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  1. We found this one at a fish hatchery near Leaburg, OR. TTF
  2. Thanks FOF for volunteering! We're more than happy to help out if we can, so just let us know what you need or want us to do. cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  3. Congratulations Joe, on your 2,000th find! You have been an inspiration and an extremely generous mentor to all of us in Central Kentucky, and we hold a special place in our hearts for you. Unfortunately, it is much smaller than the part that comes up with lots of colorful verbage after we finally crack your caches. We just moved to Oregon, but we are still trying to keep tabs on you, Joe. Thanks for everything! Raellyn and Melissa Cut.throat.red and Krispy Kremer Team Tired Feet
  4. Thanks! cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  5. I talked to Melissa just now, and today was not a good day. She is really sunburned from riding her rental bike around town all day. She keeps using sunblock, but I think it's not doing her any good. She loves the city and says that it's really beautiful out there. However, she's really hoping for a cloudy day to rest her sunburned skin. She has a couple of leads on apartments, but can't get them to answer the phone numbers that they have listed with the ads. Tomorrow she is going to try Oregone's advice and head farther out of town. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, because I'm getting really nervous about this apartment search. I may have to start the "we will find a home" chant very soon. cut.throat.red
  6. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely be passing it on to Melissa today. Yesterday was not such a good day for the apartment search according to her, so maybe today will be better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. TIGHTLY. There are only three days left for her to find us a place to rent. I'm starting to get nervous. It sounds like the folks out there are a fun bunch, but we'll be bringing bourbon instead of tequila. Thanks again! cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  7. Thanks for the welcome! If everything goes well, Krispy (Melissa) will be returning to Lexington on Saturday with keys to our new home. After that, we will be packing and leaving Lexington on the 15th of August and arriving in Eugene on the 20th. Perhaps a day or so after that would be good for an event cache. Yesterday, the hunt for the apartment wasn't going very well. I won't be talking to her tonight until later, so I don't know how it went today. Does anyone have suggestions on where to look for nice clean apartments in a safe area of town? Near campus would be nice, since I'm attending grad school this fall, but not entirely necessary. Thanks again for the welcome, and any other info that may help our search! cut.throat.red (Raellyn) Team Tired Feet
  8. Thanks again! We were worried about not knowing a soul in Oregon, but I don't think that will be a problem at all. It will also give us a chance to get Good Luck moving back toward Kentucky. cut.throat.red
  9. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Krispy called last night to tell me that Eugene is Beautiful, but really hot right now. She was sweating while walking all over town yesterday to find us a place to live. I think she's going to rent a bike today. Let me know if anyone needs to send travelbugs east! cut.throat.red
  10. Hello everyone! Team Tired Feet (cut.throat.red and Krispy Kremer) will be moving from Lexington, KY to Eugene, OR in the middle of August. Krispy is in Eugene this week trying to find us a place to live and snagging a few caches in her spare time. Be on the lookout for her because she would love to meet some local geocachers, and she has a couple of travelbugs to drop off. If anyone has travelbugs that need to head back east, let us know and she may be able to pick some up. Thanks, cut.throat.red
  11. Melissa will be more than happy to hear that she won't have get her Krispy Kremes shipped to her. Thanks for the heads up on the housing. All information is greatly appreciated. Raellyn cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  12. Hello, We are Raellyn and Melissa, (Team Tired Feet) from Lexington, KY. Raellyn was accepted into grad school at the University of Oregon and we will be relocating to Eugene in the middle of August and need information on pet-friendly apartments or other housing. We will be moving ourselves, two cats, and lots of art supplies, so any other relocation advice would also be greatly appreciated. Please respond to us privately at teamtiredfeet@hotmail.com. Thank you for your help. cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  13. We are tentatively planning an event cache here in Lexington for February 9 in the early afternoon. We are waiting to get confirmation from the site. Please come if you can join us. We'd love to meet you! Team Tired Feet cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  14. Why don't you make this a stand alone topic? More people on the forums will see it that way. TTF cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer printmaker ------- donut queen
  15. Here in Lexington, it's 17F, but it feels like 5F. Strawberries would be freezedried here. I wish it were 31F.
  16. Our webmaster extraordinaire is already proving himself as a master troubleshooter. I probably won't have the logo burned to CD by tomorrow, but I will bring some samples and a sketch pad in case we want to do some modifications. See y'all tomorrow! Raellyn
  17. We loggedMurphy's Micro #06 - Woodland Parkat 12:01 a.m. here in Lexington. We went on to try another cache and didn't end up logging it until after Lep's post. Team Tired Feet cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer
  18. I still have the artwork, but it could still go through many permutations. I created it on a Mac in Photoshop, but I think I can get it burned to a CD by this weekend. Are we still at Joseph Beth Cafe? Who is posting the event cache? Raellyn cut.throat.red Team Tired Feet
  19. **Wow ... I spend one day off my computer and look what I miss.** I don't know. It all happened so fast... like the train at Waveland that blew right past me the other day. You go ahead and post the event cache. I just put up 3 virtuals, and am working on the page for the luncheon cache. Too many coords. for one tired foot. We'll be there with our thinking caps on! Raellyn Team Tired Feet
  20. This was the best cache.... If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. You can bet because of this cache, things will get a lot more interesting around here. cut.throat.red
  21. Thanks for planning and hosting the first lunch 'neko! We had a fabulous time meeting everyone, especially that CRAZY Papa Bear, and KyTrex and Mrs. Trex. We're wondering why everyone went to find the STICK and the TOOLS, when there were great caches at River Hill and Belleau Woods? Oh well, more WOO HOO's for us. We can't wait for the next one! Cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer p.s. Since the newbies won the privilege of putting out the Luncheon Cache, any suggestions where it could go?
  22. We'll be there! cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer
  23. 'neko, Was that at the Li'l Lake cache? My eTrex wasn't giving me anything good there either. cut.throat.red
  24. I don't know about the dumpster, but if we let the Li'l Bears hide it, it will be in the arbor above the main dining room and no one will be able to reach it. We will be there, Dec 14 at noon. What party shall we ask for? cut.throat.red and Krispy Kremer
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