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  1. Remember, all that "stuff" is replaceable, I'm glad you're ok.
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    I was saddened to hear of Brian's passing. My heart goes out to all who loved Brian, as family, a friend and a geocacher. The first time I met Brian was at a WSGA event. I remember seeing him with his walking stick and thinking - that's one big stick! He was so personable and made sure to introduce himself. I have to admit, I called upon Brian a few times as a WSGA web master and he was always so patient! I was excited to see him show up at GWVI in CA with his walking stick, ready to tackle all the caches in CA, he was so excited to be there! I will regret not talking to him at GWVIII, thinking I'll catch up with him at the next event. Brian was a unique kind of guy, so genuine and you always knew where you stood with him. I know Brian was in a lot of pain before he passed and I find comfort in knowing that he is no longer hurting. Thank you all for sharing your pictures, they have really been nice. To Brian's friends and family, please know we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Be at peace Brian, we'll see you on the trails. Stephanie Celtic-Heart
  3. Congrats to our friend Serevanth for his 1200th find...WHOO HOOO!!!
  4. I haven't heard anyone say it yet, so I will. Thanks School Dude. That was VERY nice of you to try to contact the owner of the cache to return it. You clearly took the initiative and the time it took and thats very appreciated! Thought you should hear it. CCC
  5. CONGRATULATIONS to GeoBells on their 1,100th FIND WHOO HOO!!
  6. CC and I will be there, let us know too if you need anything and we'll be glad to assist.
  7. Celtic Cacher and I decided a year ago to take on a daily caching streak. What we didn’t know was how long the streak would last. Well, today we are at day 365, a complete year. So, what can I say? This has been such a journey for both Celtic Cacher and I. We have literally cached in almost every type of weather, rain, hail, snow, wind and all types of terrain. We’ve cached in the morning, in the daylight, and at night when it was so dark you couldn’t see where you were going. We had to give up on some types of caching because it was just too dangerous (woods in the night). We’ve climbed, leaned, jumped, trudged through rain driven rivers, had our shoes almost sucked off our feet from mud and in one case I was waist high in a swamp, probably not my brightest test of thinking “it can’t be that deep”. Not every cache has been a fun or easy. Some nights have been pretty tough. Some have been easy. There were several times we would have to get “caches on your own” as schedules were conflicting or one of us way away. There was one night where CC made it by 25 minutes, literally. One night, we had to go to four caches before we finally found the precious. How humbling. And, even though part of the clan is not all that thrilled with caching. We have bribed her, brought her along even though she didn’t want to, but all in all, we have done this as a family. She really likes the part of caching where she’s left alone at home to watch her shows she’s taped while CC and I went caching. It’ll be interesting to see how long she wants us to continue our streak Since this forum is a posting for Milestones, and even though we did this together for the most part, we each have made this our own accomplishment as well. I wanted to send this huge congratulations to Celtic Cacher for his 365 continuous caching days. For putting up with me, pushing me even when I was ready to give up, (guilt is great isn’t it) and mostly encouraging this hobby of ours, one that makes us spend time together every night doing something we both enjoy. I love you and CONGRATULATIONS, you’re awesome! Celtic Cacher Clan
  8. A huge CONGRATS to PERKY on reaching her 1,500th!!!! on 8/11/08, great job!!!
  9. It starts in 'select cursor position' mode. You touch the little arrows and check box under the numbers to set your cursor position, then you enter the numbers. I don't really like the UI for editing the coords of a waypoint. Same as colorado, it's ridiculous that the entire set of coords don't show on the same screen. Also, it's possible to accidentally erase the 'N' or 'W' letters when editing a waypoint coords, then there is no way to get them back other than resetting the waypoint. (since it only allows you to type numbers..) I have to say i still prefer the Oregon even with the flaws in this thread. Backlight is certainly dimmer, but worked out fine in the field. Accuracy wasn't significantly off my partner's 60csx. Thank you very much, that helped. Still kinda weird that you have to edit the entire coord but I can live with it. Just another learning curve to overcome.
  10. Last year we went on a large hike and apparently had just missed a bear who had feasted on another animal because the skat was full of hairy skin...Please read the info at the attached link and hopefully that will help you. I have never heard of doing some of the things posted by other cachers but I am by far no expert in this area nor do I want to become one http://www.wikihow.com/Escape-from-a-Bear I hope that is of use to everyone Celtic Cacher Clan
  11. Hi - Please read the postings titled "Obituary of a Garmin 400t,". In fact, I urge you to read all of the postings on this and other pages regarding the 400T. We cache every day, not periodically. This is not the best GPS out there, not by far. This device has *many* problems, that is why firmware updates have and continue to come out. Before dropping the $ out for this read the postings from everyone and decide what you can live with and why you should have to live with something you've spent so much money on! IMHO
  12. Yes I know i messed up the title, and I can't fix it in edit and if anyone would ask, this was at REI, Seattle otherwise known as the mothership. Well I just have a few things to say because I know that Garmin reads these threads. I have not been vocal at all regarding the 400T because Mr. CC has kept the info out there for us both. So what I will say is I am deeply disappointed in this product. You do not pay this amount of money out for something that works half the time. When CC asked if I wanted him to take this back and my words, be done with it, I was completely ready to say yep, bag the whole thing and get me a tried and true reliable one (60CSx). CC convinced me to give it another try and that it may just be the specific unit. I will try this out but I am so thankful that we purchased these at REI where they have an outstanding return policy. This product was released way too early. This product, regardless of what anyone tries to tell me, clearly has not been tested by true geocachers, not a tech person who happens to cache once in a while. There are a lot of people I can personally think of that would have been more than willing to beta test this and give you an honest opinion of its functionality for geocaching. The ticker for me is that really, how long will the shelf life be for this unit. Garmin, you're way too good of a company to release such a shotty product. IMHO
  13. Also it needs to be added where you can mark your cache as "found"
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