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  1. Justin, Could you improve the Unsubscribe message in a "Topic Subscription Reply Notification"? Currently, the end of a "Topic Subscription Reply Notification" message is: Actually, to unsubscribe, you have to: log into the forum click "My Controls" Click "View Topics" or "View Forums" (both under "Subscriptions") Maybe it's not a big deal, but every time I want to unsubscribe from something, I have to re-discover where to do it. Thanks, Jeff
  2. True enough, but then not all caches are actually in good hiding places.
  3. I'm sure there are cachers with way more finds than me, but I've got all of my finds on a yellow eTrex.
  4. In 2002, my November birthday was approaching and my father asked me what I'd like as a present. I don't recall what other ideas I gave him, but since I had heard about geocaching, I mentioned a yellow eTrex. This way, if I didn't enjoy geocaching (what was I thinking?) I wouldn't be out any cash, and I could unload the gpsr on eBay. I went for 4 caches in Nov/Dec that year and 4 in each of the next 2 years. It wasn't until this year that I started taking geocaching more seriously, going after 2-3 every weekend and caching when I was out of town on a trip.
  5. For you who are just learning to appreciate such cool marbles, check out: http://www.glassartists.org/Gct1_Glass_Marbles.asp And Jim Bob, if you don't already have a free page there where you post pictures of your work, you might want to!
  6. I'll believe our country is more tolerant for Islam than Christianity when our money says: "In Allah We Trust".
  7. I once found some nicotine gum marked "keep away from children".
  8. Great marbles! Ever consider making ones that say geocache in them so you could *sell* them? I bet cachers would buy them. Oh, and if you want someone to hide a cache of your marbles in another state like, say, Michigan, let me know!
  9. But I thought I wasn't supposed to put beer in a cache!
  10. I'm not christian either, and I think that's a great cache item. As previous posters have said, it's important not to put religous materials that preach into caches but that's not what you're doing. The cross doesn't say: "Repent, Jesus died for your sins!" on it. It's an example of a regional form of arts and crafts. A religous person might take it, but so might someone who has an interest in religous symbols of all religons, or someone who likes pottery.
  11. What about this scenario: You start after a cache and have to abandon your attempt before you can give your best effort at finding it. Maybe the child you brought along has a temper tantrum, or it's getting dark and you turn on your flashlight only to find the batteries are dead, or the park is about to close, or a fluke storm on a sunny day soaks you to the bone. Whatever the reason, it's a much a case of Did Not Search as much as it is Did Not Find. I've seen three main camps of what DNF means to people: Got at least as far as the parking coords and went home without finding it. Got to the coords and searched, but Could Not Find I give up - I've tried and tried and I'm calling it quits for good on this one. In my opinion, any time you get as far as the parking coords, you should log something. To me, it's up for interpretation as to whether an aborted attempt should be a Note or a DNF. I tend to think it should be a Note, as it tells the owner/watchers/log-readers that I made an attempt but there was nothing about the cache that stopped me from finding it and it's less likely to be confused by potential seekers as the cache possibly being missing.
  12. I couldn't disagree with you more. By your logic, we should all throw our GPSrs in the trash because someone might think we are up to no good while we are wandering about. Further, I think the actions of the authorities in this case prove your premise wrong. It seems clear that they never got wiggy. They were cautious, sure. But they were open-minded and allowed the box to be identified. In fact, I doubt very much that there even would have been an issue if the GC label was showing. If anything, this article only goes to show the importance of labeling your caches and returning caches as you found them. Activating a bomb squad, even if they don't have to recover or detonate something, isn't free. I think as stewards of our activity, we ought to consider the probability of costing taxpayers money as a result of our hides. It wouldn't take too many "appropriately handled" incidents like this one before some stuffed-shirt city councilman starts trying to pass local ordinances to restrict or ban our beloved passtime. When thinking about likely outcomes, a tupperware near/under a bridge has a *much* lower probability of a bomb squad call than does an ammo can. Labels on both sides would be a good thing to lower probability too.
  13. I am not questioning Keystone's action on the "misrepresented" cache. Sounds like totally the right thing. Also, I am not "judging" any geocaching site. I simply wish the reviewer on this one would have been a little more practical. Sure, this old bridge isn't on a terrorist's list of targets - I'll grant that. But as long as we're talking about practical matters, law enforcement agents are more likely to see ammo cans near/under any type of navigable bridge as a possible threat, whether it's a likely threat or not. I just think any ammo can near or under a bridge of any type is a "bad bet". Perhaps it's a "legitimate" place for a cache. I guess it's a question of how preventative hiders/reviewers choose to be. Fact is that muggles get wiggy about ammo cans, but there seems to be consensus that ammo cans by themselves are OK. Fact is that muggles get wiggy about stuff hidden near/under bridges. Combine these two facts and the situation reported in the article is bound to happen sometimes. I mean, is it asking the hider to make such a sacrifice if a reviewer ask them to either: change it from an ammo can if it's near a bridge? put it a good distance from a bridge? Aren't we just talking about common sense here? SIDE NOTE: The fact alone that it was hidden "near" as two of you pointed out doesn't make it automatically acceptable as you would suggest, since the word is used directly in the guidelines.
  14. I don't think that applies. See this comment in the other pee thread.
  15. What comes to mind is: Was this a dropped ball on the part of the reviewer? From the cache listing: I mean, shouldn't this have been modified before activation so as to be clear of the bridge, to avoid just the type of trouble that resulted?
  16. Done. Everyone interested please see this thread for technical issues related to deleloping GPX applications.
  17. In this thread Jeremy suggested we start a new thread for technical issues related to programming GPX apps. Here goes. My questions: What's the sandbox? Is it ready for use? How do we use it? Is there documentation for the Groundspeak extension to GPX? What are some good links for GPX software development? What are some open source projects related to GPX? Anybody have answers? More questions?
  18. I see. Thanks. Is there anywhere that the Groundspeak "extension" to the generic .GPX format is documented?
  19. What are you using? Do you know what the "sandbox" is?
  20. One common rule of thumb is: "Trade even or trade up." So if I had a sig card, I would take nothing and leave it, or do a trade *and* leave a card. Also, take a look at the log pages of the caches in your area. It may not tell you what's "right", but it will give you an idea of what others are doing.
  21. You can also print decent maps from the website. Maps and compasses become much more important when you go far enough out that you could be in real danger if you get lost.
  22. hoovman

    Frs Radios

    My buddy Viscouse and I, and our wives, recently went on a mushrooming weekend. We had to take two cars and we hunted virtuals on the way to and from the place we were staying. He brought FRSs and we had one in each car. It was the best! Instead of thinking: "What is he doing???", it was: "Uh, I think that was our exit - how do you feel about turning around?" And it was nicer staying in touch on the radios while hunting than having to shout. And we chatted and kidded around. It made the 4 hour drive much more enjoyable. I plan to get a pair with GMRS for when I'm geocaching solo outside cell phone range. Some of the more powerful ones have a 12 mile (ideal) range.
  23. My wife and I had to pose at this one. It's at the junction of two trails in an art park.
  24. PLEASE don't start that war here. At the very least, take it to the off-topic forum!
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