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  1. Those other items you mention are tangible private property left in legal, mostly semi-private places. You don't "leave" a boat in a lake. You usually rent a slip or own a piece of land and dock it there. You don't leave a hunting stand on public property. You "lease" the rights to hunt there and if allowed, you place a stand to stalk Bambi. The car you park ?legally? at the curb is in a public place that is used for that pupose. If it is parked illegally, it is towed. A reasonable person would consider those things private but most reasonable people don't know what a geocache is. The level of a crime when it comes to theft is usually based upon its value. Where I come from, under $250 is a misdemeanor, the same as a speeding ticket. Does that reduce the value of the cache to the peron that placed it? NO. Am I going to get a warrant for that offense, NO. Are you aware that drug dealers and suppliers use roadside parks to "drop" their stashes off and pick up later? Could be a Geocache by your standard. I just believe that this all need to be put into perspective. kerouac, there was probably no danger of you being arrested, as they probably would have asked you a few questions first and once they found out what it was, it would be over with. Just don't feel comfortable posting on this topic anymore. Don't want to argue and that seems where it is going!!
  2. Have been wanting to hide one on Toledo Bend for about the last year. I wasn't sure how many cachers would find it, or make the attempt. This is our baby
  3. Ditto on the RAM. My SkyFi and my merigold are mounted side by side! When I take a Bus trip (me driving) I use the suction cup mount. Its excellent!!
  4. I teach freshmen in high school and from what I have seen, the behavior doesn't even reach that level. There just seems to be alot of people itchin' for a fight on this site. I didn't have key lime pie, I had pecan and was cheering the coyboys until they started reverting to their old ways!!!
  5. I don't know about Florida law, but I believe a cache placed in a public area where the general public has access to it does not qualify for private property. If that charge was brought to me, I would have a hard time taking that to the DA for formal charges or the judge for a warrant. That said, many geocachers consider their hard work private property, unfortunatelly, those that do not understand what this sport involves, like this guy, will do what they want. It all comes down to doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking!
  6. I may have seen this here before but cant find it anywhere. While downloading a 60k region to my SD Card reader, my MS S&D stalls at 11%. could this be a RAM issue, I hae 512 MB... I split it into 2 regions and it did just fine. I just hate that big black line in the middle of my screen... Thanks for any help or reference to another post!
  7. My experience with a US Fish and Wildlife Officer was as a State Trooper, when I caught him speeding, and got into a pursuit to catch him. I caught him, jailed him, called his boss, and lo and behold worked a wreck on him two weeks later. He claimed that he was under cover and on his way to an important meeting when I stopped him. He sure was surprised to find out that I found out his wife was expecting him and he was late for dinner!!! PS that card is usually left at houses where there is a search warrant served and they seize pot and nobody is home....as they always say, there are some that really make you wonder about the gene pool!!
  8. I try to do the same..I emptied my bag the other day rebuilding a cache that had been destroyed...ook some hummingbird nectar out of a cache that I found the same day when I notied that an animal had ben eating away at the container. I guess it's like the rest of life, the only person you can get to do the right thing is yourself.
  9. You might want to look at or contact the Louisiana BESE website. They have a course called Social Studies INTECH 2 which they use GIS and GPS. Mt wife took it and they used GPS's to find caches and make websites. The idea was to incorporate constructivivst thinking and skiils in Social Studies. found the site: Intech 2
  10. Ordered mine, Garmin just sees to be slow on shipping them!!
  11. Ordered my wife a forerunner for her use in walking. Sounds like a pretty neat deal. We can always use it as an extra GPSR.....
  12. Loaded a 71 meg region Friday. Took forever to load but works fine!! Firmware is excellent!!
  13. My "junk" meridian gold had me to within 3 feet of the three caches I found today!! quote:Like I said, some Magellans come out ok. quote:Magellans are JUNK. I've been using GPS since I was in the military 15 years ago. Magellan has been junk since day one.
  14. No problems here. I love my Merigold. IT works well for my needs!!
  15. Thanks for the help. I emailed Prime Suspect and he got back to me right away. When you are in the xport config box, and click on the lat and long, it will bring up a dialog box to change the coordinate type. Thanks for the help and sorry for hijacking this thread!
  16. IVxIV, How do you transfer waypoints over to S&T? Downloaded Utopia but i cant get 2002 to recognize the points. Any tips???
  17. I thank you for your assistance. I explained in my post that I had looked for it in the search. I thought this was a place to look for assistance???
  18. After about 30 minutes of searching the archives, I cannot find links where there are programs that convert addresses to coordinates. Thanks....Remember, I did attempt a search first!!
  19. The new video tape units in some police cars have a port for GPS. I originally thought that it would be a bad thing until I was in a ditch fighting a guy and couldn't get to my radio. Its an easy to keep a dangerous job safer. There is a whole DPS(Texas) district in West Texas that had GPSR's installed in their cars through a grant. At the time (4 years ago) they were awesome and an excellent tool, color too!!
  20. I agree. I think some of these folks take themselves and a supposed to be fun game too seriously!
  21. Maybe you just needed a valid permit!!They aren't overreacting, they are doing their job. Wheb you have a GPSr in your hand, it is not an instant passport wherever you wish...and it is not a defense to trespassing!
  22. I have been extra pleased with their service. The owner even returns emails....Wow!!
  23. I may come to that!! Sounds like fun. I have really wanting to do some neat stuff with my GPSr and lesrn some of the tricks...That will also be after the La State testing for students.....Thats a great getaway!!!
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