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  1. In my part of the world, apple maps shows a reservoir near my house filled with water hat has been empty since 1972. They show it filled because the USGS topo maps were made before that date. Google has it right, because they have an army of people verifying their data for them. Apple, not so much.


  2. Hi, don't post here much, but I thought I would give my two cents-

    I'm in grad school for the earth and environmental sciences, and our department uses the 60csx in the field. Our department bought them brand new, and loan them out to students who are doing field work. We love them. The screen is highly visible, they are accurate with a fast lock on, and have a long a battery life. All of these things are important for what we are doing.


    When the Oregon/Dakota series came out, I bought a 60csx and an Oregon to decide which to keep. I liked the paperless geocaching, and i liked the screen display. the touchscreen was also nice. So, I kept the Oregon and have regretted it. The first time out in the field the batteries started to die very quickly, mostly because the screen was a pain to read unless the backlight was on. The batteries were almost dead by the next day, and that was with minimal use. The guys/women using the 60csx had no such issues. They plotted large areas by walking the perimeter, set waypoints, etc. and still had battery power to spare. They could read the screen with no problem, with no back light. the compass worked pretty well.I learned why professionals in the field like it so much.


    My point is that Garmin's last greatest GPS for outdoor use was the 60csx. They seem to have caved to people who don't use their gps for anything more serious than geocaching. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I still have the Oregon and like the paperless mode. However, I would never, ever count on the recent GPS offerings a from Garmin if my life depended on it, in the outdoors. I don't need shaded relief and hi-res maps at the expense of battery life. I need a solid chipset and good antenna to pick up my location.


    I think that a lot of people like me are willing to pay for that, even used. That is why the price remains so high. Of course it also does geocaching really well, too. But the recent GPS units coming out have a lot of eye candy and useless features, like loading satellite photos. Who cares?

    Chris (sorry about the length)

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