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  1. I too had this problem last year. Unit would randomly lock up (especially upon turning off) and have no display, but continiouslly emit a long tone sound untill you removed the batteries. I sent it into Garmin, and they replaced it with another unit for me. The new unit then started doing this also from the start. I cantacted Garmin and they replaced it again, even paying for shipping (great customer support) and sent me yet another 76csx. It TOO did the hang tone thing. I started thinking about this same problem on three units and thought about what could be causing different units to give the same problem. The only variable that was constant in all three units was the micro SD card. Garmin, not wanting to force me to reload all my map data on the new units, had been swapping out the micro SD card with my original micro SD card in the new units they sent me. So, I simply removed my card from the unit and turned it on & off several times with NO lockups/tones! I then put the card back in the unit & turned on/off several times & it loked every time. It was a malfunctioning micro SD card the whole time. So, remove your cards to see if the problem is resolved. I hope this helps somebody resolve thier problem and save some frustration.
  2. Do a Google search for Trimble Outdoors. They have a geocaching program for several phone types. Also check out Cachemate to see if it is compatible with your phone/PDA.
  3. Doing a test to get account # from forum post.
  4. Welcome to the gang. As you already know, its a great sport, and excuse to get into the woods. This is a good community, with lots of knowledge & opinions. Welcome aboard mate! Geofireman
  5. Good news: I had an e-mail coversation with Garmin Europe three times yesterday. I told them that the bug is related to a wrong lattitude reference of the Swiss Grid by one tenth of a degree (=approx. 11km) The CH-1903 datum is o.k. Garmin Europe (UK) has forwarded that information to Garmin USA and I later got the news that the bug was found. I was promised that the corrected new version will be available in two or three weeks from now. With a friend and owner of a 60CSx I found out that version 3.0 workes fine with Swiss Grid. Garming does not provide old or outdated software versions for download. If anyone suffering under the 3.10 bug and not having version 3.0 stored on his PC, please let me know and I could mail that version to replace 3.10 until the corrected version is released by Garmin. Ernst Great to hear that one person CAN get something done. At least it seems Garmin does respond & react to customer concerns & input.
  6. First off, if you can get this thing for FREE, get it NOW! Seriously, here is some info on it via Garmin: http://www.garmin.com/products/sp2720/ I think you will be able to enter Lat & Long into it, but you'll have a problem carring it since it plugs into a cigarette lighter for power. If you are technical, you could rig a 12V battery pack to it, but it will be big & bulky to carry around & would probably use quite a bit of power for that display. But hey, on the other hand its a great car nav. system for free, & if you don't tell your coworkers you can always sell it on EBay to get the $$$ for a handheld model!!!
  7. Use whatever form of measurment you want, and call it as you see it. Point is, I am a proud American with a past military background to prove it & will always use the AMERICAN form of measurement. Unless, I want a 2 liter bottle of Coke! LOL
  8. Garmin 60 &76 series GPSr's meet IPX7 specifications. http://www.garmin.com/footnotes/IEC_60529_IPX7.html
  9. First, YES the 60 series can be made to float (some), the 76 seriesis made more for this feature, but, it does have some inherant bouincy (spelling sux). There was a good thread about this awhile back, and a guy made an excelent video using different batteries. Here is the link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2361118443564888241 Also,I use a Gillson neoprene case on my 76CSx, and did a fast search to find they also make a nice one for the 60 series. Here is the link: http://www.thegpsstore.com/detail.asp?product_id=GL0522
  10. OK, the US should also switch to metric at the same time. I m pissed of with Garmin, Google and the like mixing up units for example. I, for one, do NOT think the US needs to switch to metric. Our measuring system works fine for us "US" folks. Should we also switch to Euros for youur convenience? I have no intent on starting a flame war, and this is off topic, but I don't like to be told I need to switch to another form of measurement so I can be like "the rest of the world". I am happy with my system of measurement in my "US". Thank you.
  11. Here is some info about the eneloop batteries. I hear they are pretty good, and plan to get some next tme I need to replace some of mine. Also, keep in mind a GOOD charger is THE SECRET to a good rechargable batteries long life. http://www.sanyo.co.jp/koho/hypertext4-eng/0511/1101-2e.html Here is a good review of chargers: http://www.steves-digicams.com/nimh_batteries.html
  12. I had some dealings with thegpsstore.com this Christmas. My wife ordered the wrong case for my Garmin 76CSx, and I actually cut open the plastic blister case it was sealed in before I realized it. I called them & explained what happened, and that I had opened the packaging already. Their response, "Thats OK, I will send you the case you want and send you (via email, just printed it & attached to package) a return label for the case you opened". They just charged the new case to the same CC, & canceled the charge from the old case (I have recieved my statement, & they did just that). With this curtious & fast customer service, I will DEFINATELY do business with them again. It is hard to find good online prices from an online retailer & get great service too. I highly recomend them. And NO, I do not work for them, nor do I know anyone that does. Link: www.thegpsstore.com Geofireman
  13. Congrats snarlyoldman, that is a good cache. I see you are starting to rack up some finds now., and have placed your first cache. Will try and grab the FTF!
