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  1. I've been asked to give a presentation and lesson on geocaching which will culminate in a campout where I will have some multi caches for the scouts to find...only for the day. There are three caches in the park where we will be camping and three more within a quick boat ride on the lake. I want to encourage the scouts to cache but am unsure if I should have them log as one group or individually? I searched and could not find a prior post although I thought I had seen one a long time ago... Thanks for any help.
  2. I'm a freshman Algebra teacher...you guys are killing me!!!!!! "When will we use this in the real world?" I have an answer now... "While geocaching!" You should see their faces while I'm explaining geocaching!
  3. You can only download four regions but you can make your region size allowed larger. Go to the Meridian Yahoo Group and download the meridian faq from the files section. It's better than the instructions that came with it!
  4. I used to enjoy explaining to people that without voluntaary compliance of traffic laws that I was necessary. I was just that reminder that once you didn't voluntarily comply, I was there to help you along in the process. I still remember the kid who I wrote three different seat belt tickets to (2-3 year span) who thanked me at the hospital when he had his seat belt on, when the car he was a passenger in, rolled at 110 mph. Well, at least I got one of his daily bad decision making processes altered..... Oh by the way...geocaching.
  5. I like mine for it's stated purpose. I think enetering coordinates would be a hassle. Pretty good for exercise though!!!
  6. Edit the comments, its your cache...you set the page, do it the way you want to.
  7. Glad to hear they didn't get a ticket. I can't see an officer writing a ticket for a GPS obstructing view unless there was an accident and it was determined a cause or a factor. I would rather write tickets that I could defend without looking like a fool in court. I can see it now, the judge says, "You stpped them for what????" eash tim that happens you lose a bit of credibility!! Actually Radar detectors are illegal in all 50 states in Commercial Motor Vehicles. A radar detector emits a signal that can be detected, hence the radar detector detector. I had one in my car specifically for CMV enforcement. I beat a whole lot of radar detectors and jammers. I guess it comes down to using common sense and playing the"game". The Kustom video units have an interface for a GPS to track your location... The THP trained us the same way. To be able to judge speed based upon a visual observation first, then use the radar second, then compare patrol speed on the radar to the patrol speed on your car. Alot to do in a few seconds huh!!!
  8. Back off weasel, I was just making a statement and hopefully we should all keep this in perspective. If this guy gets ignored, he will go away. I spent 6+ years in law enforcement and probably would have been able to rattle his cage but to actually file charges that would stick would be a stretch. I too am not too happy about this guy coming along doing what he is doing. Just ignore him and his game and energy will run out!
  9. The difficulty on the Fenway cache should be high just for pain and suffering!
  10. My wife did a presentation at the same INTECH workshop on Geocaching, it blew them away. Her partners in their other project didn't show up with their work so she improvised! In fact, several teachers and their families took up the hobby after seeing and hearing her presentation.
  11. As a former State Trooper and current High School teacher, I think that it would be an excellent idea for that use. Our SADD coodinator is more stuck on her press for the program rather than teaching the kids anything! Good Luck, great idea!!
  12. Try this link..I bought two forerunner 201's from them and it got here quick. They will also beat any price on the net!! Oh, they sentme a t-shirt and cap as well.... getfeetwet
  13. Why is it that all these poeple keep threatening to go to another site, but keep coming back?
  14. Ask Scott Peterson. They supposedly tracked him with a GPS device before they arrested him..with a valid and proper warrant of course. Renegade Knight, That Glock will come in handy with upcoming proms and a gps device in the car...I can see the headlines now....
  15. When I left LE full time, They had an interface cable that went into the in car cameras to give location data on the videotape as well. I like the idea of GPS location of vehicles as when with the Texas Highway Patrol, we worked one man units in the rural areas. Easy way to locate an officer you can't get ahold of in an emergency situation. There will always be negatives to your boss always knowing where you are but if you are doing the right thing, it won't matter.
  16. My wife and I maintain a cemetary where her mother is buried out of respect for her mom and family. Kids from the adjoining property were using the cemetary for rollerblade practice. I don't think that shows respect I personally would want to know that the board had approved the cache unless it was virtual or was on the grounds, not in the graveyard area. We take alot of care to make sure that te cemetary is presentable for the families paying respect to their loved ones. That said, I believe that if respect is shown and permission is granted, you could find some pretty good history out about some cemetarys.
  17. I'm no expert but I believe the error is in his basemap and probably cant be changed unless you get a new basemap or new software. I may be wrong though!!
  18. Oops sorry wasn't thinking about the $ difference. I entered some coordinates the other day and found myself looking at a spot in Missouri, double check all of the above mentioned areas, if that doean't work, I'd email magellan...
  19. Wow $500...My Meridian Gold is usually right on on the few caches that I have found...
  20. Can you load detail maps with the direct route like the Map Send???
  21. Geospotter, could you email your presentation to me...I am contemplating a presentation at school and at a local agency! Brand new State Park facility being built 8 miles from my house! Thanks!!
  22. Thanks...I missed that LA geocaching event. Had to drive a bus to Heart of Spain. Ill add anothe LA cache tomorrow!!! I will take the pontoon boat tomorow, easire to work around land on!!!!
  23. Is there a place to show that iot is a hydro cache. Im gonna place one tomorrow and want to do it right. I'm assuming that a hydrocache is one which requires crossing water to get to the cache???
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