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  1. One other crazy idea would be to simply reverse the whole route. That would put us in downtown Vancouver before the parking charges start, then in Stanley Park before most of the visitors arrive simplifying parking and access there. On the current front end, Central Park (the first few caches) at 4:30 AM is a bad idea because it is magnet for undesirables. Better to visit Central Park in the late afternoon/evening at the end of the run.
  2. As per your request for feedback... Stop 20: GCYBGV Bigger Better Bus Stop??? Getting into this area is confusing due to overhead bridge. You have good directions to it in the text. Suggest an "Ignore Autorouting" note. UBC Area - some of the suggested routes do not exist - at least not as places you can drive. This will require some extra walking and creative parking. Stop 43: Spirit Park Toyland is not a traditional in today's sense. It involves a projection of 199 ft. from the posted coords. Stanley Park has pay parking. I think one pass should cover the various stopping spots. Stop 71: GC58E9 Monuments Plaques and Statues Oh My!!!! is a virtual but it is not at the posted coords. Rather it covers the whole park sort of. It is pretty easy to do in Stanley Park. Might want to add a note in the route to see the special requirements of this cache. Stop 77: GC1F1F2 Siwash Rock is an Earthcache. Not noted in the route text, but is an earthcache icon on the map. Near Stop 83: There is also a Webcam Cache at Canada Place. Don't know how you feel about including it. Since people will need to pay to park here (no free parking) it's likely worth it to grab both the traditional and the webcam. Stop 91: My own GC1A3VA Queen Elizabeth Park Earthcac...(Other 3.5/2.5) People will need the requirements to complete. Involves not too difficult measuring with a GPS. Happy to have it on the route. No offense to any of the caches in Richmond, but I would suggest removing Richmond Stops 15-18 and maybe 19 from the route. These 4 caches mean you have to cross two bridges starting with the Knight Street bridge which is often very busy, the #1 accident spot in BC, with confusing access. These caches are inland, normal parks, not on the water. Instead, one could add stops in Pacific Spirit Park (between 37 and 43 on the map) keeping the find #'s up while shortening the route. Alternatively, add the caches on the South side of the Fraser River, North of the Airport. You would cross the Arther Lange bridge twice but you would see some great scenery along the ocean.
  3. What good would giving Jr only the fake coords to a puzzle do? Ditto for multi's as they often start with a virtual stage.
  4. There are geocaches in pretty much all the major countries now but popularity varies by country. Some points: On geocaching.com for example, there are only 165 in China right now, even though China is a huge country. When I visited Kuwait a couple years ago I found the only cache in the country at the time. However the sport is growing there - 65 listed today.
  5. I've found a unpublished cache too close to a puzzle cache (just a few feet away). Also found a handful of letterboxes while hunting caches. If it gets published you claim the smiley. If it never gets published, its like finding a letterbox or something - no smilie.
  6. That would be against the guidelines... way against the guidelines.
  7. I don't need another 20 or 30 emails everyday telling me they found caches. Perhaps the single most requested feature to add to friends would be the ability to get a PQ that excluded caches my friends have found. This would allow PQs to be used to plan cache outings with your friends to find caches none of you have found yet. Agreed on both points. I don't need to see where and what my friends are logging. Anyone interested in tracking my movements that closely is no friend of mine. I would love a way of searching (without using 3rd party software) to plan caching trips. "Exclude caches found + exclude caches found by _____"
  8. Why are you afraid of your count including archived caches? It is easy to count the active ones on your list. Unless you just started, your find count includes some archived caches too. Should we remove archived finds too?
  9. One comment here should be deleted. If Surrey BC would just think like this... just wish I could help the OP.
  10. 842329 Joined back Sept 06. My how the game has changed in that short time. I can't even keep up with the caches in my small town.
  11. Thanks for organizing yet another cache machine. I had a blast in Yakama! Hope to do Vancouver too even though 1. Will there be a seperate Cache Machine "event" page as well, or just the dinner event cache page? 2. Is the start going to be at the dinner coords or somewhere else? 3. Do you need coords for the dinner?
  12. When finding a nano I just write "LP" on the log somewhere and move on. Asking the finder to go through the extra step of emailing him/her info is pretty lame. Hider wants a nano but does not want to change logs out - finder has to log online + send an email. Pretty silly.
  13. I cache with my Garmin in various countries without local maps loaded. In fact, I only have some of the local maps around me loaded on. It is no big deal - just follow roads that lead in the general direction and you will find your way eventually. Take a look at Google Earth or other maps linked off the cache page first. If its complex, print the map for the cache. Good luck on your trip:) I want to come too!
  14. When I got home from caching and entered my finds. I did a "nearest from home" search around 9 PM Pacific. There was a new puzzle cache nearby. No notification email received yet (email server issue addressed elsewhere). Had some issues solving the puzzle, so threw it on my watchlist. Got new light, solved the puzzle, grabbed the cache, came back and logged it by about 11:00 PM Woke up this AM with these emails regarding the cache. 12:54 AM Watchlist: mtn-man posted a reviewer note for B09: Twisted Stump (Not Published) (Unknown Cache) (complete with the posted/fake and real coords) 12:55 AM Notify: mtn-man published B09: Twisted Stump (Unknown Cache) 12:55 AM Watchlist: mtn-man published B09: Twisted Stump (Unknown Cache) 1:49 AM Watchlist: legacypac found B09: Twisted Stump (Unknown Cache) 1:48 AM Watchlist: irlpguy found B09: Twisted Stump (Unknown Cache) Basically by putting the cache on my watchlist after it was published but while the email server was down, I got the same prepublish and publish emails as the owner does. In this case, I got the solution to the puzzle by email. Where can I get hooked up for this feature on some of the really tough puzzles?
