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  1. The only reason I can see there being a find number before hiding a cache is because of the new geocachers who hide one, and then never log in again after caching for a week. Afte a while, the cache just sits and sits there with DNF's mounting up until another active cacher lets the reviewer know that it's not there anymore. It's very annoying to see caches with multiple DNF's because a new cacher came along with zero finds, hid one, and for some reason or another - gets out of the game.

  2. I went through withdrawl. It started with me waking up to see that GC.com was down, so I decided it was time to go back to sleep, but I couldn't! I broke out into a cold sweat later on in the day and followed it up with some pain medication that I got from a buddy of mine a few days ago. After I ate some of those I was flying high and I could bear to live without GC.com.


    Of course that's just a mini fabricated story. I loaded up a PQ from a week ago and went to find caches I didnt have time to get last weekend. :D


    Is it bad that I had to register on a WI Geocaching board to get updates on the problem? (until I found Jeremy's twitter page)

  3. Hi all,


    I was wondering which areas in the lower 48 states have a higher than usual concentration of virtual caches. The reason why I'm asking is because my wife isn't into geocaching at all, so taking the time to search for a cache, can be fustrating to her at times (I realize that I could just pull a PQ for all 1/1 caches too).


    I only mention virtuals because then we can walk up to it, snap a few pictures and answer the verification questions and be on our way. We'd both be happy. I would get a couple more finds, and she wouldn't be stuck watching me digging through trees and bushes. Plus we would both get something out of it providing it was a place of historical origin and had some educational value. (I guess earthcaches would qualify for this thread as well)


    We're planning on going on a 4 or 5 day vacation somewhere, but I am not sure. I have done a little research on the virtual cache "saturation", and noticed that Washington D.C., San Francisco, Vegas, Yellowstone and Yosemite have a bunch.


    Can anyone else think of some places?




  4. If you ever become a premium member, pocket queries are the way to go. I haven't used the "Find A Cache Along A Route" option because I barely travel, but you could always take the gpx file you plan to use and import it into Google Earth. This is as easy as dropping the file from the folder into the GE interface.


    I think it offers a lot more functionality than the Google Maps do, plus if you have it on a laptop, you can bring it with you. You can see all of the cache icons (I have 500 displayed on mine as of now), and zoom in and out relatively easily.


    Just my two cents. Good Luck!

  5. Caching Hazards Gold Geocoin

    Seven Caching Sins - Greed

    2 Black Widow Cacher Tags

    Neon Cacher Tag

    Camo Cacher Tag

    Spirit of Geocaching (Ouija Board) Black Nickel


    Castle Coins and Pins have a LOT of nice items. I wish I could buy more, and you know what, I just might. :lol:

  6. nothing for 2 days now :sad:


    only 2 days? How about almost two weeks? :P

    I can change that.... :)


    I have Braving the Briars, Caching Around America, and Cache Lei's for trade.


    Of the 7 coins I own, I have two of those you just mentioned (Briars, Caching Around America) :) . I ordered some coins yesterday, hopefully next week I will get them in.


    Thanks though!

  7. Gotcha ya'll ;) Yup still gotcha Miss Sarah and thanks ;)


    Gold are close to being all reserved... off to bed for me. Will check emails in the morning.


    Thanks for taking my order - these are really nice coins! Can't wait to receive them!

  8. Definitely would like a red one.......hopefully trades


    Are the headlights glow in the dark?


    Nope, no glow in the dark. These are best viewed under the showroom lights!


    I'd like to give a shout out to Jamie at Madhatter's Neverland. He did such a great job with this coin.


    These look like they have a great gloss on them also, so I take it we won't have to wax them week after week. :)

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