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  1. Sure does seem pretty stupid on the Game and Fish's Dept to ban all the caches on Game Production Areas. What about all the other people that use these areas?? Are they banned from there recreations also?? And they are worried about geotrails?? What are they going to do with all the deer trails and other game trails?? Put up signs for the deer not to continue to use the same trail?? Do they realize how much money people spend on geocaching, such as buying fuel in the state, motel rooms, food, etc. ?? I used to live in South Dakota, now Im sure glad I moved.
  2. Im kinda toying with the idea of using a five gallon bucket for a cache container. Anyone have any good ideas how to camo one this size??
  3. You may want to try Gorilla glue, or some sort of strong adhesive. Not sure how well the paint will stick to the rock. You can always touch up the spaces inbetween the rock with a squirt of paint.
  4. This is Bear, Hershey, me, and Scout at the Tinman Cache. Hershey is kinda hard to see since she is a Chocolate Lab.
  5. Just wondering if there where any of the U4D Travel Bugs left. I went to there website and cant seem to locate where I can order one. Thanks Dakota Cachers
  6. Are they Lock-n-Lock containers? Yes, they are lock n lock containers. We found some tree bark and Gorilla glued to the one on the far right, the one on the far left is sheet moss from a hobby store. The one in the middle is a screw box, with the handle removed. Sheet moss Gorilla glued to that one also.
  7. I thought I'd share a few of ours. Only have two of these out, but will possibly be placing the others shortly.
  8. Why not treat it with Thompsons Wood Sealer?? Or use a none wood container.
  9. Thanks everyone. Since I am still rather new to this, figured this was a good place to ask. Dakota Cachers.
  10. Some of these, the owners havent been active in a few months. Ranging from four months to nine months. There are two places I'd really like to place a cache, and both of these have been disabled for over a year. I quess I will be patient or I'll send the owner an email asking them if they intend to reinstate the cache.
  11. I was just wondering what is the normal length of time before a disabled cache should become an archived cache?? There are a total of six that have been disabled in my area ranging from June 19, 2005 to September 13, 2006. Should I send an email to my local reviewer to notify them, or should I just ignore the caches?? Dakota Cachers
  12. Was just wondering if it would be "kosher" to have two travel bug hotels in one city. The original one is a small container. I was thinking of making on out of a larger container, like a one gallon jar, and placing it either in the city or near the outskirts of the city. Or would this be considered poor sportsmanship?? Dakota Cachers
  13. Just wondering if anyone has any idea where I can find a new gasket for a ammo can. Or how can I fix it?? I bought four the other day, and realized one has a broken gasket.
  14. ½ C. Snow Ticks juice of 1 lemon salt 2 cloves garlic, crushed Pan-roast the bodies over a high heat for about 10 minutes or until they turn red. Add the lemon juice, salt and garlic and serve immediately.
  15. Since I am relatively new to this sport, I was just wondering where some really unique places are in the geocaching world. Where has geocaching taken you, that you never new existed? Here are a couple that we found and really enjoyed. 1. GCGJQF- Ghost 1 2. GCJJK9- Catchwater Vista Dakota Cachers
  16. Although I am NOT a doctor, I m a LMT (licensed massage therapist). I have clients comming into my office often with this same problem. It sounds to me like you pulled ( or worse yet tore) your gastrocnemius muscle, also known as your calf muscle. It could take up to a year to heal depends on how bad its pulled ( tore). Get massage on it and if its swollen use ice. You are going to want to keep it mobile although dont use alot of pressure on the leg. So an excerise you could try is to sit in a chair with your foot up and and flex your foot this will give the muscle movement. Of course if this movement hurts, then dont do it. There is a product out called Biofreeze; massage therapists use it as well as chiropractors, this could help with some of the aches and pains. Hope this helps you out.
  17. This is a wild but true story. We, Dakota Cachers, placed a cache container a few days ago in a really good hiding spot (GCYNX4). Well a few days later we decide to grab this cache(GCGVX2). As we are searching for it I notice some people coming into the trees with us. So I call out are you searching for the geocache also. Turns out that they were and we met the phlegmers. As we are chatting to them, his phone rings and its his buddy searching for another cache. The same cache we set up. He was having a hard time with it, and called his buddy to get some ideas. So the phlegmers introduced us to Indy. And we gave him another clue over the cell phone. I bet that never happens again Dakota Cachers
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