  15. The "temporarily disabled" rule is not so evenly enforced. I live in BC like you and find that in BC caches can be down for months or years, with SBA notes even, with no action. I also cache in WA state where the reviewers seem to proactively post warning notes on disabled caches, followed by archiving. Differant reviewers, differant standards. I've found that maybe 10% of the time a SBA note will spur an inactive owner into action to fix it. Maybe 30% of the time the owner will just archive it. You might get a nasty or pity me note. In BC sometimes the reviewer will do something with an SBA note, but most of the time not. I personally think our reviewer is overworked as he covers several US states too. Dead caches (often the only thing remaining is the web listing) clutter up searches and waste caching time when you go looking and find the cache should have been disabled or archived ages ago. I will be spending next weekend caching in Victoria, so I've got a personal interest in "cleaning up the playing field" there before I head over. There was/is a discussion on the BCGA forums about this exact issue in Victoria. One other suggestion - if the general location is a good one - consider placing and submitting a new cache within 161 m of the long dead one. You could post a reviewer note with a link to the long dead cache asking that it be archived in favor of your cache. The reviewer will then have to choose between allowing the long dead cache and your new live one.
  16. Geocaching.com is a pretty good free host. I just upload my photos to any conviniant cache page (maybe an archived one of mine). Then open photo and click on the photo to get its URL. Copy and paste the URL to the right box on the cache page.
  17. Flash Mobs are just the Event Equivilant to a LPM. Love them or hate them.
  18. You only have two caches you DNF? I wish I could say that. I'm going for the world record in DNFs. I even DNF'd hidden puzzle coords from home yesterday. Oh ya, email the cache owner for a hint and ALWAYS log your DNFs. Why? One new cache near me was missing for several weeks. Some other cachers asked me about it - said they had looked 5 times and a friend had looked 7 times with no luck! Yet no one was logging DNFs. I looked hard myself, then called a previous finder who confirmed it had been where I thought it should be. Confirmed the cache was missing and all were wasting thier time before I left the parking lot. No DNFs and the owner just thinks no one is looking for the cache which is not a worry. Sorry for the sidebar - hope it was helpful.
  19. A find is a find - who cares if you were looking for it based on info from a cache page? I find it, I sign the logbook, I log online. I've also found a handful of letterboxes while caching. No hints, no clues, just dumb luck to be looking in the wrong/right spot. I sign those too and (if I can figure out where and what) I log those online too.
  20. I've been known to revisit caches I've found before. If I happen to be walking down a trail and I pass a "found" cache placed by a friend I might do a quick maintenance check up on it for them. I always log a note online if I revisit a cache, never a second find (unless there has been a significant relocation). This lets the cache owner know what condition the cache is in, and records any trackable movements. Recently I managed to "refind" a puzzle cache I first found over 2 years and 1500+ finds ago. I'd forgotten where it was, just remembered searching the area before. Cache had been archived and abandoned, and was now sitting within 2 feet of a newly published cache. I pulled the archived cache for the owner and wrote posted a note on the archived cache page. Did not log the re-find as another find. Then there are those caches you pretty much have to revisit. There are a few in local shopping center parking lots I get pretty close to on a regular basis.
  21. Virticle seperation is not enough. I've found caches 4 stories underground and 5 stories above ground. I'd be annoyed with another hide placed too close to those caches. Another possible reason for the proximity guideline, not mentioned yet, is that cache owners often want to share a special place with other cachers. What fun would it be if a bunch of "me too" hiders crowded your really special place? There are great reasons for the guidelines. Use the tunnel - but use it as a virtual waypoint. If muggles use the tunnel your cache might walk too easy. Caches in truely cool places tend to walk. Caches near cool places tend to last.
  22. Hope you are joking. I would not do a hide on an unoccupied house. Tresspassing plus perminance issues.
  23. We have the BC Parks GeoRush involving several hundred caches placed in Provincial Parks last year. The Parks also provided a trackable coin and other swag. I understand there will be a Gold Trails series in the BC Interior sponsored by the tourism people.
  24. I could easily see finding the wrong cache 67 meters away on a bad sat day. Another issue is that many cache owners want to protect thier "special place" they want to share with you. Listing another cache so close could offend these owners who might feel that you are trying to crowd them. Sometimes the rule gets violated unintentionally. I've got a hide too close to a puzzle final (I'd not solved the puzzle, so was unaware of the conflict when I placed mine). The puzzle owners picked up on this, but they graciously allowed my cache to stand. If they had complained I would have totally understood and relocated my cache. We have had no issues with accidental finds of each other's cache that I'm aware of. In another case recently near here a new Traditional was placed 3 m from a multi final. It was discovered when an early seeker found the wrong cache. Obviously that will not work, and the new cache is being moved.
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