. Cut and paste is pretty quick. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. (And I hope this makes the yellow go away, Greg!)
  15. Well, we deleted their find on our Alaska cache, too, but this seems like it should be stopped somehow.
  16. If you have any virtuals check this out because it seems fishy. Someone new today named The-Sledge is back logging oooogles of virtuals as we speak. Seems to be going alphabetical by state beginning with Alaska and now into Arizona.
  17. Seems fishy. Someone new today named The-Sledge is back logging oooogles of virtuals as we speak. Seems to be going alphabetical by state beginning with Alaska and now into Arizona.
  18. and me to the May b-day's May 3 WOW...BUNCHES of May birthday's! This is cool. Mr2fer must be turning a young 50! Oh yeah, that's it!!
  19. Mr2fer's a May baby, too, but he's a few years past 40. It ends in an 0 though!!
  20. Merry Christmas one and all! Hope Santa is good to you and you find all the caches you go for!
  21. Oh, mushy! Now we have another nickname for you............Cupid!!
  22. Since when do you need a limo license to drive a tractor???
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