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  1. For some reason...she looks fimiliar but I just can't put my finger on her.
  2. I always dreamed of seeing the initials ZZ engraved in one of your staffs but fiqured I could never afford one hence I never ordered one. It's a shame when a hobby stops being a hobby but you have a skill only a few people have which you'll never lose. Sometimes, it's time to sit back and relax for a spell. Nice work you do. Cheers!
  3. Cool! I always wanted to visit the Yukon...maybe someday.
  4. Dagg...I swear that looks like french to me. Dagg ...Je swear sa resemble comme le francais to me. Welcome Cache Agent , may the force be with you!
  5. Now That"s funny...would you like to talk to her now?
  6. I had 2 cache approved yesterday, one took less than a minute and the otherone a few hours later as it's a multi cache. So I'm not complaining as I see no benefit in doing so anyway. The only complaint I have is that I need to go place somemore caches now.
  7. If someone wants to do this for some cash, then let's haggle.
  8. After updating the firmware on my Plat, it's the only way I can tell if the backlight is turned off in daylight once I'm near a cache as it comes on automatically. It's normal.
  9. Contest details may be viewed here at http://vigps.com/. X-Treme Challenge Contest.
  10. I 'm looking for help at locating a couple of special tags required for a contest I am doing which ends June 30th. One tag is near Las Vegas and there's another near Highway 267 and 6, as near as I can tell. I will give the proper cord's to those who wish to help me as I do not wish to have the tag numbers posted on the board but rather emailed to me. Please! if someone would be kind enough to help me, I would be most grateful. Please email me if you consider it. Thankyou! Oh yeah! These are in Nevada.
  11. I put one of these in my cache, My Precious. They are a cool little item.
  12. AH!!!Mount Empress...Harbourview Rd... I remember when I could actually go there in my truck and now they took it all away and closed it off meaning the only way to get there and back, is one long hike. I hate the TLC and the way they lie their way to acquire land like they do. Now I'm positive there's only a few mortals who can actually make it there, I pity the old and cripple who can't make it there without the use of a vehicle. Just my 2 cent.
  13. I've had my Sportrak for about a year and a half now, it has the cracks but it hasn't been a problem. I've had this unit in heavy rain, snow and even dropped it a few times along with it getting bounce around. It's a good unit and it's now my backup gpsr which is handy for averaging coords when used with a secondary unit. My warranty expired long ago so I don't think the company would fix it for free anyway though maybe I should try and see what they would say.
  14. Hey Bill, I would be interested. Please send me a picture and details on getting the money to you. Thanks! ZZ
  15. I'm currently running my Plat with the latest firmware update and though I find the backlight thing a pain in the butt, I have learned to live with it though I wish there was a fix for it. As for the crashes...what crashes? I haven't experience any and I use my gpsr quite often.
  16. I used double sided tape and it been holding just fine that way. Of course, I didn't mind using that stuff on my dash as it's an older truck now now.
  17. Hmmm! Good question. I think I would reveal the identity of this person, if I knew for sure, to the whole wide world to see. Then I would shove needles up his nose.
  18. ZoomZoom


    I was just going to say those exact words...What did you say anyway?
  19. Il na pas beaucoup de cache parceque je suis pas la. :-) Je parle mieux le francais que je peut ecrire. Je comprend pas pourqoui ce n'est pas ci populier la bas.
  20. I saw fresh tracks today up past French Beach, didn't stop me from going deeper into the bush to get to a cache either. I just tend to look over my shoulder more often now since my hearing isn't as fine as it use to be. It's not something I linger on anyway, like i said before, I'll probably be lucky to see another one.
  21. It's not a secret really, been there done that! :-)
  22. Whatever! Just do ot it the way you like it.
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