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  1. i had someone fall into a creek when they were looking for my cache. what was funny was that their dog willingly followed them into teh creek!!!!
  2. i dont know what kind of thing i should put on my Tbs (i have2)i really need help
  3. this is some thing i drew. think it should be the logo or whatever???:
  4. i want to post i pic but i can't how do you do it ???
  5. if the first thing you say to some one is : i ues mulit billion military satilites in outer space to hunt tupperwhere in the woods. what do you do??? thats me
  6. do you think geo coins or travel bugs are more popular and why???
  7. plz help me clean up out cache sites!!!make a large supply of film canesters and put plastic trash bags in them.then label them with you name and city.after that put them into almost every cache you visit.reply with a yes or no and what city you live in if you will do this.
  8. that would be perfect garmin is a greaat compony
  9. that is how i got started i found leaf me be
  10. i really want to start placeing caches but i don't know what to put in them .
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