  14. Well, I am as proud as a new papa!!! That was MY cache the Snarly Old Man found in the snow! LOL We are glad you liked it so much, and because of your encouraging adventure story, we plan to place another full size cache very soon. You will, of course, be on the VIC (Very Important Cacher) list of preffered finders. Be careful where you wear that hat at though, you may end up on the third floor of PCH! Esecially when you try to justify your hat/actions by telling them your looking for treasure in the woods hidden in tupperware containers!!!
  15. Yes, you can use any container you want, but some are not well suited to the task. 1. I would NOT recomend a container that has had ANY food/drink substance used in them (including medicine). An animals sence of smell is unbelievably stronger than a humans, it is how they find food to survive. Even dishwashing these containers will NOT remove all the odor that has actually leached into the plastic. Even if they don't want to eat it, it will get them curious when they smell it and they will often maul it. 2. If your hide location is not totally protected from the elements, a cheap pisposable container WILL leak over time, and the sun will even cause it to start to break down and crack the lid. This alows moisture in and will ruin most swag and mold the log. I recomend a good container (at least a Lock-&-Lock) so your cache lasts a long time & peeps enjoy the find, not the mold. Happy hiding! Geofireman
  16. Point is, if you have it in a "pouch" that is rubbing the finish off the 76, and the "RUBBER DOTS" off your 60's, you "pouch" is not a good fit. I protect all my expensive electronics in a good purpose built case. I personally use a Gilsson neoprene case. This is not a design flaw, but rather a handling flaw. However, none of this really matters to the original poster, & is off topic. The answer to original poster is yes, I have now seen the 76 cheaper than the 60. The two are the same device in two different form factors, with the 76 having a larger (128MB vs. 64MB) SD card. Otherwise, no differance. Pick the one that suits your needs / wallet, and enjoy your new purchase. Hope this helps and stays on your topic thread.
  17. I have a private account name, & WE have a family TEAM name. It makes logging easier with a single name, but when we hunt caches together (which is almost all the time, lest I get in troublewith the other "team members"! LOL), I sign the log entry as: Geofireman Team: GeoRays That way it is know that a "team" effort found the cache (and the kids feel they also get thier credit). I also have included the "team" name into the Forum Avatar as you can see to the left.
  18. "Gold-Tone material"??? What are you talking about? I have mine inhand, and there is no gold tone material to rub rub off. The 60 series is no better or worse built than the 76. They are simply different form factors of the SAME UNIT, with a larger memory card in the 76. The 76 is (in my oppinion) geared more for the person that may also want to use a handheld in a car & boat situation (I kayak, so I noturaly went with the floater). There is an article (too lazy to find it myself) that discusses the floatability of the 60CSx, and has video file links. In general, it depends on the type of batteries you use in it. Alkaline sink it, and I think it was Nickle/Metal Hydride (or Lithiums) it floated a little, but not like the 76 does (Its the entrapped air inside the sealed antenna). The 60 is cellphone based input, the 76 is remote control style input. They are basically THE SAME UNIT, in two form factors to suit the end user. Just see which one fits you better and buy it. They are both great units, and you will be happy if you are willing to spend the money.
  19. As a fellow firefighter, I can attest to the durability & reliability of the Garmin 76CSx in the field. However, for routing, I personally use a PDA with CoPilot Live routing software & a Bluetooth GPS. This routing software is a multi award winning product, and I highly recomend it over Delorme & Microsofts offerings. HOWEVER, ALL routing software has its weaknesses. Roads that were surveyed to be built (but may not have been) are sometimes listed, even though these roads may start & end in places and are not a continous road. Familiararity (sp?) with your area is the only sure means in an emergency.Your city/countys 911 center should have detailed actual maps of your operating area. Let THEM guide you on an emergency via the radio as you go. They also should have info on any temp. road closings you & the GPS software may not be aware of. Bottom line, to get me from point A to point B, I use CoPilot Live, to get us to an emergency scene ASAP, we use each others knowledge of the area, and the dispatcher.
  20. Just read about this Sawyer Water Filter Bottle in my latest issue of CampingLife magazine. It got great reviews. No pumping, excelent filter, & it can be used by itself (without container), & also hooks up to a hydration pack if desired. It also comes with additional short straws, so you can share your water/filter with someone else, & each have your own sanitary drinking straw after the filter. Price is listed @ $55 retail, and suposed to filter 500 gallons. I think I will give it a try. Anyone use one??? http://sawyerproducts.com/sawyer_products/...lters/index.htm
  21. All you need to know about batteries & chargers: http://www.steves-digicams.com/nimh_batteries.html Nuff said.
  22. "I would say that it is a better choice than the 76CSx, because it is more rugged and has the quad-helix anttena" - Christopher Columbus The 76CSx is THE SAME as the 60CSx, but has a covered antenna and WILL FLOAT by itself if dropped in water. They have the same software,antenna, etc. I believe the 70CSx is aimed at both hiking & water/marine use , which is why I chose it over the 60 series. I am a firefighter myself, and I will attest to the 76CSx ability to hold a sat. fix under dense cover, and as stated already, if needed a n external antenna can also be used. This is a solid model, and works great in a Gilsson neoprean case w/ attached caribeaner for easy travel.
  23. On my Garmy76CSx, it too just hit goto, then when found hit the "Found It" button. I just have LOTS more screens to play with if I wish to. We are trying to help a cacher friend who just seems to be having a problem. Both Mag. & Garmin are good units that will do ALOT of things, but both are simple to use if you want that too.
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