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  1. Went to Kodak.com, and the mid to higher priced cameras have the SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON lenses. The cheapest (the CX line) doesn't appear to. At least there's no particular mention of it. LK
  2. Wow, I am continually impressed by the speed that forum topics are replied to. I've spent two weeks intensively researching this whole issue, and spent many hours perusing the internet looking at cam's, been in stores playing etc.... Suffice it to say that I am well informed about this particular technology. I'll clarify the purpose of this thread. I want to know your real life experiences with your digital cameras. What you would do different if you were to go through the process of shopping and buying again. By the way is a SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON lense any good? LK
  3. OK. I searched the forums and came up with some discussion about DC's, mostly advice on what to buy. This was helpful but not what I was looking for. Tomorrow I intend to purchase the fairly new Kodak DX7590 from Staples (Canada). In fact, I am going to steal it for a little over $500 CAD. Now, is there anyone out there that has this camera, or the older DX6490? I know the good points, I want to hear your gripes about it. And if you don't own a Kodak list of some of the things in your camera that you don't like. If I want to hear good things I can go to the website, I want to know the "real life" facts about our equipment. LK klassenl@(remove___)yahoo.c0m Editted: sorry about the errors
  4. I've been away for a long time, so I don't know all of the background here. I have always been more interested in the technology of geocaching rather than the actual hunting or hiding, and in the beginning when I was just playing with my Magellan, (for that matter I don't do anything but play with it) whenever I needed advice it was always way faster to ask here than to talk to Magellan. And yes I asked stupid questions and got stupid answers, and I gave sarcastic answers to seemingly "simple" questions, and yes I was involved in a thread here that got stopped due to mis-interpretted comments by me. All that said, lets step back and take a look at what's going on here. We're a bunch of (insert debate here) tech geeks posting our opinions. And that's all it is, opinions. Just typed word. For all of you that don't know, the typed word is a poor medium for communicating at best. Now before you flame me I will qualify that. There is no inflection in the typed word, there is no emphasis in the typed word. So how are we mere mortals going to interpret someone else's words and attitudes with only words on a page. I would dare say that over half of the communication that is done in a face to face coversation is in the non-verbal form. Inflection, emphasis, tone, facial expression etc. Let's get real here. It's just opinion, if you don't like someone else's answer to your question get over it. No one is forcing you to post or read. Comments welcome LK klassenl @ yahoo{remove}.com P.S. If this post makes you irritated, give yourself a reality check and read it again.
  5. I've got both monitors working, one on the AGP and one on the PCI. I haven't done enough with the new setup to see if there's any major differnce in performance. And for those that wonder why two cards, and not just one (the Radeon is a dual monitor card) I do it because I can. LK
  6. Yes yes, I should have seen that. Thanks LK
  7. Being somewhat of a geek I (foolishly?) purchased a new Radeon 7000 PCI video card. I plugged it in last night fired up the computer, and after some lengthy threats to the silicon within the computer case, I got it to work without any conflicts. However, it isn't working to it's full potential. Since the new card is a 64MB card and my old one, a Rage Fury 128, is only a 32MB I want to use my new one as the primary display adapter. As my electronics instructor says, "Here's the rub", I cannot, no matter what I do, get the PCI card to be the primary display device. I realize that the computer is likely set to "boot" to the AGP slot first, and there is likely a place to change that, but alas, I have failed. The store where I got it can't help me, ATI is no help, and the Google gods have likewise come up short. So I appeal to you, surely someone here knows what to do. P III -733 QDI Advance 10T Motherboard Rage Fury 128 AGP Radeon 7000 VE LK klassenl@removeyahoo.com
  8. I was on contract with ATT here in Canada (here it's called Rogers/AT&T). I will stop short of saying Rogers is the d*vil, but almost. Their coverage outside of urban areas and major highways is almost non existant. And their customer support is terrible. I never had to use customer support, but people I know were with Rogers for a year and Rogers never got their names or addresses right. tak1
  9. I searched the forums to see if this question had already been asked. The search came up negative. If this has been asked before please forgive me. After frequenting these forums for a long time I've come to know a few things about Geocachers, they like high tech toys, and they have the money to buy these toys. So what kind of phone do you carry? I carry a StarTac 7868W. Your standard Motorola phone; mini browser, digital/analog (although not GSM but I don't care). So far I like it. It sure beats the Ericsson that I had. Maybe not the most advanced or feature rich phone but it does the job for me. tak1
  10. klassenl


    One word: Photoshop
  11. I was just on my favorite online GPS dealer (Prairie Geomatics; prairie.mb.ca) and I noticed that he no longer sells the Magellan GPS 315, 310 320 etc. Is it officially obsolete? L:K Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.
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