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  1. Of course, as soon as I posted this, I now can sign out. All fixed???
  2. Attempting to sign out from geocaching.com takes me to the "geocaching.com is down for maintenance" page.
  3. As far as I know, those are the only ones that have geocaching built in. We're real happy with our 500.
  4. I had the same problem with my wife's Colorado 500t. There appears to be an 8 meg file size limit. I found it out when I loaded a 12 meg file and some of the caches were missing. I reduced the number of logs to get under the 8 meg restriction. No more problems. The GSAK forums have a thread about the problem.
  5. At one time, an illegal "placed between date" in a pocket query (i.e., 6/31/09) would result in an error message when the PQ was submitted. Later, illegal dates couldn't happen since only legal days of the month were made available in the pull down list based on a month and year. Now, an illegal date is accepted and when the PQ is run, it always returns 500 caches. It's not a big deal, but it was nice not having to figure out how many days there were in February.
  6. I get a "Server Error in "/" Application" message when I try to submit a played log.
  7. Both are checked. Can you verify whether show a stream just south of N44˚ 17', W85˚ 23'. I did with the original set but not now. Garmin is supposed to get back to me.
  8. I was real happy with my NUVI 500 until I loaded the free map update. Prior to the update, the original maps showed small lakes, streams and rivers, swamps, etc along with topography. After the update, it's just City Navigator 2010 plus contours. No rivers or lakes. I'm currently trying to find out from Garmin how I can reload the original maps. If I had it to do over, I would have simply loaded City Navigator 2010 on the SD card as an additional map set and selected it when I needed it.
  9. I've experienced this behavior before when the gc.com mailer was backed up. Is this a similar problem?
  10. Same here. 2 out of five arrived in my gmail inbox. Frank
  11. I have exactly the same problem as The Blorenges and I use gmail. Who is your ISP? If the PQs ran, they are probably being throttled or blocked by your email provider . . . Since I changed to Gmail, I have not had a problem getting PQs that run. Edit to add appropriate quote and to say I'm requesting a PQ . . . we'll see if it arrives in my Gmail account.
  12. I generate .gpx files using DeLorme SA2009+ and GPSBABEL. It worked fine until about a week ago. I generate 100 points, GC reports only 49 and, like others, won't let me save it. I thought it was my problem. Now I think it's theirs.
  13. I prefer to use Delorme SA+ instead of Google earth to generate my routes and have been unable to get geocaching.com to accept either my .kml or .gpx files. After saving my routes as .anr files, I simplify them to 100 points and export them using gpsbabel to create .gpx or .kml files. When I upload a .kml file, geocaching.com says, "Sorry! We encountered an error when requesting that page!". Uploading the .gpx file simply returns me to the upload page without doing anything. Has anyone had success loading files created by gpsbabel?
  14. 1) Armed mouse trap 2) Used stick deodorant
  15. What's with the green box between the "additional hints" and the "logged visits" on the print friendly page. It showed up when the Google maps were announced and sucks up about a quarter of a page.
  16. We also hope the "print-friendly" pages continue to use MapQuest. Also, there seems to be an empty green box between the hints and LOGGED VISITS that takes up a lot of space on the "print-friendly" page. Frank
  17. I usually "clear database before loading" when I add a new PQ. The corrected coordinates get added to the updated database but the user flags don't. Is there any way to have the user flags stick?
  18. Clyde, I usually "clear database before loading" when I add a new PQ. The corrected coordinates get added to the updated database but the user flags don't. Is there any way to have the user flags stick? Frank
  19. I'm trying to print a list of one of my databases in grid column format and I keep getting the following message; "Ths file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel." How do I do that? The control panel associates an .htm file (the type of file it's complaining about) with Firefox. Am I missing something? Frank
  20. A half used tube of deodorant and a condom. The owner said she filled the cache with stuff she found in her car. We couldn't imagine what else was in her car.
  21. I started out as frank since that's been my screen name everywhere for about 15 years. When my wife got involved I had Jeremy change our geocaching nickname to reflect it. I do wish I had been more creative 5 1/2 years ago but we've been using it too long to change now.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Prime Suspect:You might like http://home.earthlink.net/~msargent2/ch/. It reads GPX files, and is specifically designed to work with G7ToWin, and Street Atlas. How come it doesn't handle Watcher or Spinner files? Don't they produce GPX files also? Frank
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