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  1. Congratulations, and welcome! I love your photo page! One small suggestion about the thorn bushes: If you find yourself in that situation, there's probably another direction you can come from (unless the cache is rated 4/4 or something). Try a different trail or even think about a parking area on the opposite side from there. Sometimes the obvious approach is not the best approach. Cache you later!
  2. A couple of things come to mind: - crop your image if possible - save as jpg and go down to 90 or 95% quality You don't say what OS you are running. Most flavors of Windows have something like PhotoEditor or Imaging (or even Paint) included.
  3. My wife has a bunch of rubber stamps she uses for making cards and stationery. Has anyone tried stamping on shrink plastic? Seems like an easy thing to do if it works.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Lazyboy & Mitey Mite:The cache in question is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=2623 and over 40 people have found it. Why don't you just enjoy yourself instead of becoming chief of the anal police? In the past I have had moderators including Jeremy question me about a cache before it was approved. In this case it was just approved and it gets maintained. You don't need to know how do you? Actually, your cache is not the one to which I was referring. For one thing, read my whole post - I said "It has never been logged." Obviously yours has been logged by many happy cachers. As a matter of fact it's somewhere that probably sees much less tourism than Maui: Easter Island and while I admitted in my post that I don't know the details, I still think my guess that it's not maintained is a decent one - I guess I should have kept that to myself. Sorry But I brought the issue up because, like me, the person who placed it is a newbie who has found fewer than 5 caches and it appeared that the cache might not follow the conventions that I am starting to learn about the game (permission, maintenance, placed by an experienced cacher). I asked if there was something I should do. I've basically received 2 suggestions: forget about it or discretly email the cacher and the admins. I really didn't intend to cause a fuss - that's why I didn't mention the specific cache at first. I guess I should have thought more carefully about whether my post would offend before asking questions on the forum. Sorry again. Besides not trying to ask quietly and privately about something, I also seem to have made the mistake of questioning the system while I'm still only on the very edges of it. For that I sincerely apologize. I'll just try and enjoy and learn like people have suggested. And as to why I would care about it at all: being part of something, even as a beginner, I want to contribute to its positive reputation with non-participants, in part so that it doesn't get harder and harder to get permission to place caches in places. Apparantly I let my zeal for the game go too far. On a happier note: I tripped over the cache in question at Buxley'sIt is a really cool way to find and read about caches all over the world, whether or not you ever plan to visit them.
  5. I've noticed some caches left by tourists. I won't mention which, but one I saw was placed on an island by someone who, according to their profile, lives too far from the cache location to maintain it, and I doubt anyone lives close enough to take it over. It has never been logged. This worries me. How do these get past the admins? Does the geocacher "ethic" require that I report the cache in question, as part of self-policing the game? Should I send the placer an email reminding that we have a responsibility to maintain our caches? (I don't think they'd go back to get it). I certainly could be wrong - maybe this person flys there often to check on it - but it seems unlikely. Thoughts?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Smitherington:The Cube shows up on Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint map but I didn't find it with a zip code search either. He's right. Seems like Buxley's shows many that don't show up on searches here
  7. I've been to this cache many times over the years that I've lived here. What do you think? Should I log it, or do I have to make a special trip there to log it?
  8. quote:Originally posted by embra:You'll find immediate relief with Geoclipping, available for free at http://home.earthlink.net/~rschoolf/geocaching.htm link. This automates the process of moving information from the cache page into Notepad or the Palm Desktop memo applet. It's a great timesaver. I just downloaded this and it's pretty cool. It makes it very easy to D/L a cashe into my Handspring as a memo.
  9. quote:Originally posted by trippy1976:A new tampon might be a better comparison to a new condom. I think the condom/tampon comparison isn't very appropriate. Sure, both are items that many people get uncomfortable discussing. But, as far as I know, few if any people think that use of tampons is morally wrong, at least here in north america. However, plenty of people (many Catholics, for example) think that the (intended sexual) use of a condom is morally wrong. The potential danger of using a found condom aside, I think we as cachers should not leave items that are likely to be upsetting to so many people. Sure, someone might be offended by almost anything you could leave in a cache but I think the probability of condoms offending is high enough that we ought to skip them. If the 'cachers who want to leave unlubed condoms as a potential water vessel for survival scenarios, I suggest leaving a package of water treatment tablets instead. I guess that's another vote against condoms in caches.
  10. I recently downloaded the eTrex "advanced user's guide" (Garmin part # 190-00171-01 Rev. A). You can't get it from www.garmin.com, because this page: http://www.garmin.com/products/etrex/manual.html says "The eTrex Advanced User's Guide has been replaced by this(refering to Garmin part # 190-00205-00 Rev. new Owner's Manual." You can find it here: http://www.freshtracksmaps.com/garmin-etrex.htm OR http://groups.yahoo.com/group/etrex/files/ (click on "Etrex Documentation" and probably other places. Anyhow, the advanced manual explains the process better than the current manual, and even says, on page 7 no less, "NOTE: Changing the location when marking a waypoint is in effect creating a new waypoint at another location." I wonder why they revised this out of the Owner's Manual?
  11. Great, now I have 2 problems when I hide my first cache: 1. How am I going to lug the steamer trunk to the location? -and- 2. How am I going to camouflage it? Just kidding! I'll probably start with one of those semi-disposable Tupperware-type containers that Glad and others make.
  12. It's already been posted in the forums, but I don't know exactly where, so I'll just repeat it. First off, the instructions do a crummy job of this. Here's how: Start to mark a waypoint like you normally do, but don't hit OK. Instead, use the scroll buttons to get to the coordinates, then click the enter (bottom left) button to bring up the screen where you can change the coordinates. Changing the icon and the name of the waypoint works about the same way. I found my first cache thinking the yellow eTrex was lame because I could only GOTO points I'd already been to. LOL!
  13. quote:Originally posted by freelens/mosie:I see you haven't placed a cache yet. You should try it. I may place one sometime, but I've read it's a good idea to get some experience finding them first. In fact, I think there's a thread that mentions a 10:1 ratio. I'm going after my second cache tomorrow.
  14. I've only visited one cache so far, and I did a leave-something-and-take-something. But I'm thinking for subsequent cashes that I may do leave-something-and-take-nothing, unless there's really somthing I'd like to have. I have loads of potential cache-fodder at home that I never look at but can't seem to bring myself to throw away. Has anyone else considered geocaching as a means of emptying out drawers of "perfectly good" but useless (to me) stuff?
  15. I'm still a newbie, but it seems to me that at the very least, if a hider sees a sign that says that pets are prohibited, they ought to have the decency to put that in the cache description. OTOH, maybe we dog owners ought to start using the "Post a Note" feature to tag caches that we find which prohibit our furry friends.
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