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  1. Hi all, I have been requested to disable one of my caches that i have had as unavailable for a few months now and was wondering how i go about it ? Is it just a case of archiving the cache on the cache page ? Any help greatly received. Cheers DGC808
  2. Hi all, Just dug out my PPC today (to start this years caching) and started to download a new pocket query and load the GPX Loc file on to Cachemate on my PPC. Its been a while since i have done this and got to part where i create my GPX file for Cachemate but cant for the life of me remember how to drop the (GC) at the start of the cache waypoint. I have managed to do it for the export of the waypoints to my Etrex, but im struggling on doing it for Cachemate. I know its something to do with (%Drop2) but not sure when and where to put it. Any help greatly received ! Cheers DGC808
  3. Hi all, I have not been on the Ukgeochat site for a few weeks and i am having trouble accesing the pages/pub ! Has the link changed ? Cheers DGC808
  4. Hi all, I have tried twice today to get onto GeoCaching Uk Chat and i have had no luck. Is the site offline or have they changed the login etc and maybe i was not aware of it ? Cheers DGC808(Still Not Bought A New Car)
  5. Hi all, I just recently got a pda for Tomtom, Memory map, etc, and i am currently using a Navman 3400 Gpsr sleeve to go onto my PDA this has its own windscreen holder. But i am going to sell the Navman 3400 jacket including the windscreen holder, lighter socket adaptor and software. I will then be looking to buy a new windscreen / air vent holder for my PDA. Can anyone recomend a good holder ? I have seen lots on ebay but would like some feed back from anyone who uses a one currently. Cheers DGC808
  6. Hi there , Thanks for that ! That was so easy why did i not try that (D'oh), now i can cross refference between my Memory Map on my Pc and PPC ! Cheers DGC808
  7. Hi all, I have been using memory map for a while now and have just recently installed it onto my PPC ! And have noticed that if i place a mark or route on the PPC memory map. Then click on the properties of the mark i can see the co-ordinates eg (54deg 58.521'N, 1deg28.438W) But when i move the arrow around a map on Memory map on my PC i see the following eg (NZ 14475 74415) and not co-ords. Can some one please tell me how to change the settings so i can see the co-ords ? Ps ! If i change the settings all the caches that i have transfered fro GSAK to Memory map disappear ! Need the map with co-ords and caches ! Cheers DGC808
  8. Yes ! I have finally done it ! Got Tomtom Navigator 5 to run on my Compaq Ipaq H3760 Pocket PC using a Dual cable to connect my Garmin Etrex (Yellow) to my PPC. I connected the Etrex to the PPC and placed the Etrex on the windowsill in my living room and within 1 minute i had Tomtom Navigator 5 running INDOORS ! This is the cable i have bought, you may have to ask for an alternative adaptor for your particular Pocket Pc if you wish to purchase one, see the links below. http://gpsbitz.co.uk/gpsbitz_store/view_pr...p?product=CAB10 ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ADAPTORS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE JUST ASK FOR THE CORRECT ONE FOR YOUR POCKET PC (PLEASE STATE THE IPAQ_ADAPT NUMBER WHEN ORDERING) http://gpsbitz.co.uk/gpsbitz_store/view_pr...ct=IPAQ12_ADAPT http://gpsbitz.co.uk/gpsbitz_store/view_pr...ct=IPAQ12_ADAPT I just wish i had asked this question a couple of months ago before i bought a (Navman 3400 Sleeve) as the above setup is far superior to the Navman. I must give a BIG THANKYOU TO MATRIX FOR PROVIDING THE LINKS TO (GPSBITZ) IN THE 1ST PLACE If anyone needs any help or advice with setting up the above setup just get in touch. PS! Now i can just click on a Geocache on Tomtom (POI's) and it will take me there ! I LOVE GEOCACHING ME Cheers DGC808
  9. Hi Leanbeanmachine, Where abouts in North Northumberland are you ? I live in Newcastle and would be happy to give you any hints or tips on geocaching, i have only been caching for about 3 or 4 months but i have found 49 and placed 9 of my own caches and i am totally hooked ! Just drop me an email if you need any advice etc ! Cheers DGC808
  10. Hi there, Thanks for that worked a treat ! still trying to get to grips with CacheMate on the PPC ! way better than printing loads of sheets of A4 any day. Cheers DGC808
  11. Hi all, I have just been out today (1st time paperless) and found 2 cache's, but i am not sure how to change the 2 cache's to (Found) on CacheMate on my Pocket PC. I have a list of caches in my area and there are the ones i have not looked for yet and the ones i have found are ticked green, but those were loaded from GSAK. How do i change the 2 i have found today to found in CacheMate ? Cheers DGC808
  12. Hi all, I am in the process of trying to get Tomtom Navigator 5 running on my pocket pc, to get to cache area's. I was just wondering if anyone else uses Tomtom in this way and if the have a Favourite Tomtom (Celebrity) voice that they use on their Tomtom ? Not exactly a geocaching topic i know ! But what the heck ! Cheers DGC808
  13. Hi Guys, Sorry NightPilot, it was Matrix that provided the links, thanks Matrix, my post before this was meant for you and not NightPilot. Cheers DGC808
