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  1. You might get better responses in the South Africa forum or look at the South Africa map of caches or the list of South Africa caches.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Mr. 0:I guess there's an article on Geocaching in Discover magazine this month. quote:Originally posted by Metaphor:It's in the February 2002 issue and opens with a geocacher's (Ed Hall) story, then goes into new information transfer technologies based on geographic coordinates. Maybe February 2003? BTW - it will probably be available online here, although they only have through Dec '02 so far.
  3. Did you download the EasyGPS help program "Manual.exe" from the EasyGPS website? Do you have a PalmPilot or similar PDA? If so, you have to disable your hotsync software in order to talk to your GPSr. Is your GPSr turned on? Seriously - the first time I tried to connect mine to a computer, I couldn't make it work until I realized that it has to be turned on to connect (I was used to PalmPilots that would "wake up" when the connection was made). Another thing to check is the protocol setting in your GPS and EasyGPS. I think both default to "Garmin", but it's worth making sure. If all else fails, maybe you could find a cable wiring diagram and "buzz-out" the cable to check the connections. If you need help with this once you have the wiring diagram, let me know. http://www.mi-geocaching.org/
  4. When I'm getting close to a cache, I often find myself humming Flight of the Valkyries Was it in one of the Indiana Jones movies?
  5. An offset puzzle cache that had one or two likely wrong answers, it'd be great to have a clue in a "nope, not it" cache, especially if the wrong answer puts you quite a ways away from the cache. For example, if you somehow had an offset calculation based on "US State with largest land area", Texas would be a common wrong answer. A clue in the "not it" cache might be: "don't just think lower 48" to suggest the right answer (Alaska).
  6. Every cache page I look at says (just like welsh said): quote: For online maps...MapQuest Maps (BEST) Topo Zone - topographical maps (Site uses a different datum so coordinates may be off) Microsoft Terra Server - satellite photos Yahoo! Maps and when you click on "MapQuest Maps", it takes me to a MapQuest.com map. Not many cachers use mapblast because, like you said XMarksTheSpot, it doesn't accept lat/long anymore: see this thread and this one. Why doesn't UBB have or some other way to do underline???
  7. I've seen discussions of the first 2 here in the forums. The third one (custom hiking stick) looks interesting.
  8. Four emergency blankets, 2 whistles, a flashlight, a compass, and a PC cable for my yellow eTrex. Now I have to search the forums for info on software I can use.
  9. I've gone with one other person, 5 other people, and then by myself today. It's always been fun. But today, even though I was in a metropark, I only saw one other person. I was only ever about half a mile from the car and had my cellphone and a whistle, but I was still a little uncomfortable sometimes thinking about how long I'd be sitting on the cold ground if I did a serious mischief to my ankle. Guess it's 'cause I grew up in the 'burbs.
  10. quote:Originally posted by welch:... you hid it in a Building!? Which is almost NEVER a good idea. Intersting: when I read"...on the top floor of one of the parking decks" the worst I took this to mean was: "on top of a building with public access". What do people think about hiding a cache on top of a parking deck?
  11. If you drop a GPS, it falls out of orbit and is useless for getting a signal.
  12. otterbox.com Don't forget, they have a "lifetime guarantee"! Looks pretty cool.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Liberto:Isn't the rule take something leave something? He was taking a leak. And he was *leaving* something too
  14. quote:Originally posted by OblongFred:They kept telling me it was for their safety, though. Who knows, maybe the next person they don't cuff and doing somthing similar might have a gun and doesn't like the police. That's got to be the key. I think we're all having a hard time figuring out exactly what the police perceived you to be doing that suggested to them that you might be a threat.
  15. quote:Originally posted by dogsoldier:-Pocketknife, for safety reasons....in the rare situation in which I run into a mountain lion. I'm not sure a closed pocketknife inside a backpack would be much protection from a mountain lion. From what others here have said, bells and talking out loud are good "pre-defenses" against predators. If you really are concerned beyond that, I'd add the following: -bear spray cliped to belt -a bowie-type knife in a belt, neck, ankle, or boot sheath -Flare Gun (Just kidding!) -a licensed handgun in an easy-to-draw holster Any serious woodsmen/women care to comment?
  16. With the amount of memoty PDAs have these days, you can carry an entire Army Survival Manual and still have plenty of room. BTW, PalmGear lists 81 files related to GPS for PalmOS users.
  17. quote:Originally posted by Greenback:Wow, I'm glad my recent run-in with the Westmont Illinois police didn't go that far. All I did was pull into a parking lot for five minutes, then pull out and leave, they felt it appropriate to pull me over for that. What would they have done if I had gotten out of the car with a plastic bag. Where was the parking lot? And did they tell you why they stopped you?
  18. There's a whole page of suggested logos here (I don't know who put them all up, but whoever you are, thanks!) Of them, I think Gustaf #2 or Team Bohica #1 may be well suited to wooden nickels. One thing to notice though: this thread has a discussion about how the term "geocaching" is a trademark, suject to legal protection. Perhaps one of the logos that doesn't use the word, like Leatherman #1, would be best.
  19. So I run over to Amazon.com and check my goldbox. Item 1: Pans Item 2: Garmin Rino 120 Waterproof GPS/FRS/GMRS for $209.99 - A good deal, but not like the two-fer glynnfam got It also looks like they have a deal for everybody which is $399.98 for a 110 plus a 120. [This message was edited by hoovman on December 13, 2002 at 11:56 AM.]
  20. quote:Originally posted by glynnfam:It showed up in my Amazon Goldbox for $200 (2) and I couldn't resist. Was this a "good" impulse buy? Or will they sit in the closet and gather dust? There's usually pots and pans or baby toys in my box and I have no use for either! It was a great impulse buy. If you don't use them, sell 'em on eBay! (And if you don't want to bother, I'd probably give you $200 for them and sell them myself! )
  21. quote:Originally posted by hbrx: quote:...most westerly point of Europe - "Cabo da Roca" in Portugal; Mainland Europe at least Both Ireland and definitly Iceland is 'westernmore' than Portugal. Exercise; Find iceland on a world map. Find the westernmost point, and head South. Where do you hit land again? quote:Originally posted by bitbrain:You may hit a rock in the eastern Azores or Cape Verde Islands, but most likely it'll be Antarctica before you hit land. I learn such cool things on this site!
  22. quote:Originally posted by Morseman:Near to where I work is a cache into which someone has placed a Cigarette lighter. And, the cache is in a wood... I did think of removing it, but decided it wasn't up to me to police what someone else puts into a cache that doesn't belong to me. I still worry about what might happen in a dry summer should something happen to that lighter though. You could always trade for the lighter. Then there's no worry, and you don't have to feel like a policeman
  23. I found this one with only the printout and logged it. Keep in mind, benchmarks were meant to be used, and therefor not hidden. Sure, sometimes they are old enough that things have changed around them and they're hard to find but I could have almost found this one blindfolded: 75 ft SE of SE corner of tennis court, in the middle of a lawn. Log away, I say!
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