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  1. Hi all done thanks to my clever Son. He pulled the plug and hey gone. Thanks for suggestions anyway
  2. Hi I have looked everywhere on how to empty my GPS but to no avail. So my question is how do I do this?
  3. All our U.K. reviewers work extremely hard and have my full support. They give up their free time for us, so give them a break. Well done to you all for doing such a great job. Thank you.Welsh Wobbler.
  4. Thank you to all who have answered my request, i did make a boo boo and not mention it was a coin i was after. My friend found a coin for me, related to a nurse,(my profession) so i thought i would be nice to find one for my son relating to his. Welsh Wobbler
  5. Thank you Jayman 11 for being a mind reader. I guess i made a boo boo and didn't even mention it was a coin i needed. Yes please i would like coin, the bronze one please. Welsh Wobbler
  6. Hello, this is the first time i have done this so bear with me. My son is biochemist in Australia and is interested in geocaching too. Iv'e had a look on ebay and there is nothing science related. Would any of you have any suggestions or links to help me out please.
  7. I will be 'choughed' to bits to be able to buy this coin for my friend who is from Cornwall. Welsh Wobbler.
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