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  1. I wonder if I have a TB from someone in this race. I have messaged the owner directly asking where the TB is going, and have not received a response. The information page, and the TB, only say that the bug is in a race: "My bug is in a race with several other travel bugs from Dade City. Please help me race against these other bugs and win." It then goes on to talk about accumulating may miles. Is this TB a part of this race, or is its intent just to gain mileage?




    I recently posted a thread here.


    to see if there would be any interest in a little travel bug game I came up with and the results were promising.


    The idea is that two, randomly paired, people set their bugs off at the same time and see who can get their bug to the other first. It’s a simple enough concept.


    The first bugs will be setting off in January so now’s the time to get ready and sign up if you want to be one of the early players.


    Click here for the rules.


    If you have any questions, just message me (I’ll add any Q and A’s to the ‘rules’ section).


    And if you want to sign up to join in, leave a response below to say so and I’ll message you to get some basic information from you (for your game partner and the spreadsheets) and give you some as to where your bug is going.


    I’ll edit this post later to add in a spreadsheet link of who’s sending what to who etc and it will be updated as to the individual bugs journeys.



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