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  1. I have registered several times and have received one response, telling me to register again. I will probably look for a group in East Texas.
  2. I have XP and have had no success using anything with the USB to Serial adapter. I have purchased a card reader and use it that way. I would love to be able to use my GPSr and my laptop together but I will make do for now. It seems that since there is no serial port, my computer cant assign a com 2 or 3 port. I have heard of using serial PCMCIA cards...has anybody used those???
  3. GPS Discount These guys have the best price I have seen and have great service...
  4. justin, I just went there and could not find the patch. I think the problem is inside mapsend not my GPS unit...
  5. I believe the key is the initial, re-initialization after updating. I was having the same sat-lock problem until then
  6. I have a reader called the Dazzle Fusion that is good for other apps as well. Thanks for the info. Is that override on mapsend?? I'll look Thanks!!
  7. Is there any way to get around this limit in the software when downloading regions? If not does the unit(merigold) seamlessly go from one to the other?? I am using a SD card so I have 64 MB avail...
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