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  1. could someone possibly help me set up my echolink please i am a geocacher as well as a ham and tak emy kenwood d72a with me everytiem i go caching and have the aprs transmitting while i cach next cache trip will be febuary 16 2012 if anyone would like to follow me on my urban cachign trip to seattle washington as well as a trip and tour of Groundspeak headquarters i will begin transmitting at 4:30 am my time and will finish transmitting at 8:30 pm my time would ove to have some followers as i am on my journey
  2. I brought this up with a few lackeys at the block party I think it would be usefull as well as much needed if you could make it so on the app a person could submit new caches to be published or even activate a new trackable at this point if you want to do this you need to open safari and go through the site that way I nelieve it would be much more useful as well as very welcome if this could be done from the app thank you and I really hope this is something others agree on and can be placed in an upcoming version of the app very soon
  3. when I go caching I take along my kenwood d72a in the bottle holder on my backpack sice it has a camelback the bottle holder is unused other than as a radio holder my geobike and backpack are trackable as am I so when encountered I am trackable three different ways the APRS is always active and the gps logger is always running when im not in class kd7jmz
  4. I am looking for a sportrack unit as well as the serial cable to go with it would anyone happen to have one laying around or know where I could get one for a project I am working on
  5. I am looking for a cheap workiong garmin etrex legend with the serial port conector not the usb i will not be using this for geocaching but for another project as i already have a delorme pn=60w for caching and it is amazing i dont have much to spend on the etrex as I am a student btu I need the specific model and cord for the project it will be used for accesories done matter just need the gps and cord extra maps dont even need to included thank you and if you can help me please im me or email me on geocaching account
  6. I need a car charger for it if anyone has one forsale my dad has one and im trying to find him a cord let me know if you have one and how much youde take for it
  7. ed If anyone is interest I have an extra pn series topo 9 set that can put maps on yours gps if interested email me
  8. this unit is a great unit I use to have one untill few weeks ago but lost it while out cachign had i have seen this listing I would have boughten it but I upgraded to the pn-60w and love it if any one is lookign for delorme topo 9 i ave an extra copy I could get rid of msg me
  9. I recieved this with my new Delorme pn-60w but do not need it as I already have the same version so I figured someone may need this instead of it laying around list price is $99.99 at Delorme.com I will sell for $80.00 shipped With this version it covers the entire United States and also has the disks to put on your Delorme series gps Email is the easiest and fastest way to get ahold of me
  10. I have the ipod touch with the geocaching app and use the magellan toughcase it works great
  11. John Kd7jmz here Yakima WA there are many ham cachers in my area our local ham radio club president is actually geocacher and has been doing it long than myself I have also noticed the one That I placed near the site of our yearly ham fest gets found alot during the ham fest weekend and accourding to the logs they are in town for the ham fest I have alos seen numerous hams walking around during our ham fest with geocache hats and shirt so I believe that they go together well
  12. I own a delorme pn-40 and the other day the front screen got cracked but the internal screen still works so I am lookimg for a broken delorme pn series gps non working for parts with a good front screen
  13. How much would you sell just the topo 9 i have a pn 40 but not topo yet
  14. Last chance before I put it on eBay. Do u still have this
  15. hello i am looking for broken or non working explorist 500 and any acceesorries you may have myself and few friends all have this gps and are looking for broken or non working explorist 500 and any accesories to have some spare parts incase ours need someething if anyone has one laying around please email me its faster and we can waork somethign out
  16. fs verizon samsung i730 pocket pc greta for paperless caching and Wherigo caches with a bluetooth gps wich on ebay are going pretty cheap i have two of these i had one i was using and my sister wanted it so i sold it to her and bought a new one well b4 the new one got here she changed her mind now i have the one back and a new one on way it can be used on verizon network but it also has built in wifi so u dont nee dot be hooked ot cell service to use it just use the wifi if u donwload skype mobile it can be used as a free phone as long as u are in wifi it has been greta item and a wonderfull tool in my geotool bad also has many other programs available for it online fo r free i am asking 75.00 plus 5.00 shipping that includes the phone extended battery wall and car charger and also usb cable for the computer its less than what i paid for the whole thing but liek i said i dont need 2 thank you for looking and comsidering
  17. i wish i wouod have found this 2 weeks ago a si just bought sam eipod it works great with new geocaching app and once u download the newest update 3.0 from apple this is amazing i use for paperless there r many apps fo rthe ipod touch that can be used if i had the money i would buy this secong one but im a lil short right now
  18. could the reviewer please delete this thread as it posted twice and only needs to be there once thank you
  19. hello i am looking for old broken magellan explorists any model as long as they dont work and also accesories i am wantigng parts so i can repair a few i have around here and accerories are always a nice thing to have as well any help you can give would be greatly appreciated
  20. I checked on Magellan's website and was told to call 1-800-707-9971 to get more info on the status of their Vista updates. I can tell you that I just talked to them and apparently they will have the Vista drivers on their website within the month. They've been working on it for the past 6-7 months but I guess they are confident in the one month timeframe. If you call that 1-800 number they will add you to the email list to advise you when the udpates are available and even call you to help you get them installed. Good luck! Hi, I have made available from my website a modified driver for the Magellan eXplorist 600 to run under Windows Vista. This is the link to the existing forum on the driver and the direct link to the driver. I don't know if it will work with the 500, but I can't see any reason not to give it a try. The driver for the 600 has been widely downloaded and from all accounts, working seemlessly. If the driver does work for the 500, could you let me know, so that I can update my forum for other 500 users. Hope this helps. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...n+explorist+600 http://www.avidinvestigations.com.au/files...ndows_Vista.zip VISTA VISTA VISTA.....are there any WINDOWS XP Drivers..???????? Buy A GARMIN, Magellan is a descent GPS, but that is it, everything else, website, support, software ABSOLUTELY SUCKS....... i use the magellan explorist 500 with both xp and vista and it works fine
  21. xplore19

    need help

    help i have a tb i was given brand ne wun activated but i cant read the activation code off the label is there a way i can find it out online
  22. i already have the adaptor for the wall with the usb but what do i set the magellan on to charge?
  23. I currently have an explorist 500 and am running vista i am useing gsak i couldnt figure out the programs that came with it yet so i tried gsak its free and it works
  24. i have the usb cable and the car charger problem is i dont have a car need the house charger does anyone have one of these laying around they could part with
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