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  1. I think if people who feel compelled to place condoms would think about whether anyone would use it they might not place them.


    I mean, who in their right mind would think: "Oh look, a condom that has been sitting outside for an unknown amount of time and visited by an unknown number of people that I don't know. I'll take it and trust it with my life, my partner's life and the potential of an unplanned pregnacy."


    If you read the box, it says something along the lines of extended exposure to heat can weaken condoms.


    They're not that expensive people! And if you can drive or walk to a cache, there's a good chance you can get to a clinic that gives free condoms.


    -- end of rant --


    But to be on topic, I agree with The 4 Childs: logging what you leave is a good general practice, condom or not! Perhaps another good practice (I've seen some hiders do this) would be to list what the initial contents are on the cache page.



  2. If you place a cache container (even a micro), don't include a log, and ask for people to email you a code, you are pretty much announcing that you don't intend on checking on your cache, and that you only plan to perform maintenance on it if someone emails you that it needs repair.


    Otherwise, why not have the log, since you'll be going out to check on your cache once in a while anyway?



  3. I wwent to Garmin.com and the links were to "Geco 101/102", so I thought you had made a mistake. But clicking on "102", takes you to http://www.garmin.com/products/geko201/ which shows it as "201". The first page appears to be a typo!


    You didn't say if you wanted to buy new or used. But if you want a new one, Garmin's dealer locator says you can get Garmin products from this place in Finland:


    NavCor OY

    Seisaketie 3a

    Muijala 08680

    Phone: 358 19 33201

    Fax: 358 19 332 0300


    I hope this helps.



  4. The manufacturer's instruction to hold your GPSr in a particular way (my yellow eTrex says hold it with the screen up) tells you the best orientation for the antenna. As long as you're getting sufficient signal, it doesn't matter how you're carrying it.


    If you find yourself in deep tree cover getting bad reception, try holding it upright.



  5. I don't know much about oscillators either. It strikes me as one of those: "If you don't know, you don't need one" situations.


    Maybe the guy selling these could tell you what they are for. (If he does, tell me what he says!)



  6. Once we had to climb over a waist-high downed tree (it was across the path and either side was deep thicket). I went over first, and to my surprise, before my wife could bend over to pick him up and hand him to me, Oscar jumped up onto the trunk! He's 8 lbs, and the size of a cat!


    He loves going with us, but boy is he dirty when we get back to the car! Good thing for the blankets I keep in the trunk!



  7. [word_geek_mode]

    Originally posted by Coupar-Angus:

    ...if you do use it on the plane I would be discrete about it. Don't hold it to the window and exclaim for all to hear, "Hey, we're only 1,439km away!!"...


    Originally posted by The Big Kid:

    Looking at what Coupar Angus said, I don't know about being discrete ...


    I was going to use a dictionary definition to illustrate that the point Coupar-Angus was making is not to hide the GPSr, but to use reasonable judgement and not make a big production out of it.


    So I looked up discrete (in 2 dictionaries!) and got only this definition:

    Main Entry: dis·crete

    Pronunciation: dis-'krEt, 'dis-"

    Function: adjective

    1 : constituting a separate entity : individually distinct

    2 a : consisting of distinct or unconnected elements : NONCONTINUOUS

    b : taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values

    HUH? icon_confused.gif

    Then I looked up discretion and got the noun version of discreet. Aha! Mystery solved! We may or may not be discreet about out GPSrs, but we are all discrete. icon_smile.gif



    Seriously, though: you can get away with a lot in the world if you carry yourself in a confident manner. If you use your GPSr in-flight as though it's a perfectly OK thing to do, the worst reaction you're likely to get will start with: "Excuse me sir..."



  8. quote:
    Originally posted by Jeremy Irish:


    We need a 2/3 majority vote to create a moratorium on locationless caches.


    Jeremy, why is 2/3 needed? If this is your site, can't you be unilateral?


    What qualifies a person to vote? Charter membership? What prevents a person from creating a bunch of logins and voting under each one?


    FWIW, I also think locationless should be a separate section. I voted to suspend, hoping that the suspension would move the site towards having a separate locationless section.



  9. On the one hand, they are 1/2 inch shorter than the yellow eTrex and 2 ounces lighter, so they would be nice as a backup unit, say for non-geocachers like hikers and backpackers.


    On the other hand, they take AAA batteries (not AA) so the battery life will be shorter and they have games - a definite flag that they are meant for children. (Any serious geocacher who is into games would use a laptop for mapping and play games on it icon_smile.gif )



  10. If you do it, ask cachers to email you ASAP if they leave a contribution. If a muggle finds it before you do, there's a chance the contribution won't be there when you arrive.


    Also, in the cache description, you could list the hospital name and CCS and suggest people leave their contribution as a check made out to their choice - might be a little more secure.



  11. My last name's Hoover. I needed an avatar, so I did a web search. I found lots of sweepers, but when I found a supposed bigfoot with a Hoover sweeper, I knew I'd found my avatar.


    The sad thing is, I can't find the website anymore. All I remember is that it was a Texas site about bigfoot sightings.



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