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  1. I've had a TB travel less distance than a coin.
  2. Is there any documented proof anywhere that bushwacking is bad for the enviroment?
  3. Is this a scam??? Why is it taking forever???
  4. So you're one of them that could displace animals and wildlife or perhaps lead to trampling and erosion???
  5. Don't forget to pay for parking now in that parking lot where wild animals once roamed.
  6. Unbelievable, as if it never was that way before caching. They kind of remind me of the TLC group here on the island where they lie to the public to acquire land, to save the land they say,etc..., then they turn around and blast rock, built roads and campsites...just for themselves from what I hear, ( Harbourview for example) I'll never support them and their lies. Aside from the USA and Canada, is there anywhere else in the world that geocaching is creating the destruction of earth, I wonder? But...whatever, glad I could visit some of those parks while I had a reason to be there.
  7. I bought a Honda Ruckus and to fill up is usually under $5 cdn and that will last me for days. I love it, great for caching and exploring.
  8. Does anyone know if I can run Mapsend with Linux OS? I'm using Ubuntu 5.10(Breezy) as of today, debian base on my dual boot system. I also would like to run my other mapping software such as Fugawi and Softmap. I'm kind of newbie with linux though I've been playing around with it for awhile now so any help I can get would be great.
  9. You know as an old time deer hunter though I haven't hunted in quite awhile now. BUT...I can tell you something about trails and how they disappear over time cause mother nature surely does a great job on here own, at least up in canada. You remove that cache and give it a year or so and you'll never be able to tell a cache was here. Like I've been saying, It's over rated, especially geocaches in park and blah, blah, blah, and I don't quite understand what all the fuss is about except...some people like to make life difficult. Therefore I say " Baloney" eventhough it's probably spelled wrong.
  10. I don't have a 60 but quad alot with both the Sportrak and the Plat. Rolled the quad one day last year, with the plat mounted on the handerbar, the mount didn't survive and both units are still running fine to this day. Just want to add though, just like any electronic equipment, sometimes things can go wrong with them.
  11. It's a shame I have difficuty writing my thoughts in words but some people just shouldn't open their mouth as they don't know when to shut up or mind their own business. All this yammering makes me sick to the stomach and I see no good coming out of it. I still can't believe that geocaching is such a big deal in parks when there's so much more going on in parks. If leaving a small container with a log book for people to find is so destructive then I guess the garbage I come across now and then must be a minor thing to think about. If these parks are so precious, then how did those wide barkmulch trails come to be. Let's look at those parking lots, bet you there was asphalt there since oil was discovered. I think the whole thing is overated and a waste of time and money, but there will always be someone out there to make a moutain out of a mole. Since we live in an era where people like to be told what to do, when the parks come out with their new rules and regulations, etc... I hope it won't be just aimed at geocachers but I will try to obey them or just plain stay out of the parks. Overrated I say.
  12. Why...I would have gone for them all. Done it before and will do it again. Snooze you lose.
  13. Not much can be done. I lost my only tb Lil Zoomer awhile back, never to be heard from again.
  14. Way to go Zuuk! I've work at the gold mine just outside of Marathon, even went down about 1km below ground a couple of times. I think you just missed the gold pickup. Terrace Bay is where the work shop was located and did a ton of work at the Kimberly Clark paper mill there. Heading further west you'll go through Schrieber then you'll wizz by Rossport where I lived, there's a circle route if you want a quick peek at it, used to be a fishing village way way back. Seen any moose yet?
  15. Maybe you should go check to see if they are legal DBC.
  16. I still could show/teach it all for free and my pencils are free. I also disagree that someone should be charged $ for this hobby.
  17. I'd like three for now.
  18. Offer is now closed as I have someone to help me. Thanks for looking. This thread may now be delete or locked.
  19. Wanted: Someone with a 4X4, metal detector or pin detector and determination, living near Salt Lake or willing to travel near Moab area and such, maybe 4 or 5 trips. Must at least be available most weekend untill mid October if need be. This is for a contest and if I (we)win, I'm prepared to split 50/50, grand prize is $2000.00 CDN unless there's a tie then the prize will be split with the other winners and we split what we get. Please email me at marioco1@yahoo.ca if interested or for more info.
  20. Thanks Dagg! I found this site, www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geocoins/ to help me choose some.
  21. Now that I have two coins, a gift, I'm thinking I should start a collection. Where does one find the whereabouts on locating them?
  22. A cougar picture would be cool. I say that cause BC is the only place I seen one face to face.
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