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  1. I know one fella who shouldn't be let back in as he's proven time after time that he will not change his ways. He has multiple sockpuppet accounts on various sites and his words are never true, seems he would rather stir the pot and start sensless arguments and whatnot. I say better be picky about who you let back in.
  2. yeah! I got an old coin. Actualy I tried this mini picture frame thing with a ZZ picture in it and now I can't find anymore. I do have one more though.
  3. No, no, absolutely no offence taken. That is the problem with forums......you can't see the look on someones face when you are talking with them. I had never heard that term before (never ask for a wooden nickle). Like you said, before my time. Oh Good! Now you make me feel old.
  4. I didn't mean it as an offence of anykind, just that before geocaching came about...people use to say never accept a wooden nickel. Maybe that's before your time. Cool that you make your own.
  5. First time I get to see someone ask for a wooden nickel, something never dreamed of 10 years or so ago. I wish I had a collection of coins but I don't even have one. Picked one or two up in a cache only to get it on it's journey though. Seen some of the collections some cachers have and I envy them. Someday...
  6. and anotherthing I'd like to mention...I see more damage done by street bums, homeless people or whatever you want to call them then I see caching having done. My other 0.02 cnts.
  7. Parks...if it wasn't for my time spent geocaching, I most likely never would have step into the many parks I have visited. I think geocaching is a good thing as it made me see places I will never forget or gaved me a reason to go there. I see all this as just another silly law and a waste of time and of tax payers money. Mother nature does what she wants and takes pretty good care of herself without further interference. Just my 0.02 cents.
  8. Congrats Keith! I'll be there when I dicde too...seems to take forever though.
  9. Sorry about that cache-tech, I just don't like being accused of not maintaining my caches, as a matter of fact I'm on my way to maintain one now. Rockmeister, I'll tell you where there's a cabin on one of the islands that would make a great spot for a cache if you want to email me, maybe you already know about it. There's a logbook and room to sllep four. A couple of bubbies and I did work on it a few years back and it an awesome place, use to stay there lots during hunting season.
  10. Thanks for peeing on my cache. That's mighty white of you.
  11. Hey I lived in Rossport for about 10 years and I can say i miss the fishing and the islands along with my friends. To answer your question, I wouldn't expect a high volume of cachers out that way but I could be wrong. Does it really matter if only a few find your cache(s)? Guess it depends on how many traveling cachers there are.
  12. Strange... I thought these type of caches were forbidden since awhile back.
  13. 303 degrees 30 minutes 39.34059 seconds. Divide 39.34059 by 60=6556765. Now divide oncemore 30.6556765 by 60= 303.510927941. Ooops! Should have read more carefully that the answer was already given.
  14. Mine is called a Polaris. Just kidding around. I don't think it would do well for my kind of caching, mainly bush roads. Nice mileage though.
  15. That sounds interesting but how does one get version 1.4.6? I've clicked on that version but it's not giving it to me, only the latest version seems to be available.
  16. Yes I have! I have a thread here somewhere about my encounter with a cougar which I had a chance of firing up the camera to take a picture of it as it sat in front of my truck licking it's chop.
  17. Maybe your should have PM'd that one, instead of anouncing it to everyone. Just a thought. Maybe he shouldn't email me then with that info. I owe him no favors.
  18. You can ask Kermode! I'm positive he has a pirated copy he would be willing to share with you. He also has other other copies that he was willing to share with me even though I don't need them.
  19. It's interesting that you should once again threaten me on a public forum. It's ok though as I have given the authorities and close friends everything I know about you in case I you boom me.
  20. Like i said before...I wouldn't deal with you as I don't trust you. And...it's ZoomZoom.
  21. LOL! Maybe it's the same person selling these. Who know...maybe they are hot???
  22. One day he goes around saying the Team makes illegal copies of music and makes threats and now he's asking for illegal copies of software. This guy has a mental disorder I tell you and I do not recommend dealing with him as he's a trouble maker...take it from me, I know.
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