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  1. Well it's all cool then since you all put it that way. Thanks for clearing that up. I still don't understand what business we or others have in another country or wherever and make war or fight a war that's not ours to begin with. ??? ...but then I don't understand a lot of things.
  2. So...what's the answer I also wonder.
  3. This looks like a computer cpu, maybe AMD? Maybe it's the Matrix.
  4. Only an idiot would rely on electronics for his well being...enough said. Care to elaborate on that? Sure can. I think too many people rely on thier gpsr and don't bring one form of paper map with them when venturing far. Once your gpsr bites the dust then it isn't much good other than being a paper wieght and there's no breadcrumbs to follow to get you back from where you came from. Hope that helps.
  5. Only an idiot would rely on electronics for his well being...enough said.
  6. Well like many others if come to accept electronic mapping software like many have, I love my Fugawi also for what it does at the moment. At least if I get lost with a paper map...I can at least start a fire.
  7. Buddy and I were doing a contest not publish on this site cause it was against thier guidelines...whatever. Heading back home late some evening and it was dark... Befofore I continue from there, we were hauling a trailer with a quad on it, anyway along the trail, we manage to bend the trailer axle. Well we got a flat and changed it only to get another a few miles down the highway. Went to pull over, remember it's pitch black dark by now, hit the shoulder and the whole truck felt like it was gonna flip over. Hit a spot where there was a ditch, about a four foot drop or so, only thing saving us was the quad ond the trailer which was wishbone behind us. Nothing we could possisbly do to get out of it. Buddy finaly hitch a ride to the nearest town which wasn't so near and had a tow truck pull me out...that's when we saw the bent axle on the trailer. Fixed it the next morning and life has been good since then.
  8. Wait till the time your electronic frulala goes on the fritz and see what happens. paper will always be better than any electronic crap cause it's printed...then if you get lost...then you suck.
  9. Stupid goverment...when will they start thinking?
  10. Fiji Island seems to have these creatures laid out around a golf course, this is only one of them.
  11. You think that is bizarre...We have a fella around here who just goes for numbers by the look of it. One of his log, eventhough the cache was no longer there was something like this, "Pretty sure I was in the right area so I claiming it as a find". He's done it more than once so go figure! Had one fella who claimed he found one of mine and even if I deleted his log, he would come back and relog on GC. Some are just born losers.
  12. I wonder if anything is buried at these spots?
  13. I wonder when THE people will wake up and see what our so call goverment really do to us and our money and lives.
  14. Finding this one was just that, just happen to find it while cruising over Peru. Peru really has an alien like landscape when viewed from above, lots of wierd stuff and strange layouts.
  15. I'm not sure if it really is manmade or a goggle map joke.
  16. I'm tempted to sell my bike also. It's a Marin Palisade Trail with front suspension that was added on when purchased. Maybe if I had a decent offer for it I might let it go, very nice bike.
  17. Keep your hints to yourself if it's not your cache. If I place a cache and make it a challenge, I did so purposely...who are you to give out hints on a cache that doesn't belong to you? That's why there's a rating system in place.
  18. I won't name names right now but what is your problem??? I know your history and you are ( Cache -Advance, etc...) <...moderator edit...> for as long as I know. Now if someone would please reactivate my caches...Thanks!
  19. Here's a heads up to all you imposter, haters and troublemakers. I'm quitting soon and just want to let the rest of the world know that I won't be playing your mental games any longer. You guys can post all the fake post, continue threatening me all you want, log in using my name, etc... but I'm cutting your game short, right here right now. I will no longer answer emails or threads related to me. You're all on your own from now on and feel free to make an a** of yourselfs. <Removed by moderator>. Everybody else I apologize for the wrong my enemies have tried to stir up. Merry christmas and happy new year to you all.
  20. I have one up for trade if you still want one.
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