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  1. Sure would like to know more about this, would it be a fun thing to take kids to do? Anyone who has been out and done this (besides from a chair)

    can you let me know what you thought?

    Thanks in advance! Alicia

  2. How was the Capri Inn? We were so sad we couldn't get time off over the weekend we are going to do some of this a few days late. Any we should skip? Thanks for the work of setting these up hope to make the next ...



    of team Kurdogso

  3. Ours came in todays mail and I am thrilled with it! Wonderful detail. I love the doggies so much that it carries right over to those Canine Coins! Thanks for sharing!


    Alicia in WA

  4. I Love love love these coins. I have been resisting mightily buying coins right now but I really really want one! Can't make the geobash, if you have one you could sell please contact me.

    Gosh I love those big handsome dogs, the photos have been so much fun!


    Alicia in WA

    and or course Pepper and Tucker my geodogfurkids

  5. The upgrade coupon says that you need to include your retail store receipt. I bought from Amazon, is the print out going to work? I did not save the paperwork that came in the Amazon box so I would have to print it from their site. What do y'all think? :laughing:

    Yes, that question has been asked in the DeLorme forum.

    Just log into your Amazon account, look up your past purchases and download the info, 10-4?

    With DeLorme, one will not need an notarized form, attached to a memo on some lawyer's letterhead and delivered by certified letter, roger that?


    I have had a price spider looking for the PN 40 for a while and ordered the $269 one. With ONE DAY of caching I am really liking it!! So where is the delorme forum? and where can I get help with using GSAK with it? Is that possible?


    Thanks! Alicia

  6. Mission Possible is complete! We hope you all had a great time and we really hope we'll see you all on Saturday for Spring Fling... yes, we are gluttons for punishment!


    In the Lost and Found department we have just one item. A pair of tongs that I believe were with the cheese wrapped grapes. Let me know if they belong to you and we'll arrange to get them back to you.


    Thanks everyone for coming and a big thank you to my expert crew of spies who put it all together for you.


    We had a WONDERFUL TIME!!

    If the tongs are smallish with spikey hand looking ends I think they are ours. We will be at the Fling Saturday and can use them again with the next plate of goodies! Thank you so much for all you do!



  7. We are so happy to hear your package made it to Maine, we were starting to worry.


    We enjoyed picking out things to send your way and hope you had a very Happy Birthday!


    Your friends in Washington

    Alicia (& Bob) Kurdogso


    PS No whales were harmed in the making of a canned whale


    Adult Mission -Ralph

    Birthday Mission Email Sent: Yes on 2/4

    Birthday Mission Name Received: Yes on 2/20

    Birthday Mission Sent: Sent it today, 2/25

    Birthday Mission Received: Yes and WOW! Definitley worth the wait. A Code three geocoin and a beach cachoids. An Appalachian Maine pin, A pen with Mount St. Helen's ash, a canned whale, Mount Rainier animal cookies, a happy birthday flashing magnet, slug sucker, post cards for Tacoma and Mount Rainier, a card and candy. Thank you so much Kurdogso. You made my birthday so special.



  8. Birthday mission email sent: Feb 7 09

    Birthday mission name received: Feb 25

    Birthday mission sent: TODAY 3/4/09 I am afraid it might be just a bit late we were waiting on a coin

    Birthday mission received: Monday 3/2/09 will post pictures when opened THANK YOU!!


    That was Fun :)


    Alicia & Bob

    Team Kurdogso :D

  9. Gosh I have loved this cointest! I enjoyed looking at each and every beautiful dog (and their owners). Thanks for doing this. I keep meaning to take a new picture but haven't found the time it still gets dark just too early after work. So I am linking to our avatar and hopefull it will show big enough to actually see us.

    Hubby Bob, me

    Furkids Pepper who is 11 and Tucker who is 2 who get extremely excited when the see the geobag out!



  10. I agree you should continue to discover them at events. It is really hard for those

    of us new to geocaching to "figure out" coins and bugs. So many people have

    differing ideas of what they want for their stuff. Personally I enjoy every discovery

    note on any of my stuff. But I am not so fond of the way people hand the coin off

    in some strange "inner circle" and manage to hold it hostage for months so just a

    few people can discover it. But that is me. Or maybe just my area.



  11. Bob and I met at a dance held by a club we were both members of. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but as time went on I got to see what a genuinely nice man he was always helpful and even brought great food to our potlucks (I found out later he was working as a chef) well when we DID realize how much we mattered to each other we didn't waste much time. We were both 32 years old and for me I didn't think marriage was going to be a part of my life. It was a first marriage for both of us and on Valentine's Day we will celebrate our 17th anniversary. We weren't blessed with children but we adore (and spoil) our geodoggies and have a lot of good times together. We all love geocaching, I first got interested but he was instantly hooked and the doggies get totally excited when we pick up our geo gear.

    I look forward to many more years of happy geocaching.



  12. I came home from work and WooHoo! my first mission received but my heart sank right away when I saw the gapping hole ripped into the envelope :) I'm hoping everything made it I received two coins and a badge from kurdogso Thanks!



    Your very welcome! I think you got all the contents (I sure miss my memory) I do know you got the coins that were in the envelope. Glad I mailed early it took a while.


    Alicia of Kurdogso!

  13. Update :D


    We received two lovely cards the same day, one from BC with a fabulous coin Kids are the future of caching (will try to post photos) and one from Oregon an Ansel Adams camera. As we have few coins these are unique to us and truly beautiful. Thank you SO much our Santas!!

    Smiths and Suzyfishn.

    I have mailed my card/coin that is going to Canada but have been stalling on one I have to send domestic in hopes a special coin will arrive. I will give it another day or two and if it still isn't here will select another from our stash and get it on its way in time for Christmas.


    Thank you all so much for this fun and generous mission.

    Holiday good wishes from Tacoma WA

    Bob and Alicia Kuro "Kurdogso"

  14. Mission Update - Kurdogso


    Mission 1 (adult)

    1. Participating: Yes :laughing:

    2. Received Name: Yes :laughing:

    3. Mission Complete: Going out TODAY!

    4. Package Received: YES!! Waiting to open (but I don't know how much longer) Cute PACKAGE!


    Mission 2 (Pet)

    1. Participating: Yes :ph34r:

    2. Received Name: Yes :ph34r:

    3. Mission Complete: Going out TODAY!

    4. Package Received: YES!! Waiting to open (not sure we can even wait for the dogs surprises but what FUN is the anticipation!)


    It's so Exciting!

    PS Can some kind person direct me to the directions for posting photos on here. I seem to have forgotton how and I am really enjoying everyones pictures.

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