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  1. Who said anything about Jacques V? I do in fact cheer him on, and this year I think he will do really well. Sauber had a really good car last year and with all of the money they have spent in the last 12 months the new car will be even better. Even more off topic, I hope the teams form their own league and leave "The Red Devils" and "Limp wristed Bernie" in the dust. Now.........what were we talking about..........ah yes Geocaching. Edit: The letters changed between the time I previewed and the time I posted.
  2. I guess one of the things that really makes it something worthwhile is that there is a goal to strive towards. After all there are probably hikers out there with just as much money invested, and what do they do, they just walk around. At least when cachers go out they go to a certain point with a purpose.
  3. When I browse the forums or read cache logs I can't help but think that the people here (including me) are lunatics. Who would drive 1000 miles in a weekend to go find a log book that someone you don't know has placed in some of the toughest terrain in North America. Or when the guy that fished his receiver out of a porta potty said that he currently owned six (all Magellans of course) GPS (or GPSr's). But then I have to check myself. I own a $200+ GPS 315. And, as all of you that have already looked at my stats know, it doesn't see much use accept in the truck. And I, who am not budget challenged but I do try to spend my money wisely, am considering buying a GPS V (it's that other brand, I know) because it's coming down in price. And then I think of how excited I got when I went to retrieve my OWN cache..................Sheeeeeeesh. What's wrong with us.
  4. I posted this in the Canadian forum too but it's so good that everyone should see it. GPS Zone A Garmin GPS V "Deluxe Package" for $282.49, and that's Canadian Funds. That's less than $230 USD. It strikes me as a good deal. In fact that's legal theft considering what it was worth when it was a new model. So tell me, since I usually track Magellan and not that other brand, is this as good a deal as I think? LK Comments and nit-picking welcome "I've said my piece now I'll go back to pretending I'm a geocacher."
  5. klassenl

    Garmin Gps V

    I currently have a Magellan 315 (I know, it's old too), and it works fine in the truck, but I was searching GPS Zone and found this--->GPS Zone. It strikes me as a good deal. In fact that's legal theft considering what it was worth when it was a new model. So tell me, since I usually track Magellan and not that other brand, is this as good a deal as I think? LK Comments and nit-picking welcome "I've said my piece now I'll go back to pretending I'm a geocacher."
  6. Fizzy: I like the 315, looks just like mine. As for the big cat, I would have turned around and ran so far away that the largest zoom lense wouldn't have been able to shot that pic. Dagg: You should post that at dpreview.com LK Comment's and nit-picking welcome. "I've said my piece, not I'll go back to prenteding I'm a cacher."
  7. There seems to be a lot of talk about rights here. We (and I include myself) have become a "rights" oriented society, much to our own detriment. Don't you know that we are not our own. WE WERE BOUGHT AT A PRICE. And it is only by the grace of God that we live. There is only one way to solve the issues going around in the western world today, you and I must go back to our roots and see that our two countries were built on the standards of the Bible. And we must strive to live as the Bible teaches. I don't care if you are "religious". It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or not, if we all lived the way the Bible instructs this world would be a much better place. LK Comments and nit-picking welcome.
  8. The best threads are picture threads anyway. LK
  9. Here's mine. How many logitech devices can you see? Of course, that was just a facade....... Not pictured is the overflowing garbage can filled mostly with Coke cans. LK Comments and nit-picking welcome.
  10. I went out to (re)hide my cache today. It's -9 C today and after two weeks of -25 and colder it was a good day to be outside. As I left home I noticed that the gas guage was reading excessively low. This was only going to be a 22 mile trip so I figured I would make it. As I got closer to "the spot", the road had greater amounts of snow on it; not a good sign. "The spot" was in a valley and just as I started to descend into the valley I could clearly see that this road had not been plowed in that last couple of weeks. The snow was maybe only 6 inches deep but I was in my dad's brand new truck, low on gas, all alone, and really in the middle of no where. Shamefully I have to say that I quickly turned around and went home. I know that a REAL cacher would have driven through the snow, even with the risk of getting stuck. Or he would have hopped out of the truck and hiked the last 3/4 of a mile. So again I realize I'm not a REAL cacher and I'll have to log this one as a "Did not hide". {sigh} Oh well........ tak1
  11. Poindexter wrote: "Actually, your number 8,480 (unless of course, you changed your user ID). Jeremy is number 3. I logged in in December of 2000 and am number 1,413. We are now up to 331,282. The growth of this "sport" is incredible." Indeed Back then when you logged into the forums, below your name there was a #, mine was <1000, and as memory serves that # refered to when you registered. Again that was -the forums- not gc.com LK
  12. There's a lot of techinical talk in that link..........but I like it. LK
  13. I logged on for the first time in May 2001, I think I was within the first 1000 members (even before ClayJar). I looked just now that there's 67000+ members. Jeremy has been a member since June 2000. Whether he's the earliest recorded member or not I don't know but it's a good place to start. So......... June 2000 to January 2005 ---> 4yrs 7months --->55 months For easy figuring lets use 67750 members (I think this is accurate) -this gives us an absolute average of- 1231 member per month plus or minus a few decimals. BUT.....we all know that in the first two years there were maybe 1500 members, and the growth has been (for all the math guys) exponential. I would like to see a graph of the number of members graphed against the time that GC.com has been accepting members. I know that GC.com wasn't the first place that caches were listed but it would give us a good indication of where we've been and where we are going. Edit: Now if only more of those cachers would come to rural Manitoba. LK klassenl@yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.com
  14. And again Again not my pic, or my plane. LK
  15. I actually just signed up with fotopic. This is a test to see if it works. Not my pic, but at least it's working. LK
  16. This is a questions I've had in the past, where is the best place (free) to have your images hosted on the net? LK
  17. Upgraded: Kodak DX7590, lot's of buttons to push... LK Cool I got my avatar to work.....
  18. Well, I started this last night and got some really good information from the kind people that frequent this forum. Since I started it, I'll end it. I boughtthe DX7590 from Staples (Canada). Their list price is $599.99 CAD, I got them to match a quote from another store and got it for $439.99 CAD. The batteries aren't charged yet (it uses proprietary battery packs, kind of sucks but I'll live with it) so I haven't snapped any pictures with it. It sure looks good sitting on my desk. LK
  19. Currently D-Ling DCS 350f .....will upgrade tomorrow. LK
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