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  1. Greetings, I have been on a two-year absence from my favorite past time and am amazed at the changes to the web site (yes I have remained a subscriber). I recently went out and found 5 caches over the weekend and went to log them when I found the subject form field at the bottom of the posting page. I assumed thi meant it would submit my find then go to the next cache but it did not. How about adding a check box to allow submitting the log entry before going to the next entry? Regards, Adam Three Bees
  2. Could you explain how you accomplish this? I tried modifying the notes field output in GSAK but it did not show up in the notes on my 76CS. Does the Geocaching notes tab simply show the name of the cache?
  3. I've run into that problem as well OP. I use CacheMate for my Geocaching needs. I found out that when I update my database file CacheMate doesn't always sense a change to the database (whenit is on a memoery card) and the result is as you described. There is an option to re-read memory and that has always fixed the problem for me.
  4. It works fine. I used City Select v6 with Zoltig's method.
  5. Thanks for the method Zoltig. I use the same tools as you but have been generally eyeballing my waypoints for using with pocket queries. I was unaware of the crosshairs in Mapsource and will try your technique on my next roadtrip.
  6. Thank you for the tip. I didn't see the option while looking through the setup screens but it may be buried under another option screen. I'll check my manual.
  7. I ran into the same problem with my 76CS on a couple of roadtrips. It really irritated me because I tend to travel specific roads knowing what traffic is like on the alternative roads. I've found that I can set waypoints just beyond each potential route change (like the intersection of a hiway) to force my 76CS to take the road I want. Example; Traveling from Ventura to Palm Springs trying to avoid Los angeles. I set a waypoint on hiway 23 just past the 101 - 23 interchange. This prevents the 76CS from routing me all the way down on the 101. You'll get the feel for just how many waypoints to set after a while. I've found that the 76CS tries to U-turn me in weird situations so I tend to set many waypoints to avoid the problem.
  8. I have used the bean bag mount with my 76CS exclusively. It is a bit tall so it will not work if you have a low overhead on your dashboard. I have used it with my Chevy Avalanche and my Ford E-450 chasis motorhome without any problems. It is very stable and I have only watched my GPS tumble on a few overzealous turns .
  9. 2. I like the idea of one place for Geocaching related forums so I would not like to see this forum move. Maybe beef up the FAQ on your site and ecourage folks to check there first? 4. This sounds good. Is the forum size having a negative impact somwhere? I would rather see the search function fixed than to set arbitrary limits to the size of a thread.
  10. I am typically a 1. I would like to be more active in the forums but I haven't had the time to really sit down and figure out how to manage the forums. I've tried just cliking on the "read new" links but found I would lose posts if I didn't read all that interested me in one sitting. Now I just pop in every once in a while.
  11. I am not a full-timer but hope to be someday. My wife, daughter, and I try and get out as often as we can. I always load up my GPS and PDA with geocaches before a trip so we can have some fun on the side. Our last short trip to El Capitan in California found us within bicycling distance of a couple of caches. Needless to say we had a great time relaxing and exploring over the weekend.
  12. Three Bees

    60cs Vs 76cs

    I bought the 76CS because it also included a screen for tide charts (I don't believe the 60 series has this). There are a few geocaches in my area that are dependant upon low tide for accessibility and I though it would be better to have it on my GPS than to carry another reference guide.
  13. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks so much for your answer. It saved me a lot of time!!
  14. I must confess that my schedule has been the only reason for not pursuing your cache. I'm glad you took the time to place your caches in Santa Maria and will most certainly seek them out.
  15. I am using GSAK with my Garmin 76CS. I would like purge the waypoints existing on my Garmin before relaoding them from GSAK if possible. I have found how to delete a single waypoint but I haven't come across any method to delete all waypoints from memory. If someone knows of a method, please post. Thank you,
  16. Tested on WIndows XP with a Garmin 76CS. Worked the first time and is very fast!
  17. What a great concept. I just read the entry in my 76CS manual and found the proximity is used toi avoid waypoints. I had though to use it as a "hey you're getting close" signal. The more I use it, the more I like it!
  18. Update. I had ordered the unit on the 27th via standard UPS shipping. The unit arrived today. the-gps-place.com was very responsive during the ordering process and I had a tracking number the same day of my order. Now to read the manual!!
  19. Hey PD 76.. love the pic. I've been using this guy off and one for over a year... Notice the Garmin in his paws?
  20. Thanks for the tips. I've printed out a list of my finds that I can easily cross-check against my current GSAK database. Then it should be a simple matter of opening the pages for the ones that aren't in GSAK.
  21. Greetings all, I haven't been using GSAK long but I am a registered users and want to make the most of this software. I've read through the posts and hopefully have not overlooked the answer to my question. I want to get an accurate count of finds in GSAK. I understand that GC.com does not send archived caches in the pocket queries. I believe I can find these in a regular on screen query then check them and download the .loc file. Is the only way for me to get my found caches that have been archived into GSAK? Thanks in advance,
  22. I purchased my Magellan Sportrak Pro for road trips and walks. I learned about Geocaching from a friend about a month after I bought my GPSr. I've used it for all of the above ever since.
  23. Thanks all for the replies. There are so many dealers on the net it is a hard decision. I ordered my 76CS with auto kit, nylon case, and handlebar mount. The total from the-gps-place was $617 with shipping (due in next week). I'll post a follow-up once I have the unit in hand.
  24. Quake Map doesn't work in conjuntion with a PDA but it will transfer waypoints to your Sportrak. It is not very good with waypoint management, it's forte' is in "seeing" where a cache is on a topo or satellite image of the area.
  25. Three Bees

    Where To Buy?

    Greetings all, I am ready to upgrade from my Sportrak Pro to a Garmin 76CS. I found a great price at The GPS Place and was wondering if anybody has done business with this site, good or bad.
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