  14. Hi NightPilot, Thanks again for the reply and the link ! But i have already looked at and tried the information in the link you supplied (The Navman driver link does not work anymore), got the driver from else where and i only got the Tomtom to find satellites for 5 mins like i said earlier and none since. Hence trying the Yellow etrex option. Cheers DGC808 Hi DG Have a read of this http://www.totalpda.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=4449 or read this quote from the thread And see if that works
  15. Hi NightPilot, Thanks for that M8 ! I will let you know how i get on in due course. Cheers DGC808
  16. Hi Matrix, I have tried the Navman 3400 Jacket about 4 times and i have only had gps coverage once for about five mins. Then it it went off, i have since read that the Navman 3400 is not as good as i thought it was going to be (with TomTom software)! It works fine with the SmartST version 1.91 software i got with it but the maps are a bit out of date and you can not add your own POI's (for caches) like you can on Tomtom Navigator 5. Cheers DGC808
  17. Hi guys, Thanks for the quick replies, i have just orderded a CAB10 cable and adaptor to connect my Yellow Etrex to my PPC from (gpsbitz.co.uk) a big thanks to Matrix for the links. Hoping to get it maybe early next week, got the Tomtom Navigator 5 software already installed on my PPC with all my local caches stored as POI's. So i can not wait to get put there and be totally Paper Free and all SatNavd up Ps ! Has anyone actually got this setup working already as i would like to know what settings to use at the Garman Yellow Etrex end of things ? Cheers DGC808
  18. Hi all, I have recentley spent a bit of my hard earned cash on a pocket pc mainly for paperless caching. But then heard it was possible to use SatNav software on my PPC for caching purposes eg (Tomtom Navigator 5) with (Memory Map POI's) so i bought a Navman 3400 Sleeve to use with my PPC, but unfortunately i can not get this to work with the Tomtom software on my PPC. So i was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to some how connect a (Garmin Yellow ETREX GPSr) via some sort of cable to a PPC and use the Etrex instead of forking out yet more cash on a wired GPSr ? Cheers DGC808
  19. Hi all, I have finally got my Pocket Pc runing Memory Map, CacheMate and SatNav, software so i can go paperless caching . But i would like to be able to click on a cache on Memory Map and have the cache info page displayed in CacheMate. If i click on a cache in Memroy Map when my PPC is connected to my PC it connects to WWW.Geocaching.com and displays the cache page. Which is all well and good if your at home but if i am out in the field i would like to be able to click on the cache and have Cachemate load the cache page on my PPC. Is there any way that i can have all the cache's in Memroy Map linked to CacheMate and be able to get the cache info page with a simple click ? Ps. I can do each cache individually but that would take for ever. Any help greatly received Cheers DGC808
  20. Thanks for that link Stora ! Tried the CacheMate-1.2.0 and it works fine . At last i am totally paper free got (Memory Map, CacheMate, Etrex GPSr, Satnav) so watch out Cache's here i come ! Cheers DGC808 The link to download Cachemate 1.2.0 can be found on this page.
  21. Hi, I tried uninstalling the cachemate i had on my pda and then re-installed it but with no luck. Could you point me in the direction of the 1.2.0 version as i can not seem to find it on the Smitty website or else where. Cheers DGC8
  22. Hi all, Just got a Pocket PC a few weeks ago and had CacheMate running on it last week (Just the trial version). Since then i have been trying to get satnav software running on it (which finally i have) so then i bought the full version of CacheMate but when i install it on my Pocket PC it will not run ! I get the little cursor flash up on the screen when the pocket pc runs programs but the CacheMate program will not run. Any help greatly received. Cheers DGC808
  23. Hi all, I have just recently bought a Compaq Ipaq Pocket Pc to do paperless caching, i have got the usual installed in it (CacheMate, Memory Map v5) and i have been trying for a couple of days now to get Tomtom Navigator 5 to run on it. I have finally got the software running on it BUT ! I am wanting to use a (Navman 3400 GPSr Jacket) as my Pocket Pc is not bluetooth. But when setting up the GPSr side of things it ask's if i am using NMEA cable this is the only none (Tomtom/bluetooth) option. It then lists Navman GPSr in the list of hardware so i chose that option, but i can not get a signal from any satelites. So i want to know if it is possible to use the Navman 3400 GPSr Jacket and Tomtom software together without the need for a external antenna. Ay help greatly received. Cheers DGC808
  24. Hi PopUpPirate, I tried what you have suggested and it says it will take 7 hours to transfer the current map to Memory Map on my Pocket Pc (Surely this cant be right) ? Cheers DGC808
  25. Hi All, I have just purchased a Pocket Pc and i am in the process of trying to get memory map installed and trying to load some maps of my local area for Geocaching purposes (wanting to go paperless). Manged to install Memory Map OS version 5 onto my Pocket Pc but not sure how to transfer maps to the Pocket pc ? Would like to get a map with all the caches in my area ! Any help greatly received. Cheers DGC808
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